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He's mine. by xwrittes
He's ~ xwrittes ~
~It may have been a business deal but, he is still hers right?~ Jannah Zaid Zayn Wahed Two individuals who are on the same page. Doing everything in their power to make...
  • spiritual
  • cheating
  • islamiclovestory
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The Mafia leader's possession by Brianna3443
The Mafia leader's possessionby Qüêēñ Añøñymøús
She's a bad ass, and so is he, he use a gun, she fights, she has the body and beauty of a goddess for seduction, he has the look and body of a god. She's Valentina Silve...
  • protectiveness
  • attitude
  • wouldntchangeitfortheworld
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Love or family (urban) by mara_writes
Love or family (urban)by Maraley
"You look Skimpy." Ashanti Carter was unexpectedly kidnapped by hit men she had no association with. It turns out that her brother owe them money, but wasn't w...
  • faithfulness
  • thug
  • war
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Seed in the Good Ground by rockword
Seed in the Good Groundby rockword
"Other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold." Matthew 13:8 (KJV)
  • wordofgod
  • jesuschrist
  • goodness
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My Love is On Air by Shimethyst
My Love is On Airby Miss C
He loved her so much but she chose to break his heart. He loved for the second time but she's not ready to love again because of her painful and miserable He said that h...
  • teenfiction
  • lovestory
  • jocks
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Herobrine's Daughter by rainitrox
Herobrine's Daughterby Rain
Herobrine' daughter named Niana, she was a young girl. Herobrine threw her to forest when she was a baby. Herobrine hated Frostbrine, he want to destroy the kingdom. But...
  • mobs
  • daryll
  • enderman
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Messed up by Lumell11
Messed upby Lumell11
I touched him. Only once though, I promise. But it all happened so fast, it's not like I wanted it. Well, not at first, but then he pushed me down on the bed and lead hi...
  • depression
  • bestfriends
  • faithless
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God is real by Arielledyo
God is realby Arielle Dinoque Yeo
Have you ever wondered whether God exists? And if there was a God, why make us go through this... Life. God may be able to bring us to heaven in a snap of his fingers, b...
  • everlasting
  • pain
  • peace
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The Message by CherylAnnSorias
The Messageby CherylAnnSorias
This book is about inspiring others to rise up and face their trials and tribulations. Never give up!
  • love
  • inspirational
  • faithfulness
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Bible Quiz by yaromanticfantasy
Bible Quizby yaromanticfantasy
This is a Bible Quiz which will hopefully help you learn some interesting facts about the Bible.
  • goodness
  • fun
  • joy
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The Handsome Cowboy by prOblaMatiC_gIrl
The Handsome Cowboyby hoesdatgurl
Two Childhood friends that's been waiting for each other met then fall in love at the same time but, What will happen if "the other one's" really not that fai...
  • faithfulness
  • possesive
  • fictionalcharacters
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 Sacrifice by XierchelleCortez26
Sacrificeby xierchelle Cortez
Short Story
  • friendships
  • loyalty
  • honesty
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Serendipity's Play by Sach2000
Serendipity's Playby Sach
The best things in life are always taken for granted, but not for the author of this story. He gives an unreliable story of truth and fiction. Fantasy and reality. He st...
  • respect
  • honesty
  • longdistancerelationship
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Qianniang's Spirit by wjwfan
Qianniang's Spiritby wjwfan
Qianniang is a beautiful baby, and from an early age demonstrates amazing intellectual abilities. She often has for companion Zhou, son of the mother's sister and her hu...
  • integrity
  • love
  • irony
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Promise Of Faithfulness by Love-song22
Promise Of Faithfulnessby Love-song22
Living in a village ruled by an arrogant ruler, Benjamin Wellington, Anastasia must find a way to deal with the problems her family and friends face from the evil wrath...
  • misuse
  • good
  • kind
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How I got Attracted with my boyfriend by betchabygolliwow
How I got Attracted with my betchabygolliwow
It's a short true to life story. Thank you for reading :) P.S sorry for the wrong grammar 😊😊 and wait for the next part. The saddest part of the story.😔
  • patience
  • relationship
  • faithfulness
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Always YOU by ScarletWitch04
Always YOUby ScarletWitch04
Georgia and Cole just celebrated their one year anniversary as lovers. But after a year of what seemed to be a fairytale, their relationship was in a big trouble because...
  • marriage
  • doubt
  • one-shot
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Poems by ravendireokami
Poemsby Wees
  • blue
  • black
  • faithless
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FAITHLESS (T.F.F. #1)  by IHatePastaaa
FAITHLESS (T.F.F. #1) by Kayen Ruth
THE FOURTH F SERIES (T.F.F) #1 SYNOPSIS "It was a mistake" you said. But the cruel thing was, It felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you - David Lev...
  • teenromance
  • collegeromance
  • trust
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