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THALIA by awmhei
THALIAby hihihi
THALIA When a woman dressed in a black suit approached me on a train track, whilst I was holding a bottle of blue spray paint in my left hand and a face covered with pa...
Family 5 by uddddd
Family 5by uddddd
Pátá řada povídky Family Tree s podnázvem Resurrection (Vzkříšení). Tento název může znamenat cokoliv, může se vázat k čemukoliv! Znamená to snad vzkříšení otce, nebo vz...
A time to Kill by aRiyam
A time to Killby Riyam
''...nobody dared move or speak, but when the beeps of our intercom set off once more, everyone sprung into panic, screams and whimpers fired through the hall. I began t...
Cecelia the hybrid by mackenziekenzie12
Cecelia the hybridby mackenziekenzie12
Cecelia had never felt love she had been alive for 600 years trying to find it Finally she meets a boy named conner and she realizes he erased her memory She will have p...
I Can't Believe I Finally Found You by MusicHasAMeaning
I Can't Believe I Finally Found Youby Polina Badger
Tamryn was a normal teenage girl. With a normal life, a normal family, normal friends. But in this world nothing can stay normal for long. MusicHasAMeaning - Copyright...
February 14th by shesoosweet
February 14thby Pequeña
The most romantic day of the year, even to the lonesome.
Darling... // Lucifer Morningstar☆ by CutieAli1999
Darling... // Lucifer Morningstar☆by Cutie Pie
"Darling you will be the death of me" Alexandra Ross is a normal girl who lives a normal life. One day she wakes up in heaven not knowing how she got there or...
Water dragons by infinity_-_girl
Water dragonsby infinity_-_girl
Ever wondered why we don't see the dragons anymore? Diana does. She believes they didn't originate from myth and legend but actually walked among us. She also believes t...
Nalu fanfic // Dont judge me by SophieGill1001
Nalu fanfic // Dont judge meby SophieGill1001
lucy was such an innocent but that all changed when her mother passed away , what did lucy do after that ?
Amy's Fait by sarahumphrey24
Amy's Faitby sarahumphrey24
Amy was an ordinary girl, shy and quiet. She was a loaner always by herself. She enjoyed her peace and loneliness. But after a traumatizing car wreck her life is never t...
Tag bordel de merde! by kaoru224
Tag bordel de merde!by I love myself
En gros dans ce livre il y aura mes tags...
Conflicts by ZestyGirl4444
Conflictsby ZestyGirl4444
When conflicts start to flare up with the Roider pack, Bex her (Darkmoon)pack are on edge.But then a mini war starts, what she doesn't know is that her mate will be ther...
My Prince Jako💕 by malditaqqt
My Prince Jako💕by mhaldita
Ang story po na ito ay pawang kathang~isip lamang.. Kung may typing error man po sabihin niyo lang po sa akin.. Thanks po💕 ' . This is my first time to write a story...
Paris In the Rain by SiberianTigr
Paris In the Rainby Sky
Nadia Elliot is twenty-two and alone in Paris. Fate throws her for a loop with a chance encounter with a temping stranger, who has a habit of disappearing in Paris’s ra...
fait (daddario) (on hold) by bizzIeperfect
fait (daddario) (on hold)by bizzIeperfect
in which a girl texts the wrong person.
irreplaceable love. by katie98clark
irreplaceable love.by katie98clark
'" Don't you see?! no matter how many people we go through. no matter who we try and get with. it will never be enough for either of us. what we have is real. baby...
The Red thread of fate by buttosan
The Red thread of fateby J.Gardener
My name Simon I am 20 years old and hear is the story of how I meet my special someone.