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NaLu One Shots  by SleepingWithKirito
NaLu One Shots by SleepingWithKirito
This books contains a collection of Natsu & Lucy one shots. Some stories are recreations of an episode of Fairytail, ending in Nalu somehow, or completley made up. Plea...
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Room Mates (NaLu) by SleepingWithKirito
Room Mates (NaLu)by SleepingWithKirito
Lucy is 19 years old. After living with her peculiar Aunt and Uncle for a year, her time comes to pursue University. Living with the schools hottest and most popular b...
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Fairy High Love (Fairy Tail Fanfic) by Shiro_Yuki
Fairy High Love (Fairy Tail Fanfic)by Shiro_Yuki
Fairy Tail High is a school for smart and talented young men and women. It is like any other highschool, full of learning, drama and romance. Follow the story of Natsu D...
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My Opinion On Fairy Tail Ships by yogensha
My Opinion On Fairy Tail Shipsby Hey there CHILD
THIS IS REALLY OLD. I wrote this when I was a dumb kid who hadn't read any yaoi or yuri manga/anime... trust me, the opinions are EXTREMELY cringey. Read them at your ow...
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The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK 2) by SleepingWithKirito
The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK...by SleepingWithKirito
Imagine a world with no mistakes...or rather, a world that doesnt allow them. Lucy Heartfilia wakes up two years in the past, having to relive the whole experience of un...
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Dragon Queen by kpoplyfe1010
Dragon Queenby fairy tail zeref
Completed story. Lucy starts to get ignored after a long lost friend of the people of fairy tail thought was dead. this person is none other than Lisanna. Lucy gets beat...
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A Fairy Tail Christmas Mira-cle by aideenphoenix232
A Fairy Tail Christmas Mira-cleby Aideen Phoenix
The master gave Mira permission to plan a vacation for ten people. She takes this as the perfect opportunity to get her ships together. Will the she devil suceed? This i...
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Who Is The One For Lucy by Jazzy_Saaan
Who Is The One For Lucyby Jazzy
I want to make a fan-fiction about... Fairy Tail (don't own it, but love it) Because why not. A fight for Lucy, let us see who she ends up with. Let the best man win. Bu...
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Sold to Salamander [NaLu Fanfic]✔ by luxyhexrtfilia
Sold to Salamander [NaLu Fanfic]✔by Nami Junsui ♡
[WARNING. UNEDITED SO GRAMMAR ERRORS ARE REAL.] [COMPLETED!!] A young girl named Lucy Heartfilia at the age of 17 was sold by her father to be a sex slave. 2 years later...
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Ships Reacts! by Naru_Tail
Ships Reacts!by Zindigo
So ships are going to react to other ones. Fairy Tail only for the time being. Requests are open. I don't own Fairy Tail.
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FairyTail Yuri Oneshots (Requests open) by RandomFairyTail
FairyTail Yuri Oneshots (Requests...by RandomFairyTail
Just drop a request in the comment section. It can be FairyTail x Reader or an actual ship, either one works. I'm happy to write them all.
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Fairy Tail Boys x Reader {One-Shots} by laventev
Fairy Tail Boys x Reader {One-Shot...by -evelina
My first ever one shot book. Enjoy! ;) Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments! Be sure to vote so I know you enjoy this book and I can write more!? [ most chapte...
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Twin Stars by Gangster_Geek
Twin Starsby Gangster_Geek
Yukino X Sting and Kagura X Rogue
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(Nalu) Dragon's beauty - Mating Season by nalubinge_
(Nalu) Dragon's beauty - Mating Se...by .
"How can someone so sweet and beautiful be so beastly and intimidating." ~ As though just itching for something to happen, Gramps unexpectedly calls for the Sl...
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Fairy Tail One-Shots by Crystal_Accommodator
Fairy Tail One-Shotsby Crystal
Fairy Tail one-shots for as many ships as wanted! {REQUESTS CLOSED}
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Fairy Tail Pics (Book 1) by Wizardsaint
Fairy Tail Pics (Book 1)by Juvia Fullbuster
-Fairytail ships -Next generation -Fairy tail facts -imagines -facebook/texts -fan arts -crackships I do not own all the pictures in this book. I just compiled them. P...
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Discovered {Sequel to Left Alone} by Mishi_Bear
Discovered {Sequel to Left Alone}by mishi_bear
Last time in Left Alone, we see the miserable fate of Lucy being taken by a mysterious man. As Natsu and Misayuki witnessed this, they were furious. How could he take Lu...
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A Stupid Hot Head-Natsu Dragneel fanfiction by AdyLuv
A Stupid Hot Head-Natsu Dragneel f...by Ady
Lucy Heartfillia is the type of girl that people don't notice. She likes it that way. She had her friends and didn't get unwanted attention. But one day when the playboy...
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Vampire Night by peri_pella
Vampire Nightby peri_pella
Lucy, Levy, Erza, Juvia, Mira, and Wendy ; Six girls who grew up in orphanage, move to a new house in Magnolia. Natsu, Gajeel, Jellal, Gray, Laxus, and Romeo ; Six rich...
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Love in Fiore Academy (Gralu) by rxchel_pxh
Love in Fiore Academy (Gralu)by Rachel Poh
Lucy Heartfillia is going to Fiore Academy . After experiencing a cherish love being. broken inside out, she swore to never fall in Love again.. but meeting her ex-boyfr...
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