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Demons (Fairy Tail X Seven Deadly Sins Crossover)(Discontinued) by Psycho_Emz
Demons (Fairy Tail X Seven Deadly...by Alexa Play This Is Hallloween...
What happens When Team Natsu and their exceeds gets thrown into another world? What secrets will be revealed? What memories will be remembered? Read the book to find ou...
The Fairy Ninja by kookie_kraft
The Fairy Ninjaby kookie_kraft
Akai Uzumaki, the twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki and spitting image of Kushina Uzumaki, unlike Naruto she was a prodigy. When she was younger it was herself and her broth...
Fairy X Hunter by youngmoonlight
Fairy X Hunterby Flowers
Team Natsu goes on a mission. While on the mission Lucy bumpes into a young boy with dark spiked hair. They start talking to each other until the boy's friend calls him...
Fairy Guardian: Resurrection by Shi_Kira
Fairy Guardian: Resurrectionby Shi_Kira
In the past, he's a man known by many names: The Demon Brat, The Hero of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the Nanaidaime Hokage of the Leaf. Now, he is known as Fairy Tail'...
the snake of fairy tail by zack01234
the snake of fairy tailby zack01234
Gin has die after he fail to kill aizen but he was give a second chance to change his life he was send into earthland where they are people able to use magic, &quo...
A God Amongst Men by Shi_Kira
A God Amongst Menby Shi_Kira
When Naruto found himself in a new world after his death, he thought he had been given a second chance to live, but not everything is as it appears. However, Naruto isn'...
Naruto: A Fairy Tail Story  by KiritoBinns
Naruto: A Fairy Tail Story by 𝓜𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓬
After His battle with Toneri, Naruto was sent to an all to familiar place called Fiore. Naruto having no idea how to get home decided to live here acquiring magic and be...
The trust you've lost [Discontinued] by youngmoonlight
The trust you've lost [Discontinue...by Flowers
Bloom has been hurt by her friends. She decides to run away and to leave the place she thought she called a home. Unfortunately, a few seconds after she arrived at her h...
Fairy Tail at Hogwarts by LucyDragneel087
Fairy Tail at Hogwartsby Ashley
What happens when one day Albus Dumbledore appears in the Fairy Tail guild asking for help from his old friend Makarov Dreyar? When Fairy Tail appears in Hogwarts Harry...
The Yellow Flash of Fairy Tail by Eyeofcreation
The Yellow Flash of Fairy Tailby Vanadis
Fairy Tail is well known for being a Guild of powerful, and mentally unstable or challenged, mages and warriors, and are almost always at the center of any and all troub...
Bnha x Male neglected, slight emotionless reader (Monster Of UA) by GogetaVegeta
Bnha x Male neglected, slight emot...by Gogeta
You are 18 years old and finally allowed to take the UA entrance exam. All the heroes feel disgusted by you and want you to fail, and most of the students ignore/fear yo...
Celestial Fox by demonic_fangirl666
Celestial Foxby demonic_fangirl666
Ok so this is going to be a fairy tail Naruto crossover, and the main ship will be Naruto x Lucy. Basically both Lucy and Naruto are betrayed by their friends, Naruto en...
A Fairy in Twisted Wonderland(FT X Twisted Wonderland) fanfiction by mikochico3478
A Fairy in Twisted Wonderland(FT X...by Neko~chan
I don't own fairy tail or twisted wonderland; they belong to their rightful owners. I only own My oc, the story, and the plot of the story. A reason why I decided to wri...
Wizards x and x Hunters by heavenswheel777
Wizards x and x Huntersby Heavens Wheel
When Gon, Killua, Kurapika and, Leorio decide to have a reunion in Yorknew City, they never expected a strange machine that Kurapika brought to transport them to an unk...
My second home by youngmoonlight
My second homeby Flowers
Bloom finds out that that her friends didn't want her around anymore and didn't trust her. So she leaves Alfea and went back to Gardenia. While staying there she finds a...
The fairy among heroes (Book 1) by TogoTodorkroki
The fairy among heroes (Book 1)by Togo
Lately, Deku has been distancing himself from his classmates, and sneaking out during the nights. His classmates tried asking their teacher, but he knows nothing about i...
Prince Spriggan by KidOtakuQueen
Prince Sprigganby Char XD
Instead of being born into the world of Magi and helping out his trusted friends our little magi has been born into the world of Fairy Tail. Not only that but the first...
Demon amongst us by Bisparkleparty
Demon amongst usby Bisparkleparty
Boku no hero academia/My hero academia- universe alteration "Midoriya Izuku has a quirk unlike the others seen in day-to-day lives, his quirk is called 'Satan Soul'...