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Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Turners sister (Reader insert)
   by Knuffie2019
Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Turners...by Knuffie2019
Meet (Y/N) Turner, Timmy Turners 14, almost 15 year old sister. (Y/N) and Timmy are besides brother and sister, the best of friends. She loves hanging out with Timmy. As...
  • wanda
  • vicky
  • cosmo
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Anti Cosmo x Reader Scenarios by butlersforlife4141
Anti Cosmo x Reader Scenariosby butlersforlife4141
Not too many Anti-Cosmo stories to read 😢. So I hope you all enjoy this Reader Scenarios with Anti-Cosmo ❤
  • scenarios
  • shyness
  • shy
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My Favorite Fairly OddParents Quotes by Rosalina_and_Luma
My Favorite Fairly OddParents Quot...by Rosalina and Luma
Someone had to do it! :D
  • cosmo
  • quotes
  • funny
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Timmy ♡ Chloe (FOD Fanfiction) by HeroicCalifornian48
Timmy ♡ Chloe (FOD Fanfiction)by Lily Anderson
Chloe had been Timmy's best friend for nearly a year now. She tries to help Timmy get over Trixie and all his girl problems. But when Timmy starts to develop feelings fo...
  • friendship
  • fairlyoddparents
  • confession
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Timmy's Love Life by HeroicCalifornian48
Timmy's Love Lifeby Lily Anderson
Timmy just got rejected by Trixie, been chased around by Tootie. What's even worse is that the school seems to have more couples and he feels left out. But Chloe has a v...
  • timmyturner
  • romance
  • chloecarmichael
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Spanking Stories by Mgrumblis
Spanking Storiesby Mgrumblis
this story isn't a ordinary story it's not like one direction spanking stories or something like that I hope you like it. Warning: Spanking
  • starwars
  • fairlyoddparents
  • ladyandthetramp
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Perfectly Opposite by tsundere885
Perfectly Oppositeby tsundere885
After a spat with Wanda, Cosmo decides it would be best to go somewhere she'd never go. And after an unnecessarily long time, he concludes that he should go to Anti Fair...
  • cosmoxanticosmo
  • cosmo
  • timmyturner
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Fairly Oddparents (Portuguese Version) by fakedoluke
Fairly Oddparents (Portuguese Vers...by lukey
(HIATUS) A regra número um era nunca se apaixonar por seu afilhado. Niall e Louis estavam em acordo com isso, até que seu afilhado acabou sendo um garoto lindo de dezess...
  • louis
  • tomlinson
  • larrystylinson
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Timmy Turner x Vicky by shronicisiconic
Timmy Turner x Vickyby Welp
-ShronicIsIconic Y'all already know wtf is going on.
  • love
  • funny
  • idk
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Fairly odd parents (reader insert) by officially_NaLu1234
Fairly odd parents (reader insert)by Crystal
Your timmy's sister you know he has fairy's and you go on a lot of crazy adventures with him! (I haven't seen anybody do this yet so yeah)
  • cosmo
  • wanda
  • timmy
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Fem! Timmy Turner x Chip Skylark by SadHeartXOX
Fem! Timmy Turner x Chip Skylarkby XxDeadTearsxX
Timantha Turner was neglected, abused, and forgotten. Sure, she had the love and care from her fairy godparents, but she yearned for something more, especially when a fa...
  • romance
  • genderbend
  • fiction
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FAIRLY ODD LOVE by thug_nagisa
ok I had this story uploaded on my very first wattpad so imam just finish it here.... from like 3 years ago???? ENJOY! remy x timmy timmy xgary just a bunch of cartoon c...
  • yaoi
  • remybuxaplenty
  • fairlyoddparents
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Toon Wars: A Crossover Series by Frozarburst
Toon Wars: A Crossover Seriesby Frozarburst
Enter the Toon Wars! A massive fan-made crossover between classic and new Nicktoons and Cartoon Network shows as the Syndicate wage war against their old enemies by some...
  • nicolewatterson
  • nickelodeon
  • samuraijack
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Fairly OddParents: The Pokémon Master by RogueShadow77
Fairly OddParents: The Pokémon Mas...by RogueShadow77
Timmy Turner, throughout his eleven years in his life, has experienced day after miserable day. Until one night, he gets once in a lifetime chance to change it all, and...
  • crossover
  • fairlyoddparents
  • timmyturner
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Be Careful What You Wish For by Poopslord
Be Careful What You Wish Forby Flamin H0t
The people in Dimmsdale are wildin. Trigger warning for pretty much the whole thing.
  • fairlyoddparents
  • readatyourownrisk
  • dinklebergxmrturner
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Various x Readers by NuNuPlez
Various x Readersby Biggest Trash
  • hetalia
  • snk
  • gangsta
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Sam's A Fairy?! by darkfunnybunny
Sam's A Fairy?!by A Demon
A Danny Phantom and The Fairly Oddparents crossover....where one wish in Amity Park was a big mistake in Fairy World.
  • humour
  • crossover
  • dannyphantom
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Fictional Truth or Dare {Closed} by Forlot_Forever
Fictional Truth or Dare {Closed}by Gabby Gabby
Have you ever wanted to know what the "Non-Fiends" and your favorite fictional characters think of? You are in luck! This story is just for you! Ask your quest...
  • phineasandferb
  • fairlyoddparents
  • webarebears
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Timmy's Sister and The Fairy's Protecter (Transformers and Fairy Odd Parents) by Sirenalagirl53
Timmy's Sister and The Fairy's Pro...by Queen Siren of Aria
Transformers combined with Fairy Odd Parents. Probably the WORST idea I EVER had for a story. The Cybertroians in this are from Prime and Bayverse. I don't own Ether of...
  • mermaid
  • fantasy
  • transformersprime
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Our lives as Teenage Robots  by Elwafflejr
Our lives as Teenage Robots by Nova the Hedgehog
Jenny Wakeman had it all, she is best friends with the neighbors next door, several although flawed sisters, a pretty normal school life, she's a protector of the world...
  • xj-9
  • fairlyoddparents
  • nickelodeon
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