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Through The Storm by imastupididyut
Through The Stormby imastupididyut
Her alone. Him looking. Both finding something they never thought they needed. She thought she was invisible to them all. But she wasn't. She just wanted to be there to...
  • jealousy
  • family
  • anger
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A Hard Fall For Him by imastupididyut
A Hard Fall For Himby imastupididyut
I made stupid choices. Choices that lead me to being a mother at a very young age. An age when I should have been spending time with friends worrying about the latest fa...
  • anger
  • betrayal
  • sisters
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ENTWINE :  Snippets! by sherlolly29
ENTWINE : Snippets!by Belle C
A collection of one-shots requested by readers and by yours truly. This would be stories after the Entwine timeline. ^^ Enjoy! Feel free to send in your prompts! Jiayou!
  • meteorgarden2018
  • fai
  • dylanwang
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What Kind of Man by StarsInTheGutter
What Kind of Manby StarsInTheGutter
Blood. Dreams. Desire. Things never turn out as planned. Fai did not ask to be turned. He did not ask to be saved. And he certainly did not ask to become a 'hunter.' In...
  • yaoi
  • magic
  • slashfic
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White Nights on Infinity by StarsInTheGutter
White Nights on Infinityby StarsInTheGutter
The scent of blood, the shape of lust. A precarious balance. As reluctant hunter and willing prey, can Fai and Kurogane keep avoiding the unfinished conversation hangin...
  • kurofai
  • tsubasa
  • oneshotcollection
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The Dragon Slayers React! by Cupcake_Faiii
The Dragon Slayers React!by Cupcake ~
The Dragon Players Reacting to Images and Videos. Our hosts will be Fai (Me) and Mirajane! Enjoy people!
  • rogue
  • natsu
  • wendy
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Love Hurts Like This by randrews25
Love Hurts Like Thisby Rocquell an
Knock Chose Plern. Well, Korn would just have to accept it and move on...
  • korn
  • mew
  • s1e11
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Shome Tsubasa Shtuff by MaggicSorceress
Shome Tsubasa Shtuffby MaggicSorceress
ill be honest I have no idea what I'm going to put in here but I'm 99% sure 99.9% of it is gonna be KuroFai and YOU CANT STOP ME
  • reservoir
  • chronicles
  • kurofai
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the other half of me [ Fai Khadra ] by thepizzaboys
the other half of me [ Fai Khadra ]by NANS
Fai Khadra, the 25 year old Palestinian model with friends who are well known finds himself stumbling upon a 19 year old Tatyana a European based islander. The two keep...
  • kyliejenner
  • faikhadra
  • lostandfound
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Lingering Embers *A Tsubasa KuroxFai Fanfiction* by mrsgubie
Lingering Embers *A Tsubasa KuroxF...by FemShep: Samantha
Fai D. Flowright, a Celes wizard with a sweet and cheerful personality. But it's all a facade, used to keep his companions at a distance so they won't get hurt. Kurogane...
  • fye
  • fanfic
  • kurogane
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Abandoned Driveways by SayaLeigh
Abandoned Drivewaysby Saya
AU, boyXboy. Kurogane has new neighbors, including an attractive but annoying blond. However, it doesn't take him long to discover that Fai is hiding more than he ever i...
  • shonenai
  • chronicle
  • trc
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Adventures Beyond Dimensions (FaixOc) by FEGirl
Adventures Beyond Dimensions (Faix...by FE Girl
Arina is searching for the killer of her father and her personal wish drags her into traveling with 4 other people who each have their own wishes. Join them as they seek...
  • sakura
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Replacement  by MikazeAimi
Replacement by Ai
Fai avoids Kurogane at a new world and so Kurogane met Yuui - the Fai of this world. Beta: lemon_and_chai from AO3
  • kurofai
  • fai
  • kuroganexfai
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Distance by MattieMapleLover
Distanceby Matvey
Summary: A meaningless victory... each winning battle marked a critical moment - to avoid a grim future in their hands.
  • trc
  • syaoran
  • anime
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As The Sky Falls- A Kurofai Novel by Hawkeye3040
As The Sky Falls- A Kurofai Novelby FullmetalFlame
*The story and cover don't belong to me
  • kuro
  • tsundere
  • kurogane
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: A Songstress' Journey [Fai x OC] by sakurawagashi28
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: A So...by SakuraWagashi
Her world was destroyed by unknown enemies and she was forced to go on a journey to search for a legendary crystal to revive her homeland. Her companions include people...
  • syaoranxsakura
  • kuroganextomoyo
  • chronicles
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Life in Nihon by sleepdeprivedfangirl
Life in Nihonby Laura
A series of oneshots centering around Kurogane and Fai settling down in Nihon. Mostly just fluff and such of domesticated bliss.
  • kurofai
  • kurogane
  • tsubasareservoirchronicle
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Inter-Dimensional Traveler!!?!! {Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle fanfiction} by kuroneki
Inter-Dimensional Traveler!!?!! {T...by уυкιтσ♤
I didn't even want to be here but great!I'm traveling with a bunch of weirdos..A lovesick puppy,a clumsy princess,a ninja with anger issues,a talking bunny ,and a freaki...
  • kurogane
  • sakura
  • journey
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Memories of a Mage: A Tsubasa Fanfic by the-plastic-lizard
Memories of a Mage: A Tsubasa Fanf...by the-plastic-lizard
A practicing wizard, cursed with more than just a horrible past, has a dream of setting things right with her past to make a clean slate for her future. Who would have t...
  • kurogane
  • anime
  • fai
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Un fait divers by Shad_Eau
Un fait diversby Shad_Eau
Un fait divers, une tragédie
  • tristesse
  • fai
  • journal
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