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BORED? SNEEK A LOOK by ivoryeyes
Hey you! yes you, I really cant believe you are on watt pad and still complaining that you are bored. Seriously?? So lets say yeah it's true that you are bored and you w...
Fahim Moledina: A Business Strategist With A Wide Range Of Experience by fahim_moledina
Fahim Moledina: A Business Strateg...by
One important element to consider in order to keep up with the changes and adjust to different consumer preferences is to enhance your branding on a regular basis to sui...
Hadh...Out of Limit by Aquamsha
Hadh...Out of Limitby Aquamsha Fahim
Hadh... Means Limit... But some people's Limit is out of Limit... That's not Behadh (Without Limit)... Just their Limit.. The story is set in Allahabad travels to the Ch...
fahim moledina by fahimmoledina844
fahim moledinaby fahim moledina
Title: Staff Empowerment the Key To Organizational Speed Change Management in regards to letting go of control for management and executives can be very difficult. Often...
Fahim Ekbal Moledina's Comprehensive Traveling Guide by fahim_moledina
Fahim Ekbal Moledina's Comprehensi...by
One must be cautious well about elements that may suit them and also how they intend to approach their travels. It may be a simple day vacation well with family just on...
Fahim Moledina  -  How to Be a Small Business Consultant - 18 Step Checklist by fahimmoledina
Fahim Moledina - How to Be a Sma...by fahim moledina
How do you grow your small business consulting practice? What skills do you need?
Business And Technology: What You Need To Know by fahim_moledina
Business And Technology: What You...by
Business and technology have gone along hand in hand for some time now, and Fahim Moledina understands this all too well. However, what are some of the vital innovations...
Blood River by RoxyLeung
Blood Riverby RoxyLeung
What is Blood River? The world is full with "heroes" and "villains". Heroes are evil and cruel, villains are the true heroes... Fahim with his "...
When Business Consultant Is Important - Fahim Moledina by fahim_moledina
When Business Consultant Is Import...by
The global economic crisis is taking a toll on a lot of people. A business blindly going about everyday transactions is at a good deal of risk. Likewise, setting up a bu...
Thats Time by idoraryhana
Thats Timeby Nur Rayhana Ilwani
Cerite budak sekolah je. Biaselah tak matang lagi. Hahahaha.
Fahim Moledina - Management Consultant by fahimmoledina
Fahim Moledina - Management Consul...by fahim moledina
Fahim Moledina is a strategist who enables teams and leaders to succeed and have a strong focus on optimization.
Advantages of Employing a Project Manager Consultant- Fahim Ekbal Moledina by fahim_moledina
Advantages of Employing a Project...by
Have you thought that employing a skilled project management business relieves you of the burden and scale of the project while also providing superior results? You'll g...
Fahim Moledina  -  Slowing Down to Speed Up by fahimmoledina
Fahim Moledina  -  Slowing Down to...by fahim moledina
Agile business practice is all the rage currently. Management and executives want to do more with less and many believe in implementing agile business processes that the...