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NIKKAHFIED ✔️ by _AestheticWriter22_
NIKKAHFIED ✔️by A Dreamer🌸
A story of two individuals tied by allah in the beautiful bond till life time.... A muslim story.... But everyone is welcomed here.... Do give a read to know more...
One Minute: Hausa Love Story by amatullahag
One Minute: Hausa Love Storyby AishaGoje ❤️
ONCE A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY "It's time" The simple sentence could be interpreted in different ways. Time? The favorable and appropriate time to do something...
A Bad Start - A Story By Farida by Ladyfaree
A Bad Start - A Story By Faridaby
'No, it can't be. It really is a joke, right?' Shazia asked under her breath, looking at the other women for confirmation. 'We are sorry Shazia'. Was all they could chor...
Meet You Past The Galaxy by anonymous__i
Meet You Past The Galaxyby aibee
❝You smiled; I fell in love.❞ 1947, Hindustan. A time period where the country was in absolute chaos due to the India - Pakistan partition. This story unravels the life...
Life Of Zahra💫 by Mimiyazz
Life Of Zahra💫by Yasmin Bello
"let me go" "please"loudly crying "And why should I "he evilly laughed "Please stop it" "Please" "Let her Go"...
Her Life !! (Slow Updates) by kashafnaik123
Her Life !! (Slow Updates)by kashafnaik123
Abeer Salman is a 20 year old beautiful and talented girl .her parents died at the age of 8 , 12 years ago she lost them and these 12 years of her life had been a living...
He Is The One For Me. by saraakhtar9699
He Is The One For Me.by Sarah Akhtar
he is the only one for me no matter how many miles from me he is ; I know he'll always be there for me. he has it all. I don't want anyone else because there is no one...
The Deeds by Fahadwrites
The Deedsby Ibrahim Suleiman
They keep telling me good things about a brother who died....
Thursday by Peach_Petal
Thursdayby  ‍
Thursdays are scary, am I right?
The Diary Speaks by Fahadwrites
The Diary Speaksby Ibrahim Suleiman
Follow the sour tongued diary as it unravels the darkest part of its owners.
Fahad Al Tamimi lists  of Abandoned Architecture around the world by fahadaltamimi
Fahad Al Tamimi lists of Abandone...by Fahad Al Tamimi
Although architects spend hundreds of hours slaving over their designs attempting to get every last detail right. These hours can result in incredible designs that inspi...