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faerie ❀ reddie by roseyrichie
faerie ❀ reddieby 🖤
eddie is a faerie lost in the human world, richie happens to stumble upon him. lowercase intended ((cover not mine))
  • reddie
  • billdenbrough
  • losersclub
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faerie wife.  by rosetoast
faerie wife. by mercys lovely toaster
Naida Harris, a 21 year old college student innocently gives a faerie named Hyung her name. Now, she's forced to be his wife. (I'm sorry for the short description I'll...
  • comedy
  • student
  • uwu
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Trials Of Cazelle  by Nancy_JM
Trials Of Cazelle by Nancy Gillette
The hands Of Ariceli lays in the hand of two singulars souls. Their hearts forever intertwined. One a Human king of Alynthi the other A Faerie Huntress. As the war of H...
  • dragons
  • battle
  • human
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Strange Tales from Hypnoland by brooke_saylor85
Strange Tales from Hypnolandby Brooke Saylor
Five Stories. Magic Zombies, Telepathic Love, Faerie Mates, and more. Click 'Read' on this story for a taste of the fantasy that lays dormant, waiting for your mind to a...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • zombie
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Yyadrasayal: Fae and Metal by ShireWritings
Yyadrasayal: Fae and Metalby Shire
A world is melding into itself. Pasts are being recreated as the relic holders of generation eighty take on the weight of these powerful objects. Will the past repeat i...
  • elf
  • faerie
  • norsemythology
The Black-Winged Angel by psycho_emo_writings
The Black-Winged Angelby Psycho.emo.writings
In my town, everyone has wings. Getting our wings is a rite of passage, like a Sweet 16 celebration for everyone else. The wings you get tell a story. A story of what ha...
  • papillon
  • fairy
  • wings
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What If by lil-bear3690
What Ifby Lilly Cole
The Queen -Haunted The Rebel -Hunted And The Maid -Restored
  • restored
  • queen
  • rebel
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Best of Both Worlds by Nerdy_Black_Bird
Best of Both Worldsby Nerdy_Black_Bird
Taken from their home, twins Quinn and Erica are struggling to stay afloat in the land of the Fae. They don't belong and they are definitely not wanted. What will happen...
  • faerie
  • enchant
  • fae
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The Goat Child by Mythorion
The Goat Childby Orion Tate
A small collection of stories about a nineteen-year-old who discovers an odd being in her house, and decides to take care of him. *WIP. Constructive criticism welcome, e...
  • mythology
  • fantasyfiction
  • faerie
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don't give your name to faeries, kids by Mads4444
don't give your name to faeries, k...by jupiter
based on a tumblr prompt: a faerie introduces himself. then, holding out a hands, asks, "and your name, please?"
  • magical
  • seeliecourt
  • romance
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Sister of Swans (Tales from Mirrorwood #2) by JocelynActual
Sister of Swans (Tales from Mirror...by Jocelyn Actual
"I am a weaver. I am a sister. I am a savage. I am a princess." Princess Elise has seven brothers, and when a curse turns them into swans, only she can save th...
  • fairytaleretelling
  • princess
  • ya
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Dragonslayers by maryaImorevna
Dragonslayersby Everest
A dragon lives in the mountains above the city of Youglique. Every once in a while, it appears over the fields to feast on the townspeople's livestock. But one day, inst...
  • peasant
  • wizard
  • dragon
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Maybe | A Short Story for Carnival Row by Siennafrost
Maybe | A Short Story for Carnival...by Sienna Frost
A love story of a faerie who loves a human in the world where such love is forbidden. This is a 2000-character story for The Carnival Row Short Story Challenge run by @F...
  • faerie
  • carnivalrow
  • challenge
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Faerie by Soobin-han
Faerieby Soobin-han
Peter Pan once was a peasant. An orphan in an unsanitary environment. A filthy rat. But then, everything changes. For your info, the cover is not Lucky Blue Smith. I'll...
  • tinkerbell
  • neverland
  • tinker
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Fairy Believer  by Kima_Kat
Fairy Believer by Kima
I have always dreamed of being a mermaid. Lately, I just don't feel the way I used to about it. I want to become a fairy with all my heart now. Not just any fairy, a Win...
  • stella
  • magic
  • flora
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