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Elves, Faeries, and all in between  by RebelHeart16
Elves, Faeries, and all in between by SheWolf
Elves and the fae have been living in harmony for years with there kingdoms close to one of another. Lately problems have been arising between the dark and the light Br...
  • drow
  • elf
  • fae
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The Lost Crown by linalaurine
The Lost Crownby lina
Growing up as human in a land where only The Royals are supposed to have magic, 18-year-old Iselda fears for her life when her latent powers manifest. She tries to hide...
  • romance
  • fantasy-romance
  • mythical
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Only told the Moon | JenLisa  by ThinkthenArt
Only told the Moon | JenLisa by MTE
When you couldn't find your place in your own world. Where do you go? Where do you run to? For Lalisa the only place left for her is the human world. But is it really he...
  • kimjisoo
  • lisamanoban
  • faeries
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The Changeling's Caul by CaGarrud
The Changeling's Caulby C A Garrud
Luca doesn't encounter much adventure in his life, so when he discovers a huge but seemingly benevolent creature hiding out in an abandoned building, it awakens a whole...
  • otherworld
  • teenager
  • changeling
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𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓭 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓼 by paerabellum
𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓭 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓼by c. graham
"Do not touch the roses. Do not make a promise. Do not give a name." The instinct of a creature trapped in the dark is to run towards the light. When a human g...
  • seelie
  • fae
  • fantasy
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"Tikki, Spots On!" ||A Miraculous Ladybug Roleplay|| by robyyyn-
"Tikki, Spots On!" ||A Miraculous...by ria
title says!
  • chatnoir
  • doe
  • roleplay
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Finding Freedom by Writter431
Finding Freedomby Writter431
After three years of being locked away and tormented Genevieve is pretty sure she is never going to find her freedom again. That is, until the High Lord of the Night Co...
  • love
  • nightcourt
  • feyre
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Strange Tales from Hypnoland by brooke_saylor85
Strange Tales from Hypnolandby Brooke Saylor
Five Stories. Magic Zombies, Telepathic Love, Faerie Mates, and more. Click 'Read' on this story for a taste of the fantasy that lays dormant, waiting for your mind to a...
  • zombie
  • paranormal
  • faerie
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Ash by PunkRockPenguin
Ashby Heather
Ash Cinder never asked for this life. As a child he'd been happy, but after his mother died and his father remarried. Soon after his father fell ill and died too leavi...
  • unseelie
  • ash
  • fairytale
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La reine des ombres, Keleana tome 4 by Futbilosta
La reine des ombres, Keleana tome 4by Futbilosta
Voici la traduction du livre Keleana, tome 4 par Sarah J. Maas. Cette histoire n'est que ma version de la traduction. Sans copier ni autre. Malheureusement la production...
  • royaume
  • traduction
  • chaol
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Luna and the Wolf King by zinniafinch
Luna and the Wolf Kingby Zinnia Finch
A dryad death; a rotting forest; a green witch in hiding; a reckless prince; a king gone mad; rumours of black magic and werewolves. Luna has been in hiding for a year...
  • anti-hero
  • elemental
  • werewolf
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Little Things  by KateL1502
Little Things by Kate1502
Little things I've either seen here and there or written at various times.
  • teen
  • love
  • fae
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La sua fata by Bella_Wdw_twilight_
La sua fataby Bella_Wdw_twilight_
Wren ran through the forest from her attackers. Looking back as they were still hot on her trail. They were hunters, well specifically Fae hunters. A species not many kn...
  • fae
  • faeries
  • alpha
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Forgotten Fae by GraveCleric
Forgotten Faeby Allysa
You mustn't go into the forest. Past the treeline they hide, watching and waiting with sharp teeth and even sharper minds. They'll lure you in with pretty words and face...
  • fantasy
  • fey
  • faeries
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Snippets of a Fantasy Book I'll Never Write by socialanxiety_ahax
Snippets of a Fantasy Book I'll Ne...by socialanxiety_ahax
Some scenes and characters from an original fantasy book that I'll never write but has been stuck in my head from start to finish since 2015 aha x
  • werewolf
  • snippets
  • fantasy
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Through the Veil: Forgotten prophecy by W_kodi2000
Through the Veil: Forgotten prophe...by Kodi
New Chapter every Monday, Had to repost...sorry all chapters including two new ones will be up by Monday. No one knows what happened to the them, where they went, or...
  • witch
  • gameofthronesinspired
  • fae
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Stolen by the Fae [PDF] by Laxmi Hariharan by wicezubu80202
Stolen by the Fae [PDF] by Laxmi H...by wicezubu80202
Read Stolen by the Fae PDF ebook Listen to Stolen by the Fae Laxmi Hariharan audiobook Read Online Stolen by the Fae: Paranormal Romance (Fae's Claim Book 1) book in EPU...
  • hariharan
  • by
  • fae
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The Black-Winged Angel by psycho_emo_writings
The Black-Winged Angelby Psycho.emo.writings
In my town, everyone has wings. Getting our wings is a rite of passage, like a Sweet 16 celebration for everyone else. The wings you get tell a story. A story of what ha...
  • butterfly
  • devil
  • fae
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Best of Both Worlds by Nerdy_Black_Bird
Best of Both Worldsby Nerdy_Black_Bird
Taken from their home, twins Quinn and Erica are struggling to stay afloat in the land of the Fae. They don't belong and they are definitely not wanted. What will happen...
  • fantasy
  • survival
  • enchant
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