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true crime by thefallofMel
true crimeby Mel ❤️
These are all true murder cases! None of it is fake and I did my research before writing these. SOME MIGHT BE GRAPHIC PICTURES ARE INCLUDING Started: : 2/2/22 Ended: 2...
Paranormal Facts by Bboyshow
Paranormal Factsby Bboyshow
Cover by @mysterygalaxi Did you know that there is a whole village in India that practices Black Magic or that there is a said Witch Tower in Ohio or the cursed Inunaki...
The Virus... {A Piggy AU} by ItsNotRosemary
The Virus... {A Piggy AU}by Rosemary
Basically, this is piggy but combined with PghLFilms' RP Films, my own story and characters, and some Roblox Youtubers. This book may contain blood, weapons, and most l...
Werewolves & Where to Find Them ✓ by candyeager
Werewolves & Where to Find Them ✓by ꒰ 𝐄𝐕𝐄 ꒱
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐄 𝐆𝐔𝐈𝐃𝐄 ⏤ In which we unravel the secrets and mysteries of the supernatural creature: the werewolves. Highest Rankings: #1 in informational ...
Truth behind 9/11 by ShaolinMaster
Truth behind 9/11by Back-in-Black Naruto
Seen a lot of conspiracy theories about 9/11 and what really happened because people think it's easier to believe in stupid theories that have little to no proof. Also I...
Facts About Everything by brina0018
Facts About Everythingby Thina Dizon
The title is a bit of a hyperbole, its not literally about EVERYTHING. Because I don't know your age, or even the date you were born. But anyways.... The facts that I fi...
Facts by Wolfie9797
Factsby Wolfie9797
Facts. Just facts.
Creature Feature: The Paleogene Era by PrehistoricCreatures
Creature Feature: The Paleogene Eraby Dinosaurs, & Other Prehistori...
The fossil record is obviously incomplete, and therefore neither is this particular profile feature, but if you're after information as to which creatures lived and coex...
Traits Of An Empath by LoneWriter516
Traits Of An Empathby LoneWriter516
Do you think you're an Empath? Do you literally feel other people's emotions? Read to find out if you are an Empath. This factual book has pretty much everything you nee...
Celebrity Snapchats by chloconutsharks
Celebrity Snapchatsby holla it’s chlo
I have so many irrelevant, fake contacts on my snapchat, claiming they are celebrities. It's a total waste of time adding what is supposedly Liam Payne's personal snapch...
True Crime by crime
True Crimeby Detective & Crime | Ambassado...
True crime is the real life tales of crime where the Detective & Crime Team examine an actual crime and details the actions of real people.
globjob by Leo43Evans
globjobby Leo Evans
Written in such a way that takes you away from science-fiction to an actual happening. - globjob - The Galactic Federation sends an ambassador. To fulfil Plan One. To be...
WEREWOLVES 101 - Beginners Guide by Aj_2008unstable
WEREWOLVES 101 - Beginners Guideby Classified
This is where I confusingly ramble on and on about Werewolves, but somehow it makes sense. All nerds welcome. This is a safe space, this is a ✨nerd✨ space. Here we talk...
In her eyes by lexi21773
In her eyesby Lexiwoah
Her point of view, her life, her opinions.
Some Roman History by EboysFanInnit
Some Roman Historyby nope😐
Due to my obsession with the TV show Plebs I have decided to create a book based on Roman History SOME THINGS WILL BELONG TO ITV CAUSE PLEBS
Chemistry/ Additional science by MaryAdidas123
Chemistry/ Additional scienceby Mary
If you need help on a topic in C2 science, you have come to the right place. Sections of topics I struggled with are in here and also topics asked for by those who messa...
Unicorns Aren't Mythical by PinkMangos-
Unicorns Aren't Mythicalby Emily Wood
You think unicorns don't exist? Well here is a factual* book explaining all about us unicorns! *There is currently no proof that these facts are true and all facts are f...
C3/ Further Additional Science by MaryAdidas123
C3/ Further Additional Scienceby Mary
Chemistry 3- Chemistry in Action Aimed at those who are in Year 11 doing further additional science/ triple science. This is a revision book that gives you an in-depth...
Random Facts by Ms_MysticAngelfox
Random Factsby ....
Hello fellow earthlings,I cant find of a new greeting hehe,so to students out there,if somehow you have a teacher like ours who makes you recite a random trivia everyday...