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Did you know?//Random facts book  by mairlovestoread
Did you know?//Random facts book by mairlovestoread
a book of random and interesting facts about different things. Every page is a different thing that you get facts about. hope you enjoy. Updates every Sunday #2 factual...
Mind Of A Slave by kosanaweir
Mind Of A Slaveby KW
"The life we're living is the easiest of the difficult." Cass Jinney Jackson is a Louisianan slave girl. She has recently moved to a plantation near the woods...
Truth behind 9/11 by ShaolinMaster
Truth behind 9/11by Back-in-Black Naruto
Seen a lot of conspiracy theories about 9/11 and what really happened because people think it's easier to believe in stupid theories that have little to no proof. Also I...
Traits Of An Empath by LoneWriter516
Traits Of An Empathby LoneWriter516
Do you think you're an Empath? Do you literally feel other people's emotions? Read to find out if you are an Empath. This factual book has pretty much everything you nee...
The 99 Names of Allah Explained by smolhabibi
The 99 Names of Allah Explainedby Call me Smol
We all know that "Ar-Raheem" is the "Beneficent One," but what does that exactly mean? In this book, we will go through a journey together as we try...
Evila - An Inspector Calls by AnInspectorCalls
Evila - An Inspector Callsby Rosie and Hannah
A love story that defies all expectations, and adds a forbidden twist onto a classic, Georgian tale. With factual, historical aspects that make every detail feel realist...
True Crime by crime
True Crimeby Detective & Crime | Ambassado...
True crime is the real life tales of crime where the Detective & Crime Team examine an actual crime and details the actions of real people.
Chemistry/ Additional science by MaryAdidas123
Chemistry/ Additional scienceby Mary
If you need help on a topic in C2 science, you have come to the right place. Sections of topics I struggled with are in here and also topics asked for by those who messa...
Celebrity Snapchats by chloconutsharks
Celebrity Snapchatsby holla it’s chlo
I have so many irrelevant, fake contacts on my snapchat, claiming they are celebrities. It's a total waste of time adding what is supposedly Liam Payne's personal snapch...
Pen And Ink. by NadsSampson
Pen And Ink.by Nads Sampson
This short book was written from the scrambled thoughts in my mind. Life can be overbearing at times, with it's never ending twists and turns. It can be hard to make sen...
The Truth by PoopiePluto
The Truthby Phoebe
How do we perceive the truth?
The Periodic Table by Neptunium134
The Periodic Tableby PeriodicTableFreak
A book all about the elements of the amazing PERIODIC TABLE!!!!
Don't Let Go by nigalyaponyaa
Don't Let Goby nigalyaponyaa
Just to jot down my feelings whenever my emotions are tearing me apart. Also, to express my feelings after losing someone permanently, even though we didn't have the str...
Some Roman History by EboysFanInnit
Some Roman Historyby Noot 👻🎸☠
Due to my obsession with the TV show Plebs I have decided to create a book based on Roman History SOME THINGS WILL BELONG TO ITV CAUSE PLEBS
Random Facts by Ms_MysticAngelfox
Random Factsby ....
Hello fellow earthlings,I cant find of a new greeting hehe,so to students out there,if somehow you have a teacher like ours who makes you recite a random trivia everyday...
50 Facts on Adam Levine by Maura21
50 Facts on Adam Levineby maura
This story has 50 fun facts about Adam Levine! Great for a school project, or entertainment! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Facts in the Bible by muffinsrule14
Facts in the Bibleby muffinsrule14
Have you ever wondered what discoveries there were waiting to be revealed? The scientific ones? Historical, factual, or even belief-based? People say the Bible holds the...
LIFE by Darling_hull
LIFEby Darling_hull
This book is about life and its' possibilities from one person opinion. It has many different views that one person may observe. But facts are not 100% factual at times...