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Fabryka Tęczy: Usterka by Rubel666
Fabryka Tęczy: Usterkaby Rubel666
Dwa tygodnie po zdarzeniach z Odbudowy maszyny coś zaczęło się dziać w fabryce. Wiadomo, jedna usterka może się zdarzyć, ale gdy urządzenie psuje się każdego dnia w inny...
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Fall For You by frequenzy101
Fall For Youby Frequenzy101
A fictional story which elaborate bestfriend that in this stage they will fall for each other. Hiii.....Muling tunghayan ang pagmamahalan ni Ciarra at Lucas..
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The Serving Girl // Book 2 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Serving Girl // Book 2 in the...by Amelia Harper
Fourteen-year-old Rosie Grey has experienced her fair share of pain and suffering. After finding a position with the Ealing family, Rosie hopes for a fresh start and a...
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The Shadow I Became by AnaKlikovac
The Shadow I Becameby Ana Klikovac
The year is 1842 when a young boy prepares for his usual day at a soap factory. However, nothing could have prepared him for what he would see that day...
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Faz-ctory Friends by DaGreekGeek
Faz-ctory Friendsby Alexis Arndt
*Cringe Warning* The first and abandoned Fazbear Entertainment Factory was mysteriously turned on in the middle of the night. When nearby houses complained about the lou...
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Our Contract of Distrust by Doomsmitten
Our Contract of Distrustby Doomsmitten
Nadia Kathellen's world revolves around death. At work and at home. That's all she knows for certain. It's the reason she's trapped in a marriage with a man she hardly...
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Competition ♡ Willy Wonka x Reader. by chocolate__flavour
Competition ♡ Willy Wonka x Reader.by 🍫
in which two candy makers meet thanks to one golden ticket how close will they become?
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The Toymaker and the Chocolatier by frozenwolf72
The Toymaker and the Chocolatierby Frozenwolf72
"she was a rainbow but he was colour blind"
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Adventures of George the Lion by wajamacallit
Adventures of George the Lionby Jay Isra
A cute and ridiculous story about a bagel who wants to follow his dreams at becoming a donut. Follow George on his epic adventures as he chases his dreams and overcomes...
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The Weapons, Gadgets, Equipment, And Locations Of The First World War. by CluckinBellGuy
The Weapons, Gadgets, Equipment, A...by Cluckin' Bell Employee
Is is the best and probably only place where you will find various WW1 themed things on Wattpad. My gift to all of my Imperial Germans out there. (The Austro-Hungarians...
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Survivor's Guilt by AmandaGrayce
Survivor's Guiltby AmandaGrayce
Margherita Russo, an Italian immigrant, works at the Asch Building. Going into work like every other day, Margherita is not prepared for the horrors the days bring.
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The P.A.K. Factory by AirDragon23
The P.A.K. Factoryby Defective Alto
Alto worked as a high-class scientist for her boss and closest person she has for a brother, Professor Treble and Co-worker Tenor. She created weapons for the Irken i...
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Obroni and the Chocolate Factory [PDF] by Steven Wallace by zosekuxi49503
Obroni and the Chocolate Factory [...by zosekuxi49503
Read Obroni and the Chocolate Factory PDF by Steven Wallace Brilliance Audio Listen to Obroni and the Chocolate Factory: An Unlikely Story of Globalization and Ghana's F...
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The Idea Factory [PDF] by Jon Gertner by zigiposa98168
The Idea Factory [PDF] by Jon Gert...by zigiposa98168
Read The Idea Factory PDF by Jon Gertner Penguin Books Listen to The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation audiobook by Jon Gertner Read Onlin...
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Factory Physics for Managers [PDF] by Edward S. Pound by jyhiwuti7307
Factory Physics for Managers [PDF]...by jyhiwuti7307
Read Factory Physics for Managers PDF by Edward S. Pound McGraw-Hill Education Listen to Factory Physics for Managers: How Leaders Improve Performance in a Post-Lean Six...
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The Disintegrating Life of a Can in a Cube by AxisTheLegend
The Disintegrating Life of a Can i...by J.D. Scott
A can prepares for delivery awaiting to be of use for somebody, something. An unfortunate set of circumstances unfold testing the cans strength and drive to escape this...
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One drop of chocolate  by Iamagalaxypurplecat
One drop of chocolate by irl jane porter
when willy wonka puts six golden tickets into six chocolate bars, six kids find them. Mike Teavee Violet Bouregarde Augustus Gloop Veruca Salt Vania Salt And Charlie B...
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Workhouse Waif by LizKeysian1
Workhouse Waifby Elizabeth Keysian
Free on Wattpad only until December 17th! From a childhood in the workhouse to an aristocrat's drawing room, Bella Hart needs backbone to see her through the harshest ti...
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Fabryka Tęczy: Odbudowa Maszyny by Rubel666
Fabryka Tęczy: Odbudowa Maszynyby Rubel666
Jest to fanfik na podstawie Creepypasty "Rainbow Factory". Opowieść ukazuje zlecenie naprawy maszyny w owej fabryce. Bohater, który dostał zlecenie musi stawić...
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Unrecognizable Amongst The Rain by blackneonstar
Unrecognizable Amongst The Rainby blackneonstar
A normal day, was quickly made worse by an unknown force restricting my movements. As I doubted my sanity, i couldn't seem to find any other people.
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