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Live, without fear! by PandaXiong16
Live, without fear!by Winry Chen
Ocean and her new college life! Her Past: Sudden death of her parents, everything darkening. worst and worst... "I only love her for her money, she is ugly in all w...
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Harsh Realities by melody_eve13
Harsh Realitiesby Melody
Memoria Brightwell lives with her new wealthy foster parents in the Brightwell Mansion. Kids around the neighborhood are weary of this new girl, for she never fit in as...
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Flee the Facility by Sophia_Redwood
Flee the Facilityby Sophia Redwood
By the year 2073, the world has undergone huge advancements in technology. From futuristic vehicles (flying cars are being made by the infamous inventor, Edward Hallisey...
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The Silent Plague by riennems
The Silent Plagueby Adrienne Stephens
Lottie is having a normal evening. Right up to the point where a stranger shoots a bullet through her wall. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Lottie takes it up...
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Broken Record by leepcat
Broken Recordby J. C. Leeper
A short story of a journey through heartbreak that leads to a woman's destruction. (Revisions in Process)
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Dancing with the Demon #MindOverMatterContest by LisaRedfern
Dancing with the Demon #MindOverMa...by Lisa Redfern
The demon kept me secluded and excluded, hiding in my room. A last chance at a school dance brought us face-to-face.
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I'm Scared of Falling  by HeichouDaddy
I'm Scared of Falling by HeichouDaddy
Basically Bertolt is scared of heights and for some reason, he agrees to go bungee jumping. An Attack on Titan one shot
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Amid the Storm: a novelette [COMPLETED] by CCrawfordWriting
Amid the Storm: a novelette [COMPL...by Crystal Crawford
Unable to evacuate as a hurricane approaches, Hannah and her husband flee to a local shelter with Hannah's precious kittens. But when they arrive at the shelter, there i...
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My Life as a Disney Cast Member by LogiBearLove10
My Life as a Disney Cast Memberby Disney Princess
I would of never of saw myself like this five years ago. I was a shy girl that was kind and did what I was asked. I have made lots of mistakes in my past and some of the...
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February 19th by WelpILOVELEO
February 19thby WelpILOVELEO
WELLLLLL so this is just a tiny thing i wrote for English so yap... enjoy
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Darkest Fear by Lore_oflove
Darkest Fearby Krystal Knights
A short story of a young teens fear of darkness
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Accident (Horseland Fanfic) by yemihikari
Accident (Horseland Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Horseland - When Will's in a car accendent with his main family on their way to visit their family at Horseland, his life and that of Bailey's ends up changing drastical...
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Moments of Reflection by AlisonWylie
Moments of Reflectionby Alison Wylie
Going within can be an incredible adventure, you may laugh, cry, wonder at the enormity of it all and yes, you may even be afraid. However, whatever happens it will be a...
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To Love Darkness by Phanstom
To Love Darknessby Faust
A sort-of interesting "story" that covers almost anything from little commercials for non-existant books to vampiredemon romance. a short summary of the s...
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