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A Sheikah's Story: Destiny ( a Hyrule Warriors fanfic) by ReylaWolfang
A Sheikah's Story: Destiny ( a Reyla
We all know that Sheik hides a secret but what if Sheik a real person (not Zelda in disguise but a real person or spirit). Even after Defeating Ganon, princess Zelda was...
  • truth
  • sadness
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DISCONTINUED/REBOOT SOON Ready Aim Fire (Bumblebee X Reader) by RobotFanatic
Bumblebee didn't quite comprehend what trouble he got himself into when letting his mouth ramble. Suffering from vocal loss, ripped away by Megatronus (Other known as Me...
  • hope
  • optimus
  • love
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The little one (detroit become human. May contain spoilers.) by OpaldragonVA
The little one (detroit become Opal Dragon
After the police find an oddly cooperative deviant, they decide to put the deviant on the job with Hank and Connor, as a negotiator of sorts. The only problem being, th...
  • itriedmybest
  • dbh
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Spill The Tea: Ships With Me by OfficiallyWeirdedOut
Spill The Tea: Ships With Meby Whoops
These are my honest ship opinions. To clarify I am not forcing these ships or announcing them I am just giving my honest opinion on them.
  • hetalia
  • couples
  • yurionice
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Midna's Diary by MidnaMitsugi
Midna's Diaryby Midna
This whole thing is an absolute joke
  • link
  • diary
  • fanfiction
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Fallen Angel   *Ghirahim x Reader* by Gambit2002
Fallen Angel *Ghirahim x Reader*by Gambit2002
For as long as The Surface has existed, there was another realm that was hidden from all living beings. It was called The Fade. When a lone spirit somehow escapes, their...
  • ghirahim
  • skywardsword
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Sophia..... by DanielaDaniela118
#7 DanielaDaniela118
Aceasta povestire este una imaginara ,complexa neadevarata ...Este o acțiune ...Îngerii exista daca crezi ....Citiți cu atenție pana la capăt și veti avea fiori ....Lect...
  • nữ
  • singur
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Before The World Ends by vee_ano
Before The World Endsby Viano Oniomoh
"Mike wakes up when it's the end of the world." - Copyright © 2016 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.
  • fantasy
  • sci
  • boyxboy
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The Massive Planet - Deep Contact: The Mission Adventures by JeffWalker9
The Massive Planet - Deep Jeff Walker
Deep Contact - a deep space vessel of the Earth, are helplessly pulled into a massive gas giant world that appeared out of nowhere. It's up to the crew to figure out a w...
  • sci
  • sciencefiction
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Zelda Skyward Sword: The Assassin's Beginning (Dark Link x Reader X Link) by Animefan446
Zelda Skyward Sword: The Assassin' Kiera Morrison
You all knew the story about an ordinary girl from castle town, who then became an assassin to assist the Hero of Legend and the Twilight Princess and save Princess Zeld...
  • xreader
  • link
  • prequel
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Random Zelda Stuff by cherry_salsa_
Random Zelda Stuffby cherry_salsa_
fight me plebs. some of these are random as fUCK so dont ask. or do. i do not care. if you like zelda, incorrect quotes, and shitpost, this is the book for you 😩😩😩😩
  • link
  • lana
  • midna
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The Death of Me || Ratchet Lovestory || Transformers Prime by wolfstar8690
The Death of Me || Ratchet WolfSoul
(Transformer's Prime Fanfiction) A week after Subject-07 escapes the hellish warship she's teamed up with 'Team Prime'. Soon hidden secrets will break as they 'squirm'...
  • romance
  • autobots
  • stormbreaker
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Greetings Gone for the Ages by ArtisticNarwhal66
Greetings Gone for the Agesby In a dank alleyway
"Hey Sheik! Look, a treasure chest!" "Wait, Hero-" The faux Sheikah left every time. After every dungeon, twist and turn he faced, the disguise was h...
  • swordspirit
  • sheikisafemale
  • temple
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Avatar Roleplay by Mystical_Fi
Avatar Roleplayby Fi
  • airbender
  • legend
  • aang
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The Godly Princes Of Scomia by bbbentlee
The Godly Princes Of Scomiaby ღ bentlee ღ
「 」Rule #1: Humans and godly princes are not allowed to fall in love. 「 」Breaking the rules could lead to permanent removal of powers, banishment, or death. --- ...
  • romance
  • astrology
  • godly
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Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword X Reader (ON HOLD) by GamingTrash101
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword X Ƥѕуcнєɗєlιc Ɗσll
Y/N has always been sick. She was forced to watch other children play outside of her window. Her mother would tell her stories of a land with magic and mystery that will...
  • xreader
  • adventure
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Muskegon County Ghostbusters by JackP-8414
Muskegon County Ghostbustersby Jack L. Pike
In the year 2026, two childhood friends reunite after years abroad in the United States, training in the field of ghost-busting. After they form a team in Muskegon Count...
  • comedy
  • tragedy
  • county
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The Redemption Of Ghirahim by TheRandomTeaGuy
The Redemption Of Ghirahimby TheRandomTeaGuy
It has been millennium's since The Goddess Chosen Hero defeated the demon king, Demise. During Demise's final breaths he cursed the Hero to always have a reincarnation o...
  • loz
  • fanfic
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Siblings by VoidUnleashed
Siblingsby VoidUnleashed
Cayde and Cara are twins from the Bredin family, a normal-going family with a few connections. When the two were 6 years old, their mother and father died, and the two w...
  • void
  • cayde
  • scifi
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Outlander: imperium Romanum by Sassenach_Outlander
Outlander: imperium Romanumby Sassenach_Outlander
In June 2011, August Summers, a history teacher, is visiting with his students the Roman Empire ruins, in Rome, Italy, when he is carried back in time to the 4th century...
  • time
  • out
  • jack
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