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Abducted; Namjin by forevermoonchild
Abducted; Namjinby ~BoY wItH lOvE~
Kim Seokjin is just your ordinary college student trying to get by- Until that night... While trying to get back to his dorm late in the night, a random stranger charism...
  • bts
  • boyxboy
  • namjin
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Ultralight Beam {B. BARNES} by HOUSEOFVENUS
Ultralight Beam {B. BARNES}by b r e 💫
"..and who the hell are you?" "....oh me? I'm Bucky's neighbor." {set in Civil War} {slow updates} {slowburn} {cover by nicole}
  • love
  • fanfic
  • dc
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Angels and Wormholes by David_Shultz
Angels and Wormholesby David Shultz
A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoner...
  • spacetravel
  • artificial-intelligence
  • novel
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Race To Witch Mountain-The Winter Flower by Cinnymoon
Race To Witch Mountain-The Winter...by Cinnymoon
Seth x OC
  • love
  • sara
  • extraterrestrial
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Bubblegum Pop (ETMale/HumanFemale 1st/2nd Draft) by gossamersilverglow
Bubblegum Pop (ETMale/HumanFemale...by gossamersilverglow
[A short 18+ story] Killian Masters is haphephobic (the fear of touching). So why doesn't he freak out when the new girl in town, Sunshine Powers, touches him?
  • truelove
  • compatibility
  • female
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The Šnagan Alphabet and Orthography by HG2012
The Šnagan Alphabet and Orthographyby Hank Gore
The alphabet and writing system of the extraterrestrials from Šnaga Dhe.
  • alphabet
  • extraterrestrial
Alien- Justin Bieber (TRADUCCIÓN) by isidoraarriagada10
Alien- Justin Bieber (TRADUCCIÓN)by JBforever
Todo sucedió en 2050. Los extraterrestres vinieron de su planeta, Zereteel, para crear paz en la Tierra. Ahora en 4097, todos nos hemos convertido en uno. Isabella Rossi...
  • justinbieber
  • bieber
  • amor
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The Wanderer (DRAFT) by kailandor
The Wanderer (DRAFT)by Kailand
Shift lives in the middle of nowhere, on a spacecraft with his dog, with no memory of how and when he got there. He has a nearly-endless coffee supply, too many cabinets...
  • space-travel
  • future
  • adventure
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Her Kingdom was stolen by her own uncle, she was humiliated, her parents, dead, her people lost faith in her, she was a failure. But that didn't stop her, she gathered t...
  • magicstone
  • orphan
  • reallifeexperience
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A Past With An Alien ( INTERNATIONAL VERSION ) by Ae_december
A Past With An Alien ( INTERNATION...by Ae_december
( still under editing )... The story of a male Xyle-ver who came to Earth to fulfill a special mission. The story of a simple young woman who will meet him. Together the...
  • humor
  • extraterrestrial
  • space
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WIT YOG ODYSSÉEby Frédéric Bonté-Patchaÿ
Une planète inconnue dans les bras du multivers. La découverte d'un monde où se construisent d'autres repères. Une être singulier à apprivoiser, découvrir et apprécier...
  • amitié
  • existence
  • experiences
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The Fanfiction Archives by Raydeetiger
The Fanfiction Archivesby Bazinga
Take a journey through my freaked up mind, and read epic fanfiction about your favorite characters being freaked by other characters.
  • shaun
  • gromit
  • spiderman
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Last (Royal blood 1) by TheShadowEmpress
Last (Royal blood 1)by The Queen Of Shadows, Moonlig...
She was the lost princess of a world she thought was never real. Aife keeps dreaming of a boy with wings and a pair of piecing blue eyes. But what she doesn't know is th...
  • ailen
  • battle
  • planets
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crazy in love ° NATASHA ROMANOFF by -insecure
crazy in love ° NATASHA ROMANOFFby b l u e
' it's the way that you know what i thought i know it's the beat that my heart skips when i'm with you but i still dont understand just how yo...
  • marvel
  • natasharomanoff
  • buckybarnes
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Terrestrial by CeIestiaIDust
Terrestrialby CelestialDust
Kate, a teen in high school, feels like her life drags on without anything interesting. Each day is one sluggish repeat after another. Kate feels lonely and isolated, si...
  • mysterious
  • sciencefiction
  • secretidentity
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The Summer of Tarron by alexbluewolf
The Summer of Tarronby Blue 💙
Krel Tarron doesn't care about making friends on Earth. He and his sister are just going to leave the planet soon, right? When he finds that he has no clue how he's goin...
  • trollhunters
  • stevepalchuck
  • talesofarcadia
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Galaxy by KentuckyPriedChicken
Galaxyby Kyle P. Camisty
Scattered like autumn leaves in the wind, the human race struggles to survive a brutal alien invasion. Two cousins must change the world or perish with it. Will Sam ever...
  • rebellion
  • war
  • captive
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Altas Histórias do Paraíso by GeLombardi
Altas Histórias do Paraísoby G. Lombardi
Durante as últimas duas décadas do século XX, muitas pessoas mudaram suas vidas a espera do cumprimento das profecias que falavam sobre o fim do mundo. Por algumas razõe...
  • ilustração
  • alien
  • fatosreais
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