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Nebula [Bulletstorm fanfic] by AxtonFenix
Nebula [Bulletstorm fanfic]by Axton Fenix
Demented Story Arc: Space pirates and murderous mutants square off on board a supertanker as it travels through hyperspace to deliver its asteroid-mined cargo to Earth. ...
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 Extermination Zone by -Fukawaa
Extermination Zoneby -Fukawaa
Ryuka a beautiful girl anyone could think of romes the street to look for the masked criminal to save the town's humanity Ikki a main character who also goes on a corse...
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The Story of Us by TheJackawocky
The Story of Usby Koans Esoteric
A story that starts the same way it ends. With the death of people who don't deserve to die. But like life, it's what happens in the between that counts the most. This i...
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Peaceful Days by MintyLindt
Peaceful Daysby MintyLindt
"It's the same thing. It's always the same thing. Every day. Every single day. Turning it on and off. Inspecting the wagons. They seem to enjoy it. For some reaso...
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Protect Your Family With These Great Pest Control Tips! by torybakery17
Protect Your Family With These Gre...by torybakery17
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Termite Control Roanoke VA by PestControlRoanokeVA
Termite Control Roanoke VAby PestControlRoanokeVA
It's time to protect your home from termites. Contact Bug Termite Control Roanoke VA for effective termite control and preventative termite solutions. We provide termite...
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Systematic Heart by ICanHearThem
Systematic Heartby SuitedOne
Thump thump Thump thump Broken only by a sea of screams
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The War: Just the Beginning of the End by Vryjellis
The War: Just the Beginning of the...by Vryjellis
A revolutionary cold war between two opposing sides on the planet Ignast marks the beginning of a terrible set of events. Within each side creating their own version of...
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Le journal d'un condamné by EspritWeird
Le journal d'un condamnéby EspritWeird
Avoir treize ans en 1939 et être né juif à cette même époque en Pologne a fait que ma vie comme celle de ma famille a été une source de souffrance permanente. Haï, banni...
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Certified Bedbug Extermination in Lexington, SC by Columbiapestcontrol
Certified Bedbug Extermination in...by Columbia Certified Pest
Bedbugs are nocturnal, parasitic, bugs that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They are very small, which makes them difficult to detect until infestation becomes...
Scarlet Secret by SukaiKuro
Scarlet Secretby SukaiKuro
(ON HOLD) Helia Marcylis will never be able to forget what happened on that cursed night. Even though it was by choice, she lost her friends and her entire life. Now, af...
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The Ruined Kingdom by Hopefulromantic87
The Ruined Kingdomby Hopefulromantic87
The story of a Kingdom who was once famous and well-known in the uttermost parts of the earth. That was until destruction and death came knocking at their doors. Face w...
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[ON HOLD] Era of Discord (BatIM meets FNaF AU) by DarkstarSoul
[ON HOLD] Era of Discord (BatIM me...by DarkstarSoul
Freddy and the gang are in a real pickle now. After a single, yet huge, slip-up, they now have to hide from the military, who aren't exactly so keen on taking them alive...
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