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 Extermination Zone by -Fukawaa
Extermination Zoneby -Fukawaa
Ryuka a beautiful girl anyone could think of romes the street to look for the masked criminal to save the town's humanity Ikki a main character who also goes on a corse...
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Nebula [Bulletstorm fanfic] by AxtonFenix
Nebula [Bulletstorm fanfic]by Axton Fenix
Demented Story Arc: Space pirates and murderous mutants square off on board a supertanker as it travels through hyperspace to deliver its asteroid-mined cargo to Earth. ...
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The Story of Us by TheJackawocky
The Story of Usby Koans Esoteric
A story that starts the same way it ends. With the death of people who don't deserve to die. But like life, it's what happens in the between that counts the most. This i...
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BED BUG EXTERMINATION IN RICHMOND VA If you haven't faced the Bed Bug Extermination in Richmond VA, then you are one of the luckiest people out there. Bed Bugs are a typ...
Overpopulated by SageSkyXana
Overpopulatedby K.K.McNulty
The world is overpopulated, and people are encouraged to colonize a new world. When they get there, they may find out that they may be in for a bigger surprise than they...
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Dreaming of Chaos by PSIZero
Dreaming of Chaosby Zach
Riley has dreams. Not the usual kind, but dreams and nightmares of death, destruction, and the extermination of the human race. Naturally, her parents worry about her...
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Les filles loups by Kinomy_Akino
Les filles loupsby Kinomy_Akino
Des humains avec de gènes de loups... C'est ce qu'on appelle des hommes-Loup ! Nous sommes la dernière meute après l'extermination mondiale... Nous avons fuit les autres...
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Seraph by saeClare
Seraphby sae Clare
84% of the world claims a God fearing religion. Turns out, they're right to be afraid. The legions of Heaven have decided that we aren't exactly what they planned and...
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Chaos Feud by Shadow-Raptor
Chaos Feudby Shadow-Raptor
As a Journeyman Illuminator in the Society of Light, it's Eian's job to see that all those monsters lurking in the shadows of the world never threaten the humans he's sw...
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Chrysalis from Venus by ChristopherMcIan
Chrysalis from Venusby ChristopherMcIan
Ten years ago, a bunch of kids -- including Coal Crest, whose family is in Real Estate business -- made promises to the nature spirits in their dreams. However, like mos...
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[ON HOLD] Era of Discord (BatIM meets FNaF AU) by DarkstarSoul
[ON HOLD] Era of Discord (BatIM me...by DarkstarSoul
Freddy and the gang are in a real pickle now. After a single, yet huge, slip-up, they now have to hide from the military, who aren't exactly so keen on taking them alive...
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Termite Control Roanoke VA by PestControlRoanokeVA
Termite Control Roanoke VAby PestControlRoanokeVA
It's time to protect your home from termites. Contact Bug Termite Control Roanoke VA for effective termite control and preventative termite solutions. We provide termite...
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Superspecies Three by GordonByron
Superspecies Threeby GordonByron
Something peculiar is happening in the forests and wilds of the world. One morning, a forest ranger in Colorado finds a vehicle crashed and abandoned at the bottom of a...
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