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Spoonful of Sugar (Les Mis) by cryingkilljoy
Spoonful of Sugar (Les Mis)by lover boy
Enjolras absolutely despises Grantaire. That's a fact Grantaire can live with, however -- or, at least, he could. Now, however, he's discovered these neat things called...
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To the Barricades by phandom_nerd
To the Barricadesby phandom_nerd
What happens when two fall in love with the perfect Enjolras? What happens when the barricades arise?
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Enjoltaire Feels by KatBroadway
Enjoltaire Feelsby Katty McKatterson
"You don't believe in anything." "I believe in you." Just some oneshots of Enjoltaire, and they will either make you laugh so hard you'll fall off th...
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Enjoltaire One-shots by Emerald_Revolution13
Enjoltaire One-shotsby Torian Hernandez
Some Enjoltaire stuff I've written, for Enjoltaire week and just for fun.
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You Little Pest-A Les Miserables Fan Fiction by YasmineYoung
You Little Pest-A Les Miserables F...by Yasmine Young
Original story written by Yasmine Young, Instagram user pheelingmusical (Formerly g_blagetinmypants).
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Capable of being Terrible Enjolras/Grantaire by bi-mango
Capable of being Terrible Enjolras...by Bi-Mango
NOT MY PICTURE Modern E x R because why not coffee shop au also there is mentions of self harm so yeah be careful this is actual trash I'm sorry oops (no I'm not) Sad e...
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I Am Wild by TheHufflepuffDemigod
I Am Wildby TheHufflepuffDemigod
A collection of E/R oneshots written by yours truly. (I'm bad at summaries just give it a go)
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One Shots by JenBxx
One Shotsby JenBxx
A mix of One Shots. Some Les Mis characters and some actors. Enjoy :Dx
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Love Beyond The Barricade by barricadebooty
Love Beyond The Barricadeby barricadebooty
An Enjoltaire fic where in a soul's first life their soulmate's last words are written on their wrist. There will be a plot twist that allows the story a happy ending, s...
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Tear me apart by CynicalDrunkard
Tear me apartby Tara
If somebody would ask him how all of this started, Enjolras would answer that it was all Courfeyracs fault. Because of course, it was always Courfeyrac who slid people i...
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On My Own: Grantaire by TheQueenJJ
On My Own: Grantaireby Queen JJ
On My Own from Les Misérables, fitted for Grantaire.
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One Gay More! by BookDragon6127
One Gay More!by Mandi
An Enjoltaire Modern Au
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Les Miserables Short Stories-An ongoing series written by pheelingmusical by YasmineYoung
Les Miserables Short Stories-An on...by Yasmine Young
A collection of imagines written by Instagram user pheelingmusical (Formerly g_blagetinmypants)
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Museum Posters and Chance Will Bring Us Together (Enjoltaire One-Shot) by IEnjoyCats
Museum Posters and Chance Will Bri...by IEnjoyCats
Modern AU Where R Works as a tour guide for a museum that has a Les Miserables exhibit going on. He hates his job... Could a certain Blond haired, blue eyes son of a pr...
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Ultrasound Clinics In Toronto by xuscanada
Ultrasound Clinics In Torontoby xuscanada
An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the inside of the body in real-time. It is safe to use during pregnancy.
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Even. [ExR Les Miserables One Shot] by fangirlerforstuff
Even. [ExR Les Miserables One Shot]by Amy
Modern AU in which Grantaire and Enjolras argue about their pasts and Èponine, Courfeyrac, Combeferre and Musichetta watch. Trigger Warnings: Mentions of abuse and self...
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Beginnings by cafemusain
Beginningsby mientustacular
{art by icarus-drunk on tumblr} I'm doing a 100-day-challenge and the first prompt was (shockingly) "beginnings", so I figured I'd write this little number. En...
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A Cynic's Revolution by Serigala
A Cynic's Revolutionby Nina
A man who took good care to believe in nothing found himself believing. Not in a dogma, an idea, an art or a science but in a man. An idealist planning a revolution. The...
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Grantaire was Crying by cafemusain
Grantaire was Cryingby mientustacular
Grantaire recounts the story of his relationship with Enjolras as a series of emotions rather than events. •• Cover credit to prema-ja on tumblr.
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I'll Follow You (exr fic) by spacekxd
I'll Follow You (exr fic)by spacekxd
exr modern college au. Characters: Enjolras, Grantaire, Marius, Cossette, Eponine, Joly, Musichetta, Bahorel, Jehan, Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Comberferre, Bossuet Ships: exr...
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