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A Bear Temptation (Book 2) by Livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation (Book 2)by livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation Book 2 in the Lonely Bears Series Zeke was broken. In a fight for his Clan's survival he has lost the one thing that meant the most to him - his bear...
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Twisted Love Affair by StephyBoo
Twisted Love Affairby StephyBoo
Lexi Cortez's life hasn't been an easy one. The girlfriend of a biker gang leader, she lives the double life: Lexi by day, but out on the streets she's known as Havoc an...
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Head Over Heels (Tomura Shigaraki X Reader)(Lemon) by LegitNotCheryl
Head Over Heels (Tomura Shigaraki...by LegitNotCheryl
"An extremely dangerous quirk. With one look, all is destroyed. It was an obsession with her. With her quirk. Her looks. Her personality. Everything about her is ju...
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
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Prank War by TheDivineMissM
Prank Warby Emily Faith
When seventeen year old Nat Barker is told that she's going to be sent to Military school if she doesn't clean up her act, she decides that doing her homework doesn't se...
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My Possessive Roommate by sophia17
My Possessive Roommateby Sophia
Samantha -a shy, humble, down to earth girl- is so excited to finally leave her boring little town and head off to college. This all changes however when she meets her r...
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bombshell by thepinkvirus
bombshellby ?
*a bakugou katsuki story* an explosive boy...a sweet girl..what next?
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Ta kasance kyakyawar yarinya mai ilimi da kwazo wanda ilimin ta zai kasance mata abin alfahari a gare ta bata da isashiyar lokacin kan ta kuma bata da lokacin sauraron m...
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Doctor Hoffman (Dark shadows) by Estelle_Mccrory1999
Doctor Hoffman (Dark shadows)by Estelle_1999
When Bellatrix Lestrange ends up in Julia Hoffman's world, the insane Witch and alcoholic physiatrist get off to an explosive start, clashing with each other, all Julia...
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The Picasso by Plum1229
The Picassoby Laura
It’s the year 2043 and crime rates have exploded. Modern advances in new technology have opened the door to this destruction. Good for me this ‘Horrible, dreaded, crime...
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Ask/dare me! by -_SpringTrap_-
Ask/dare me!by GOLDTRAP
Ask/dare me I regret nothing, k?
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Leg by physiologer1921
Legby physiologer1921
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Home Workshop Explosives by sdossey
Home Workshop Explosivesby sdossey
Learn how to make bombs.
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Pocket by msource1990
Pocketby msource1990
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Child by noncomposite1930
Childby noncomposite1930
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Can by elisemuttini24
Canby elisemuttini24
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Mario x  lemon by HunieImShook
Mario x lemonby HunieImShook
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Kid Kacchans Instagram ~ ❤️  by PsychoticWriter13
Kid Kacchans Instagram ~ ❤️ by ~
"I-I hmph - Deku told me abwout this fwing .. um .. I OBVWIOUSLY KNEW ABWOUT IT BEFORE tch - I just didn't fweel like getting it.. w-whatever -" Little Bakugo...
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Typewriter by kynds1937
Typewriterby kynds1937
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Spiral by intermotion1985
Spiralby intermotion1985
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