rose petals  by JordanMink3
rose petals by Jordan Mink
" so.. what's your name?" " colby" " hi colby, i'm Eden.. wanna make out?" • REALLY FREAKY.•
  • maturethemes
  • sexual
  • samandcolby
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Skiathos by mhunyadi
Skiathosby Boris L. Slocum
Nadja Bikram traveled to the edge of known space to work one problem, a puzzle that had vexed her for seven years. But on reaching the desert world of Skiathos, she foun...
  • survival
  • fighting
  • sciencefiction
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L'incroyable destinée d'étoile lointaine ! by echo2906
L'incroyable destinée d'étoile loi...by écho-lointain
Petite écho ne rêvait que d'une vie simple,une vie de guerrière elle n'aurait jamais imaginée qu'elle deviendrait bien plus que ça
  • aventure
  • lgdc
  • incroyable
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Tied to him by glitterfai
Tied to himby glitterfai
Put a stressed university student, a coffee shop, a bunch of occurrences we can only dream of and a hot CEO into a cup, stir, and enjoy. "Be careful! It's hot"...
  • chicklit
  • adult
  • student
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Tearius Jones  & Co by ManchesterM
Tearius Jones & Coby ManchesterM
From the streets of Suffolk, Tearius Jones had been a vigilante. After being driven out by disgraced cop and mobster, he his forced to leave his mark on the world. The s...
  • adventure
  • exploration
  • pirates
Middle Of The Night  by Destineypoore
Middle Of The Night by Destiney
Mia and Ella decided that while on vacation in Japan that they would go into the famous Suicide Forest. Well, Mia decided and persuaded a weary Ella. While in the famou...
  • colbybrock
  • xplr
  • sad
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My life. //Colby Brock fanfic// by jc23xplr
My life. //Colby Brock fanfic//by jc23xplr
After high school everyone split up except me and Alyssa. Although there's always been this one person I never forgot. Colby Brock.
  • colbybrock
  • samandcolby
  • jakewebber
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Ava's Travel Diary  by BCLsays
Ava's Travel Diary by BCL
This is a story about a girl called Ava, who after not much consideration at all has decided to go on a journey of self-discovery. Self-discovery in her sexuality and he...
  • chicklit
  • firststory
  • life
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The World In The Center (Rough Draft 2) by CoffeeBean_Sheri
The World In The Center (Rough Dra...by CoffeeBean_Sheri
One day, the world shattered. The continents came together, than broke off and floated away from each other, as if repulsed by their mere existence. However, one land fo...
  • kubalio
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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This Is The Rise by acchittum
This Is The Riseby Ashley Chey Chittum
Sexuality, love, lust, excitement. Take a chance you wont regret it. Vote, comment, share!
  • love
  • exploration
  • lust
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Fantasy- Updates Thursdays by CheezBri
Fantasy- Updates Thursdaysby Bri
Cordonalae is a Draugma, a race of creatures who exist to give humans the dreams they are incapable of forming. In his world, his kind are imprisoned slaves, working end...
  • slavery
  • fantasy
  • highfantasy
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The Spectacular Adventures of Jade Evergreen by Mama_Jaddie
The Spectacular Adventures of Jade...by Mama_Jaddie
15 year old Jade Evergreen awakens injured by a crashed spaceship, which she recognizes as her own. She Realizes that she's on an unknown planet, and must survive until...
  • space
  • ai
  • exploration
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Gemini Mall by Hascerflef
Gemini Mallby Ayden Schaffler
A trial for a murder. A fan base who wants increasingly more dangerous things. A murderous woman who wants revenge. Jack's life is in shambles after he kills a girl who...
  • dirty
  • mystery
  • dead
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Bird. by LegendaryFlippy
Bird.by lil' birdie
Don't know what to say here :/
  • eh
  • bird
  • journey
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New World by SomeArtsyGirl
New Worldby Books❤
This book is based off the game "Minecraft."
  • newworld
  • mcinreallife
  • survival
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Eudaimonia by novemberschild16
Eudaimoniaby Cody
You wake up in a strange world that looked similar to your own, earth. Yet this world had so much magical essence involved in so many things that you thought it was a dr...
  • ruler
  • horseriding
  • family
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Fairy Lights by Antonia4u
Fairy Lightsby septiplier...AWAAAY!
There have been lights on the moors for years and nobody has ever known what is out there. Explorers have gone out and never returned. Venus is a 15 year old explorer wh...
  • tributes
  • society
  • newworld
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Vision could change everything by HyperFury01
Vision could change everythingby Anonymous
It's a story how a small change in someone's mindset can change everything.
  • children
  • curiosity
  • lifechanging
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Ecrire de son temps by farewellby
Ecrire de son tempsby farewellby
J'ai toujours apprécié toutes les théories en rapport avec le surnaturel, elles ont une dimension décalée qui me plaît particulièrement, pourtant tout ce que j'ai ressen...
  • mystère
  • fiction
  • exploration
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The Ledge by paddyjinks
The Ledgeby Patrick Jinks
Growing up and growing vastly incapable of making an impression in his small highland hamlet, ailbe leaves The Settle in search adventure... in search of kings... in sea...
  • exploration
  • kingsandqueens
  • elderscrolls
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