BDSM by shycyote
  • domsub
  • safewords
  • collars
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Updates by GravityFallsFTW896
Updatesby Durarara
Updates about stories and what's going on that may be preventing me from updating. Disclaimer: Any photos, artwork, audio, videos used, etc don't belong to me. All belon...
  • explinations
  • life
  • randomstories
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Inside TJL Saga by HiddenInTheEpic
Inside TJL Sagaby Arshia Saif Kayanat
Some of the readers said that they are confused about the families of the books. So, it is decided to publish this book for erase all confusions. You guys can ask questi...
  • confusions
  • characters
  • saga
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My (probably) Unpopular Kpop Opinions by QueenToriel
My (probably) Unpopular Kpop Opini...by Ye-Ri(!)Pwark
I'm gonna be brutally honest in this book :3
  • opinions
  • explanation
  • kpop
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Who Tells Your Story || Meet My OC'S by emilytowrite
Who Tells Your Story || Meet My OC...by Emily Vincent
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story. AN OC Book Which Emily finally lays out her characters for people to read through
  • myocs
  • myoriginal
  • explanation
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yaoi oneshots Anime Edition by Kimberlynewman25
yaoi oneshots Anime Editionby Kimberlynewman25
Yaoi smut/fluff one shots
  • animeoneshots
  • somecreepypasta
  • yaoi
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Friskriel One Shots  | Undertale by ShippingForDays
Friskriel One Shots | Undertaleby Seby
Fluffy fanfics about Frisk and Asriel. These were created as little concept tests for a large scale fanfic I am going to create. All of the chapter titles are references...
  • friskriel
  • fluff
  • explanation
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My Own Poems by JIHYOStrings
My Own Poemsby UNKNOWN
I make poems everyday about my life. Instead of just showing it to myself, then there's really no point on making poems. So, I wanted to show it to you guys! I don't thi...
  • poetry
  • sadness
  • love
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Things I need to Explain by CFVACTSDSPOKEFan
Things I need to Explainby Arian Jones
If you read any of my stories you have to check this. You can ask questions on a certain story so just tell me. And I will give details of my OCs here so you should chec...
  • detectiveconan
  • explanation
  • thepaststartscomingtolight
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All About Me by Swift_Canine4
All About Meby Swifty
Me and my account! Learn a little about me and get updates on my account and my stories! With weirds things about me to Harry Potter stuff, learn about ME! This is basic...
  • advice
  • info
  • harrypotter
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Musical Character Hogwarts Sorting and the like by tigerlilycorinne
Musical Character Hogwarts Sorting...by Heere for the Fanfiction
Basically a book with a bunch of cross-dimensional comparisons including -Sorting characters from musicals (BMC, Hamilton, DEH, ITH, 21 Chump Street, The Greatest Showma...
  • bemorechill
  • starwars
  • harrypotter
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Inside My Thoughts by 4000dominoes
Inside My Thoughtsby 4000dominoes
This book gives you a behind the scenes look at my thought process, inspiration, background, and other fun things behind my works! This book covers the poems from my fir...
  • explain
  • experiences
  • experience
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My Story and My Explanation  by sugarpie71
My Story and My Explanation by Grace
Ok so nobody kill me plz... Some of you know more than others. Some know some. Some know nothing. But we all have one thing in common. None of us know truly anything. No...
  • helpformeandyou
  • mystory
  • explanations
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The Webs We Weave (A Shuhei x OC story) by Reis_little_cupcake
The Webs We Weave (A Shuhei x OC s...by Sarah Renfro
One of my friends @ElliaHartlace requested this and I gladly did this because she's amazing!
  • bleach
  • explinatuin
  • hisagi
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Explanation/Why my other projects are as of now discontinued  by BadTime_BoneCrusher
Explanation/Why my other projects...by BadTime_BoneCrusher
I have some stuff to get off my chest so here it is
  • discontinued
  • imdone
  • imsad
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ao haru ride / ending summary by FairySaiii
ao haru ride / ending summaryby inactive —
an explanation of the ending of ao haru ride, because I didn't get what happened at first, so I'm gonna help a friend out :) i didn't get what happened either, you're no...
  • aoharuride
  • spoilers
  • ending
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Six Years by vannahgirl012
Six Yearsby xxitzvannxx
•Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything originally made by The 100 or the CW or anything such as that, I do however own my original characters, original scenes, and original...
  • warriors
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
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Anime Terms 101 by TheAngelInMyHeart
Anime Terms 101by Angel
Anime terms explained for those blooming otaku's out there ;3
  • otaku
  • explinations
  • animeexplained
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Scars II Outcast II challenges, fun and q&a's by Mia_Chan_Nya
Scars II Outcast II challenges, fu...by AngelAngelina
Here is a sneak peak of my story Scars II Outcast II https://www.wattpad.com/story/167297190-scars-ii-outcast-ii Enjoy!! This is also where I might do challenges
  • explanation
  • chan
  • angelangelina
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Positive Explanations💁!!! by RabsaShahed
Positive Explanations💁!!!by @Rabsaiku1465
Hey! This is ME. Ik u dunno this ⏩ ME. But I'll try my best to reside in ur Wattpad reading list for ever soooooooo long Inshaallah (if only Allah wishes). Read my words...
  • spiritual
  • islam
  • positive
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