✴STOIC✴ by TrickyTimes
✴STOIC✴by TrickyTimes
Poetry and crap titled with what inspired me. I write about my problems, and about others.
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Ember Reviews [OPEN] by FireAlwaysReturns
Ember Reviews [OPEN]by Jane Barnaby
A review book so I can help writers out :) More about it inside
  • bookreview
  • critic
  • review
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It's You✔️ by JiminTaefication
It's You✔️by S T U C K
✔️Explanation and Appreciation✔️ ✔️Random stuff✔️Everything, everything✔️ ✔️Reasons Why I love You✔️ By: @JiminTaefication
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Friskriel One Shots  | Undertale by ShippingForDays
Friskriel One Shots | Undertaleby Seby
Fluffy fanfics about Frisk and Asriel. These were created as little concept tests for a large scale fanfic I am going to create. All of the chapter titles are references...
  • undertale
  • friskriel
  • explanation
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So Many Spectrums! by I_caRnT_SpeL
So Many Spectrums!by Jonah
I have a fascination with learning about sexual/romantic orientations and gender identities. I do interpretations and I take requests! :)
  • agender
  • gay
  • orientation
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Straight Through The Heart//Tanner Fox by tannerx2babe
Straight Through The Heart//Tanner...by tannerx2babe
Tanner: I lost her. Pain rips through my chest at the thought. The reality. I met the girl of my dreams. She was everything I had ever wanted. I needed her. But as I h...
  • tannerbraungardt
  • love
  • cars
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yaoi oneshots Anime Edition by Kimberlynewman25
yaoi oneshots Anime Editionby Kimberlynewman25
Yaoi smut/fluff one shots
  • explanation
  • fluff
  • yaoi
Schiffer's Response by AnjuSchiffer
Schiffer's Responseby AnjuSchiffer
A place where I can answer questions not related to my works or respond to tags 🍪
  • random
  • rants
  • lifeproblems
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Tales about being genderfluid  by thapanwiththeplan
Tales about being genderfluid by thepanwiththeplan
I just write my genderidentity almost everyday because it changes. Sometimes it will change over the day so I will write multiple genderidentitys, sometimes it will not...
  • genderfluid
  • identity
  • pride
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All About Me by Swift_Canine4
All About Meby Swifty
Me and my account! Learn a little about me and get updates on my account and my stories! With weirds things about me to Harry Potter stuff, learn about ME! This is basic...
  • learn
  • swift
  • mylife
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Muelcianverse by SillyPanSunflower
Muelcianverseby Julie
(MUL-C-AN- VERSE) This isn't a story per-say more of an explanation, My characters, My Oc's, My children live in their own universe and it's not like ours. It's open...
  • explanation
  • pansexual
  • ocs
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Pictures and explanation by ShadowPixalWolf
Pictures and explanationby ShadowPixalWolf
Random pictures and explanations to everything I write. (Pictures are not mine I got them off the internet). Extra stuff from my different books and stuff.
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ao haru ride / ending summary by FairySaiii
ao haru ride / ending summaryby 「avali」
an explanation of the ending of ao haru ride, because I didn't get what happened at first, so I'm gonna help a friend out :) i didn't get what happened either, you're no...
  • spoilers
  • ending
  • explain
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An Explanation by softgh0st
An Explanationby -ˏˋpoppy ˎˊ˗
A brief overview as to why I took a break.
  • newbeginnings
  • explanation
  • hiatus
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Starfinder by DemonicXeno17
Starfinderby Mr Nightmare
Delving into alien ruins in search of lost magic. Matching wits with corporate technomancers and their robot army in the gritty streets of a space station. Strafing a...
  • space
  • fantasy
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My NoteBook 2(Random Thoughts And Shits And Giggles) by H2OVanessGaming101
My NoteBook 2(Random Thoughts And...by Pastel Ink
pls....just add this to your library cause this book is important including some story updates or shits.(P.S if you are my Follower)
  • addiction
  • random
  • explanation
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Greenhouse Academy: Discovering The Secrets by Kenzie_and_M
Greenhouse Academy: Discovering Th...by Kenzie_and_M
Right when Hayley and Alex's family was back together. They fainted in front of their eyes. Now with their parents both in comas with no explanation they have to figure...
  • mystery
  • coma
  • greenhouse
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Le book of weirdos (that shouldn't have been existed in the first place ) by skylerlas
Le book of weirdos (that shouldn't...by eh its a trashbin
As the title says , all of my weird oc's info will be here , some of their back story, some of the world building,etc.
  • explanation
  • information
  • random
All About Bullying  by stop_the_bullying
All About Bullying by #antibullying
where we try our level best and help you know things as well as cope with bullying.
  • spreadlove
  • random
  • bullying
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Six Years by vannahgirl012
Six Yearsby xxitzvannxx
•Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything originally made by The 100 or the CW or anything such as that, I do however own my original characters, original scenes, and original...
  • explanation
  • grounders
  • the100
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