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As long as she lives by Zeeemibs
As long as she livesby Zeeemibs
She promised to oust out any competition. She is decisive and ruthless. And yes, she must be the only wife and love of the young emir. Unfortunately, Aaidah made it into...
  • royalty
  • truelove
  • twins
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PoppyClan's Weapon by BadgerstarofWaveClan
PoppyClan's Weaponby Mαԃԃιҽ Bαԃɠҽɾƈαƚ
They left us. They replaced us. They forgot we were a threat. PoppyClan was created by an exiled deputy and several loners. But StormClan and NettleClan shunned them, an...
  • warriors
  • lgbt
  • unlimitedpride
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Galaxies Apart by HayJayLyn
Galaxies Apartby HayJayLyn
We were born on the planet of Coriation, where none feels any emotion. We were different. We had feeling. So we were banished. Forced away to suffer alongside humanity o...
  • differentplanet
  • galaxiesapart
  • friendship
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Kotlc React Book by ssipes2713
Kotlc React Bookby Keeperforlife
The keeper crew reacts to their books and other human stuff.
  • gethen
  • flasback
  • sofitz
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Reckoning by IceFaery
Reckoningby IceFaery
An exiled ice fae princess is thrown back into the chaos she thought she had escaped years before. As the violence unfolds old friends are called upon to fight returning...
  • powers
  • faeries
  • fantasy
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The Rogue by WWbentobox
The Rogueby WWbentobox
A thirteen year old boy has been exiled from his land, his home. He' s being chased, hunt down by officials, moving on to professionals. What could a boy have done to de...
  • adventure
  • rogue
  • exile
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Warriors: Dead of Night by Firestarsbff
Warriors: Dead of Nightby Nightpelt
Addertooth knows he isn't responsible for Duskstar's death. Everyone else doesn't. Tensions are rising within ShadowClan, and traitors lurk in the shadows. After the dep...
  • warriors
  • warriorcats
  • deadofnight
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