The Billionaire's confession #Wattys2017 by rosavet
The Billionaire's confession #Watt...by rosavet
Here, I was standing in front of him, half NAKED! Wearing his shirt. I punched him. Without thinking twice and it was not even his fault (which I got to know later.) ...
  • ceo
  • rich
  • hot
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Red Lilac by iletomichelle
Red Lilacby Michelle Ileto
After five years and a thousand regrets, two old lovers meet again.. "What kind of stunt are you pulling out this time?" I see his eyes blaze in blue fire. And...
  • ceo
  • hotceo
  • secondchance
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What Once Was by lilly_swift_xoxo
What Once Wasby Lilly
What happen when you walk in and see that your so called best friend and your fiancé enjoying themselves in bed together. You felt heartbroken and betrayal that you st...
  • familyproblems
  • pregnancy
  • wattys2018
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You've Got A Way (Completed) by clararicks1
You've Got A Way (Completed)by Clara Ricks
'We always say what's gone is gone but it's not, Evan. Past is always present. It's present in my memories, in my scars, in my nightmares.' Ramona's voice croaked. 'You'...
  • ex-boyfriend
  • angerissues
  • friends
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Bad Boy's Protection (Protector #1) by 3dream_writer3
Bad Boy's Protection (Protector #1)by Laeti
*Warning: There will be minor spelling errors that I'm too lazy to fix, so read at your own risk. Seriously, I was just getting the hang of writing a novel and this book...
  • teenfiction
  • secrets
  • romance
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Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend | n.h by shadygirl72
Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend | n.hby Mrs Slim Shady ;)
'I rolled off my bed drying the last tears. The ones I swore I'd never let escape my eyes. Not for that. Not for him.' Hannah lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her life is...
  • fanfic
  • kidnapped
  • direction
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Unfamiliar Territory by BecJohnson
Unfamiliar Territoryby Bec Johnson
Mac Stephens' last birthday was spectacular, for all the wrong reasons. Being unceremoniously dumped with no explanation and then fired from a job she actually enjoyed o...
  • love
  • business
  • family
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His Broken Flower by lyandaespadas
His Broken Flowerby Lyanda
Book 1 of His Series Callah Santiago is a 20 year old waitress and runaway rehab patient. Growing up, she was constantly being abused by her father and her mother did no...
  • broken
  • soulmates
  • latina
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Cowboy Guardian{Cowboy Protector 1} by worldreader18
Cowboy Guardian{Cowboy Protector 1}by Lizzy Paige
Kylie Daniels is on the run from her past with the help from her best friend. Keeping a low profile for 18months wasn't easy, especially with an almost 2yr old. But she...
  • cowboy
  • romanticsuspense
  • love
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Sweet Attraction|  by darknightx1
Sweet Attraction| by S
--------------------- Her name is Catlyn. She's a saint with the lips of a sinner. She's an angel with a devilish kiss. His name is Jax. He's heart is kind. He combined...
  • wattys2018
  • angel
  • hot
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Marrying the ceo / James Franco by xDianat91x
Marrying the ceo / James Francoby xDianat91x
This story is about a 16 year old Diana who is forced to marry the CEO and billionaire James Franco 25. Would things go well for her? Can he make her happy? "No I...
  • billionaire
  • secrets
  • wattys2018
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Met In Paradise (Aaron x Reader) CRINGEY by That_Emo_Gamer
Met In Paradise (Aaron x Reader) C...by 💙_Emo
Y/N had visited her sister, Jenna. Y/N is staying in Love Love Paradise for a while. But while she's there, she meets Jenna's new friends. A boy with black hair and blac...
  • mystreetseason2
  • aaronxreader
  • oprah
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He's My Mate? by SilverLight0987
He's My Mate?by Alice Rodriguez
Jordan Pittman was a boy that I used to date as a teenager at 14 years old. When the time came. We broke up. At that time I believe in werewolfs. Years had pass... My n...
  • soulmates
  • mate
  • pain
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Rose Thorns by AnnieWinterXOX
Rose Thornsby CrystalWinter
Love at first sight is a thing...but not necessarily a good thing... Rose is a professional dancer in her twenties. When she finally meets her true love her heart gets b...
  • relationship
  • rosethorns
  • mature
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Growing Pains by WarlockfromGallifrey
Growing Painsby Warlockfromgallifrey
"my door is locked again my walls-no longer blue this time i'm finally done i thought this time i'm finally through i planted flowers by each window and watched lif...
  • growth
  • ex
  • ex-lover
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Dating An Undercover Billionaire Prince by Book_Lover_Mara
Dating An Undercover Billionaire P...by Shamara Simon
Meet Jasmine Thomas: a smart, strong, black journalist whose desire is to become a veterinarian. After being forced to go on a blind date by her persistent best friend A...
  • food
  • lies
  • dates
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 Billionaire's Feisty Bride by Seah_29
Billionaire's Feisty Brideby Seah_29
From best friend to ex-best friend Can the ex-best friend become a wife? When Khelsey Baker's father came back from a business trip from Italy. Be brought a souvenir wit...
  • deception
  • billionaire
  • love-child
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The Vet-Tech's Nanny by lyandaespadas
The Vet-Tech's Nannyby Lyanda
Book 1 of Broken Dolls Series Ciara Crawford is a, 24 year old, nanny. She has been constantly changing families as she quits her time as their nanny because the father...
  • maturecontent
  • boss
  • humantrafficking
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The Bad Boys Girls by PurplePeace99
The Bad Boys Girlsby Purplepeace
*Book one in the bad boy series* *TBBG Sequel up now* *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* Thea and Bella have always been best friends. Yet they are polar opposites. Thea is a good...
  • guns
  • dates
  • evil
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Who Took My Virginity?! by TELTAENIOUS
Who Took My Virginity?!by ThePornoWriter
  • possessive
  • tts
  • hatred
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