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The Ridewatch Hero (Kamen Rider Zi-o x My Hero Academia) by Biggie1222
The Ridewatch Hero (Kamen Rider Zi...by Biggie1222
Ryou Soutou is a boy with a Quirk unlike any other, allowing him to tap into powers of the legendary heroes, the Kamen Riders. Once a Vigilante doing things on his own...
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[Super Sentai & Kamen Rider] (Oneshot) Chỉ là yêu thôi by Devil-3015
[Super Sentai & Kamen Rider] (Ones...by Devil or Angel
Chỉ là những oneshort tình yêu ngắn của những couple SS & KR mà thui. Lần đầu viết oneshot, có gì sai sót mong mọi người chỉ giáo.
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Kamen Rider AOE (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fanfic) by Paranilla
Kamen Rider AOE (Kamen Rider Ex-Ai...by Brinilla
Kara Amor is chasing down her lost love when she heads to Japan. However, she ends up in an accident and right at the hospital her first love works at. As she settles in...
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The Doctor Gamer (BNHA Male! Reader) by iida_fastboi
The Doctor Gamer (BNHA Male! Reade...by iida_fastboi
Being the grandson of a famous nurse from U.A. wasn't all fun and games, although sometimes, it's always just having to play all day. You've always dreamed of being a pr...
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3 Flowers Family by yuuki2795
3 Flowers Familyby yuuki2795
After having sex with Kanata, Haruka gave birth to twins and now must find a way to take care of her two baby kids as well as trying to break the news to her lover.
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Wishful Dreams (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fanfic) by Paranilla
Wishful Dreams (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid...by Brinilla
**On hold to finish writing it** Elkie Winters is asked by one of her friends about what world she would want to be in and she says "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid". Sudde...
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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Adventure to the 10 World by Kaitou_Genm
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Adventure to t...by Kaitou_Genm
I made this from the original ex-aid story but only ex-aid the only kamen rider that travel to 10 different world to collect data from the 10 great hero to save the worl...
Kamen Rider One-Shots || Reader Insert by MaryamSahibzada
Kamen Rider One-Shots || Reader In...by Maryam Sahibzada
This is the first time I'm having a book which will have a collection of One-Shots Reader Insert. Please feel free to send a request. List of Kamen Rider Series from Neo...
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Kamen Rider Ex-aid; Emu has a twin sister? by LupinrangerPatranger
Kamen Rider Ex-aid; Emu has a twin...by Lupinranger vs Patranger
What if, somehow someway, Emu had a twin sister? Would the plot change? What would happen? What would happen when a certain ex-doctor starts to have feelings towards her...
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Kamen Rider AOE: Another Battle by Paranilla
Kamen Rider AOE: Another Battleby Brinilla
Kara Amor thought she was done dealing with threats to people and Bugsters. However, she thought wrong. A whole new ending is taking ship leading her into another battle...
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Ask Parado and Nepgear by MRNEWMIND2007
Ask Parado and Nepgearby ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ
Just ask question about Nepgear and Parado
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Kamen sentai group chat by AriaGuardian
Kamen sentai group chatby Aria Guardian
Ever wonder what happen if the kamen rider and the super sentai have a group chat? Well here it is, I don't own neither two nor the cover, along with the pictures used i...
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Dangerous Deku  by second-infame
Dangerous Deku by Infame
No he visto mucho kamen rider ex-aid,pero con lo que sé y algunos cambios y mejoras podré hacer una buena historia.
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The Gamdustri Heroes/ ガミンドゥストリの英雄 [ON HOLD] by MRNEWMIND2007
The Gamdustri Heroes/ ガミンドゥストリの英雄...by ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ
What if the Kamen Rider Ex-aid team get sent in to a dimension of Gamdustri Featuring my buddy RocketFourze {Book cover by @DarkRose--Chan}
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Trinity seven x kamen rider paradox(the warrior of red and blue) by amazon3623624
Trinity seven x kamen rider parado...by amazon3623624
Parad have been transport to a world where everything be destroy by black sun,he have meet a woman since that he will protecting her from dangerous and save everyone too...
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New!! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid v2 by tjprince589
New!! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid v2by tjprince589
Kamen Rider Chronicle has ended. Dan Masamune has been defeated my Hojo Emu. The world has become peaceful again. Or so we thought. In the year 2018, a new form of Bugst...
Kamen Rider Vanguard by -HyperMuteki-
Kamen Rider Vanguardby HYPER~ DAI HENSHIN!
Akuda was a normal highschool student, one day he found a box full of the card game "Cardfight Vanguard", join him as he goes through different trials and chal...
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Kamen Rider- Custom forms by Barry_Allen_Snow
Kamen Rider- Custom formsby Fl4k-Zer0
just some custom forms. I'll most be using images, but I'll also take requests for art made forms.
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Operation: Cloudbreak (Dimensional Cloud Guardians) by dreamcoloredgift
Operation: Cloudbreak (Dimensional...by Florence Joyce (Cleo Coreen)
Twelve factions of Power Casters existed in the Cloud Dimension. For thousands of years, it was these 12 factions that dominated the dimension and because of that, they...
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PROJECT:Chris Rodd's: All-Star Herose by MRNEWMIND2007
PROJECT:Chris Rodd's: All-Star Her...by ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ
Six Main Characters arrive in some sort of amusement park and a mansion One is a fast runner , a huntress ,a gamer ,a police officer ,a scientist ,and a goddess. (Compl...
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