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GOT LOVE FOR MY TEACHER💅🏽(very sexual book) by bucciclout
GOT LOVE FOR MY TEACHER💅🏽(very s...by bucciclout
READ READ READ ‼️😌 a very sexual book ‼️
The New Girl at Iridium High (Book 1) by mrssmendesss
The New Girl at Iridium High (Book...by mrssmendesss
Ariana is the new girl at Iridium High School. As if it wasn't hard enough going to a new school where you know no one, Ariana has to hide that she is a witch. Little do...
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke...by ĸεηdяα
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
2 LOVERS 💞 by bucciclout
2 LOVERS 💞by bucciclout
just read the book ☺️😉
Every Witch Way Spells by gracecrilly
Every Witch Way Spellsby gracecrilly
Every witch way spells from the show!
Every Witch Way Season 5 by jemmalover1234
Every Witch Way Season 5by JemmaLover1234
Takes place after Emma and Jax's moment in the finale each chapter is an episode of this new fanmade Series.
r@in3 TW MENRIONS OF SA AND SEXUAL...by juls !
the cover r my thoughts on her also yw for bluring the name
Kenpachi Zaraki's Hidden story ( Kenpachi x Reader ) by msrenji
Kenpachi Zaraki's Hidden story ( K...by Ms.Cc
Story is being revamped!! Please click on my profile to see new revamped story!!
jemma forever (COMPLETED) by sunshine14140
jemma forever (COMPLETED)by sunshine14140
The story will start after andi and jessie go away to wits. will there be love. Will there be heart break. Emma and jax might go through some things. New characters. Co...
Every Witch Way by supermanismybae
Every Witch Wayby supermanismybae
Emma Alonso and Jax Novoa, everyone's favorite couple. But both peoples exes just have to come destroy it all. Plus with so many people jealous of Emma and her powers, t...
Evie~ Every Witch Way FanFiction by storybookgirl2020
Evie~ Every Witch Way FanFictionby Storybookgirl2020
Jax mentions in season 2 that he has twin siblings. This story is about one of the twin siblings, which I made girls, comes to Jax after a tragic event she experienced w...
Every Wicth Way ( twist) by K-pop101
Every Wicth Way ( twist)by K-pop101
What if in season 3 Emma didn't choose Jax. There's a new girl at Iridium High and she is very different from the rest and Jax will opposites attract. Scene from story ...
leilani by -CUP1DSKN1FE
leilaniby juls !
Dares by MasterBuilder070604
Daresby MasterBuilder070604
This is a series of comics where 2 boys dare a nerd. The dares are chosen by a person who comments what dare the nerd should do next.
¡DRAWS! by DimitriYes
¡DRAWS!by 𝘋𝘪𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘳𝘪 !
Random Drawings. Si porque no?, JAJA y otras cosas random aveces. -2022- ☁️--___ -2023- ☁️_--
Every witch way imagines by cry-baeby
Every witch way imaginesby cry-baeby
Imagines of Jax, Daniel, Diego, Phillip, Emma, and Andi . Unfortunately, requests are not open at this time, but i will let you know when they are (: Co-written by @Br...
Madison Beer Rant by erinbella0327
Madison Beer Rantby erinbella0327
I need to get these things off my chest about her... Grab some popcorn grab your weapon cause we gonna cut this bitch together.p-p-p-play that shit!!! BY THE WAY IF U LI...
Every Witch Way:Magic Battlefield by MartianDreamerXoXo
Every Witch Way:Magic Battlefieldby Mars⭐️
When Mariana and her Aunt Jade move from Connecticut to a new town in Florida, she thinks the only worries she'll have is to deal with is making new friends - until she...
WITS ACADEMY: Endgame by Red_rose23
WITS ACADEMY: Endgameby Red_rose23
What happens when the person who you thought you knew was the opposite of who you thought. What happens when the person who sent you to be someone great believed that yo...