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Loving secrets by Winterrose_xoxo
Loving secretsby Rose_xoxo
"Pain washed through me and I buried my face in my hands. Why does this always happen to me! I was alarmed when somebody touched my back. I knew who it was when the...
My sister's fiancee is my husband. by Onyx_2105
My sister's fiancee is my husband.by Onyx Mortrelli
Athena Costello loves her sister very much and would do anything for her. With that she did not hesitate to help her runaway the day before her wedding. The thing is Ath...
(1) Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You by WarmSunflower123
(1) Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentm...by ☆☆
[Chapter 1 - 200] Lin Yan is a professional car racer who fell from grace after her sister set her up. She becomes an actress for the sake of her boyfriend, who later ch...
Coming Home by Chocolate013001
Coming Homeby Chocolate013001
Colton needed time. He needed space from his pack to truly understand what family is, and when he finally finds it, or most of it, he comes home to Cresent Falls, only t...
LAST  ENEMY 💜 by scratch_zoxx
LAST ENEMY 💜by Sadia Sania
This story is 'bout a girl from her childhood life.Her name is Naeva . She is a normal student and jolly. She has a best friend Yilia Ecme. There are always problems...
Her Diamond Heart(Alpha Ladies Series #1) by OptimisticMoonlight
Her Diamond Heart(Alpha Ladies Ser...by Kc
What if it's not Cloud? What if it's not Villamor? What if it's not Second Stage of Royalty? What if.....its not.
Beautiful Creatures by ticklebay
Beautiful Creaturesby ticklebaythefoxie
Diana Rose is the sovereign of Cyros but when her sister wages war against her leading to the death of her parents and several loved ones she is forced earth where she r...
Half A Heart [Book #1] by junixia_7
Half A Heart [Book #1]by 🌸 J U N I 🌸
After being cheated by her boyfriend of 5 years with her cousin Jade is forced to attend their wedding. " One wedding " " A full water proof plan of crash...
yui's shy little sister: shu sakamaki x oc. by haha_cathy
yui's shy little sister: shu sakam...by cath
Ivy Komori is only 15 years old, and speaks only on occasion. Her captivating beauty and heart of gold attracted many people, whom Ivy all avoided. Yui Komori, her jealo...
The Darkness Within ~ A Superhero Novel by xAmberLynnWriterx
The Darkness Within ~ A Superhero...by Amber Lynn
Aliyah Evans works at the neighborhood coffee shop and goes to the local college, living a simple life while trying to juggle her job, her education, and her mother's ho...
For You To Keep by starpphire61
For You To Keepby Ezue Onyinye
"Life is not a bed of roses" No one knew and understood this better than Olanna. Life for Olanna was never easy. She was born an average Nigerian. She was shy...
Animation Squad- A SKETCHY Adventure by ColorlessKaymeleon
Animation Squad- A SKETCHY Adventu...by Savvy Chameleon
The Animation Squad Alex, James, Jaiden, Tony, TimTom, and Adam are reimagined as superheroes in this story. They go on an epic quest to save the world from evil! They w...
  OUAT: Powerful magic by silxntblackthorn
OUAT: Powerful magicby silxntblackthorn
I'm crappy at writing summaries. Used to be called Ouat twins: Rachel Mills and Skyelar Hood This is a OUAT Outlawqueen fanfic. Its about Regina and Robin's twins. One...
Whe She Was Crazy by Mae_Yap
Whe She Was Crazyby a Miracle
Cinderella the epitome of beauty and kindness, everyone loves her in view of the fact that she is simply polite. But isn't she a little bit boring? Kindness is weakness...
The Step Sisters (Not Another Cinderella Story) by Shuffman94
The Step Sisters (Not Another Cind...by Sharon Huffman
What if the Cinderella story we all know and love wasn't the real tale? What if everything was switched around? Well Ella is about to find out. Ella was just a normal gi...
Adopted by Chelly_The_Gamer by quarternickel
Adopted by Chelly_The_Gamerby .
Watch as 12 year old cooper embark on a adventure and fight for his life
Open Your Eyes (short story~) by Mocha48
Open Your Eyes (short story~)by Mocha48
"Mum, I've always wondered... Why are we mermaids so against each other sometimes? Everyone should be kind and caring in this really big world!" "Go to sl...
Imperfect by Eevee_Queen
Imperfectby Gracepaw
A warrior cats short story... Tawnybriar was always the not perfect one. Her sister, Diamonddust, was the most beautiful cat in the clans. She could get any tom wrappe...
The Great Blinding by ahlxea
The Great Blindingby ahlxea
Rhea Vallis lived a normal life. That all changed when her world fell into chaos, The Great Blinding infecting her planet. Who can she trust, now that everything is brok...
Bad Reputation by yessi_and_tia
Bad Reputationby Yessi and Tia
"Some people think reputations are everything. Then there's the people who couldn't care less what other people think." After her mother remarried to a wealthy...