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Unchaining Utopia (Evie Frye x Original Female Character) by Graceful_Panda
Unchaining Utopia (Evie Frye x Ori...by -Graceful_panda-
In their quest to win back London from the Templars, the Frye Twins will get help from Henry Green and his sister by everything but blood. A spark goes off between Evie...
A Brand New World Assassins Creed X Reader~re Make?~ by Shayd_
A Brand New World Assassins Creed...by Shayd_
when you invited your friend and sibling over to you house for an assassin's creed game marathon you were not expecting to end up having all the assassin's plus extra sh...
The Creed of Remnant (RWBY X Assassin's Creed) by MasterBlaster10000
The Creed of Remnant (RWBY X Assas...by MasterBlaster1000
The world of Remnant, a place so familiar, yet so different. The two Gods have left this world ages ago, leaving behind ancient artefacts that granted power to those wh...
Assassin's Creed One Shots by duleepsingh
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby greenie
This is literally just Assassin's Creed One Shots (mostly Arno, Jacob and Shay, but I do others) If you have any requests, ask me them and I'll try my best I don't do an...
Learning | Jacob Frye x Reader | by lailanarayan
Learning | Jacob Frye x Reader |by laila
assassin meets assassin. you and jacob frye. with the whole of london at hand and cupids' arrow at play, what could possibly go wrong? (jacob frye x reader; an assassin...
Differences (Jacob frye Fanfic by oliviaFrye4962
Differences (Jacob frye Fanficby oliviaFrye4962
Sometimes all you need is a friend or two...maybe all you need are the Frye twins . Olivia Smith is a 20 year old assassin. With so much that happened in her childhood s...
Assassin's Creed One-Shots and More by Lil_Lyssa13
Assassin's Creed One-Shots and Moreby Lil_Lyssa13
I am writing One-Shots, prefernces and other stuff. I do Assassins AND Templars!
The Secret Assassin-Jacob Frye X OC (Assassin's Creed Syndicate) by sammex10
The Secret Assassin-Jacob Frye X O...by Sam-L-B
This is a story about a young woman called Rosanna Starrick, she's the daughter of the Templar Grand Master, Crawford Starrick. She is, in fact, the next to become Grand...
Assassins creed fanfiction junk by duckswillrule
Assassins creed fanfiction junkby Magic Trash
I'll just do random stuff like one shots, imagines , preferences, and just random stuff (I'm bad at descriptions)
Assassin's Creed Scenarios by Fryedays
Assassin's Creed Scenariosby Fryedays
*Ringing of trumpets* Do you know Assassin's Creed? Do you want to have some fun? Well,you're in the right place! Haytham:"Who said that?" Me:"Me" Ha...
Jacob Frye X Male Reader. Artistic Difference. by spysniper
Jacob Frye X Male Reader. Artistic...by spysniper
In a world where Jacob cares about the anonymity of the Assassin's, a young man finds himself embedded in the mystery of who the man under the hood is. Who is he? Who ar...
Assassin's Creed One-Shots [EDITING] by mooxnv
Assassin's Creed One-Shots [EDITIN...by - moonmoon
-REQUESTS ALWAYS WELCOME- Hello! I wanted to assemble a book of one-shots because I am a huge fan of AC and all the characters! I enjoy composing these things so always...
Assassin's Creed ~ Office One Shots by FeedMeFryes
Assassin's Creed ~ Office One Shotsby 🏎️
(As highly requested by my wonderful readers...) Work can certainly be.... an interesting place at the best of times. Now imagine pairing that with your favourite Assass...
《R O S E M A R Y》 (Jacob Frye) by victoriaGeg
《R O S E M A R Y》 (Jacob Frye)by Victoria
Rosemary Wiliams was a young innocent girl who was born into nobility and taught to be a lady. Her dream life had to end one day and so it did. Left without her parents...
Kiss The Ring | jf by duleepsingh
Kiss The Ring | jfby greenie
Jacob is the impetuous brother of Evie Frye, often going headfirst into things without planning anything. Will it be the same for love?
Promises by Mysterous951
Promisesby Mysterous951
Jacob was not pleased to hear his sister's betrothed and Evie did not understand why. Jacob cold-heartedly left soon after her wedding and they haven't spoken since. As...
Assassin's Creed Modern One Shots by luv_again
Assassin's Creed Modern One Shotsby bee
(extremely slow updates) A modern au of our favourite Assassins and Templars! One shots, preferences, scenarios + more. (DISCLAIMER: I don't own Assassin's Creed, charac...
We Broke The Game by UnityRogues
We Broke The Gameby UnityRogues
What happens when two game designers come to find out that thier consoles broke and now the characters from Assassin's Creed have shown up disoriented in thier living ro...
Damn You Animus. ( Under Editing ) by TheToastIsOnFire
Damn You Animus. ( Under Editing )by TheChaoticToast.
Assassins of the modern era get a......surprise. The story takes place immediately after the end of Assassins creed 3 hope you enjoy it. :) #8 IN #Assassinscreed #1 IN #...
❝ you, jacob frye, are either as mad as the devil or the most dauntless man i have ever met... and I love you more than the stars for it. ❞ NOTHING IS TRU...