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Not to Know [ERERI/RIREN] by Kipnotize
Not to Know [ERERI/RIREN]by Kipnotize
500 years from now, Novus society rules unchecked, a program that has gifted humanity with 3 things. The first is a peace that will last forever, and the second is a per...
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Shape shifter- Luke hemmings by maddietibbetts
Shape shifter- Luke hemmingsby Maddie
Even though it may be illegal, and impossible- Ellie might be falling in love with Luke.
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Zero o'clock  by Reetsaggu
Zero o'clock by Reet Saggu
looking up in the dark sky, you saw some white clouds floating... they are approaching you... what's next?
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When The Love Fades by aquarcses
When The Love Fadesby aquarcses
When the love fades: A dystopian fiction where you are forced to tattoo the name of your partner on your arm. However, if their love fades, the tattoo does too. And if t...
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Whiskey and the Desert by ebae3ebae
Whiskey and the Desertby ebae3ebae
In the beautiful utopia, set 1000 years in the future, four best friends travel the earth. Meet each of them personally, and read about their adventure and heist.
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Treading The Edge by Redberry_writes
Treading The Edgeby Redberry_writes
Benji, a teenager from a rampaged society, has learned the ways of battle for years. As an orphan, he's trained all his life to fight for his town against the enemy vill...
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The WINTERFALL Project by FitzyMinute
The WINTERFALL Projectby Fitzy
Braxton Steele is just an ordinary teenage boy, but his life is turned upside down when he uncovers a massive conspiracy that dates back a hundred years. Now he and his...
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one 'not-so-simple' day by SouvikDas
one 'not-so-simple' dayby Souvik Das
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Emo love story by kitkatkerli
Emo love storyby kitkatkerli
Her dad hated her. Kids at school hated her. Everyone hated her. Except him.
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THE QUOTA by kinderx3
Lillie Taylor lives in Kingly Township. You would think a 15yr old girl wouldn't have much to worry about. However, The Collective have different ideas. Life has limi...
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Sanctum - Filio Perdito by Covered_By_Dark
Sanctum - Filio Perditoby Covered in Darkness
A great progress in the science world, Prof. Petruccio de Santis of Italy, after received the Nobel for his research on the existence and the distinction between soul, s...
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Eutopia by aurabarnes
Eutopiaby aurabarnes
Delaney River, daughter of scientists Melaney and Devin River, was sent to live with her godparents when she was just four years old. It's hard living with mentally unst...
This is a story about three different worlds.One is in total chaos.The other is completely perfect.The third one is uknown to Harmony and Chaos.Will Harmony learn his le...
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Good Girls Don't Lie by 0kateanne0
Good Girls Don't Lieby 0kateanne0
Dexterra is a truly perfect place, the only place the survived the war. When born everyone's genetics are altered to make them "good." Everyone is perfect, or...
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AI gone wrong? by gibby301
AI gone wrong?by gibby301
Now that AI are a reality this is a tale about one boys time with one but soon the man discovers that AI can be too caring. Find out the reason why she turns into what s...
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FHR by thelimngirls
FHRby thelimngirls
The opposite sex is taught to be a monster, locked away a mile from your city. You learn their evil ways in school, living a life free from their decitful tricks of &quo...
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Human Superowers by 8person8
Human Superowersby Anonymous
Carey lives on Earth. Not surprising right? Wrong. In this universe humans have discovered other inhabited planets. Some of Carey's friends go to planet Dion for summer...
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