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Meteor Effect by Crazycatmeow413
Meteor Effectby Crazycatmeow
A mysterious meteor with color-changing sparks lands outside of Sahara changing the hermit's lives forever. (Do I get extra points for being dramatic?) A small group of...
HermitCamps (Book 1- Done) [A HermitCraft AU] by TreeWritez
HermitCamps (Book 1- Done) [A Tree
"It all started because a god got too horny." A HermitCraft AU with Greek Gods Characters are not written to personality Zedaph, VintageBeef and XbCrafted were...
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by Two-WayDoorsBish
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotesby ConfusedMaidenQwQ
Yeah, pretty basic. I know, but still. Season 8 is here and now the count is on #1 instead of #31! Also, this is about their PERSONAs, not the real people. (WARNING: T...
Broken ~A Hermitcraft Fanfic~ by ReeeeeeeMeow
Broken ~A Hermitcraft Fanfic~by Hxpper
Grian is just a normal hermitcraft guy. He goes around pranking people and having fun, always with a good personality. But then something joins the server, determined to...
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requests by _sora004
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requestsby Sky Blue Writer
A collection of one shots and AUs based on Hermitcraft Season 6 and 7. Requests are currently open, I just want to write Note that I don't ship hermits irl, only their m...
Two Different Worlds: A Hermitcraft Mermaid AU by XandeaTheWatcher
Two Different Worlds: A Xan 🌈
Grian had heard many stories of merfolk beneath the sea, but never believed them. Scar was always curious about humans, but forbidden to go near the land. So then how on...
The secret behind his smile (OLD)  by thathermitweirdo
The secret behind his smile (OLD) by 🌻~’.•Weirdo•.‘~🌻
"Life is like a chess game, my dear." "You need to plan your moves." "And eliminate those who oppose you."
Hermitcraft One-Shots (S7) by reagle13
Hermitcraft One-Shots (S7)by farmerseaweed
A book of Season 7 Hermitcraft One-Shots. All the characters belong to their respective channels. NOTE: Anyone I ship together, that is fake. For example, if I ship Str...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by The_Guestinator
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby The Guestinator
A bunch of Oneshots and short stories based off of Hermitcraft.
Hermitcraft; One-Shots § Mishaps by 0kalopsia0
Hermitcraft; One-Shots § Mishapsby YourLocalHousewife
An extremely inconsistent bundle of AUs and one-shots based around our beloved hermits!
Tales of Hermitcraft by TheNerdyTurtle96
Tales of Hermitcraftby 💚 Claire 💜
This is the place where all of my oneshots, drabbles, announcements, and random nonsense related to Hermitcraft will be stored. Some of these may contain shipping, other...
Monsters (A hermitcraft fanfiction) by EmberDragon34
Monsters (A hermitcraft fanfiction)by Ember
Yay for more Hermitcraft fan fictions! A thick fog covers half of Hermitcraft after a mistake with wizard stuff in Scar's magical village. Now everyone inside the fog h...
Pastel Grumbo (Hermitcraft) by Raesunshine_Sunny
Pastel Grumbo (Hermitcraft)by Ntho/Rae
So uh this is just a super cute version of hermitcraft! Grumbo will be happing! I love pastel stuff and it's just pastel things! Nothing else... I promise... Btw shippi...
oneshots by phantom (dsmp, hermitcraft) by enby_ofdoom
oneshots by phantom (dsmp, phantom
i accidentally started writing oneshots. expect chaos, have fun, be nice. i'll add tw's if necesary
Astri's Oneshots And Stuff by astriexxe
Astri's Oneshots And Stuffby Astriexxe
Exactly what it says, oneshots and stuff. I am open to suggestions/ requests and will try my best if you want me to write something but I am NOT writing smut. I honestl...
Grian-Centric (One-shots, I guess) by StupidelyClever
Grian-Centric (One-shots, I guess)by StupidelyClever
^ Title says all, but since I'm guessing you are a greedy child, I'm here to give you more info ;D (Bear with me if you aren't skipping these) As stated, it is a Grian...
We all have our secrets by astriexxe
We all have our secretsby Astriexxe
Secrets, everyone has secrets, but there are different kinds of secrets. There are small secrets, the kind you tell your friends, then there are slightly bigger secrets...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Hermitcraft_Queen
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Queen Crimson
The title! It's not all Hermitcraft, though, there's gonna be some 3rd Life and probably Among Us in here too UwU ~~~~ Best rankings: #1 out of 120 in #inthelittlewood...
Hermitcraft Season 7 One Shots and Short Stories by Seanathan26
Hermitcraft Season 7 One Shots Sirius
Various one shots and short stories based on Hermitcraft Season 7 featuring fluff, angst, and stuff. While there will be some shipping, there are also platonic ones. Do...
Healing Below Zero by Elle_est_vivant
Healing Below Zeroby Elle d’arc-en-ciel🌈
Etho. Or rather, the Ice King that no one ever met but everyone fears. Known as distant, proud and emotionless person, although no one really encountered him before. Bee...