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Highschool DxD: An Altered World(Dropped) by Daoist-Infinity
Highschool DxD: An Altered World( Daoist-Infinity
This is a cliché reincarnation fanfic. Mc dies, met god, was given some OP abilities, and was reincarnated in the DxD world. Though there might be some changes on the wo...
to be forsaken. | Fairy Tail by KIIRO-
to be forsaken. | Fairy Tailby Reader
To know was a blessing, but at the same time, it was a curse. Change was terrifying. It is common knowledge that change is inevitable and most would say that changing co...
Stay with me or i'll make you stay by Factory-chan
Stay with me or i'll make you stayby Factory-chan
An Angel?, or A fallen angel? A Murderous King?, or A Nice King? Which is which? A demon?, or A siren? Ice Cold?, or Warm luke water? Weak?, or Smart? Brains?, or Brawns...
Fairytail: The Demon King by cmmacomber
Fairytail: The Demon Kingby cmmacomber
CREDIT FOR THE AMAZING COVER IS @Staria_Tube . Thank you so much! It means a lot that my story was so well loved for someone to do this for me. Sequel to Fairytail: E.N...
This Is the E.N.D (Natsu x Reader) by natsufangirl2000
This Is the E.N.D (Natsu x Reader)by Brenna
The book of E.N.D has been opened, awakening the beast inside someone so innocent. Only the power of family and love can possibly save someone from the depths of darknes...
My Mate (Natsu x Oc) by neko_girl_otaku
My Mate (Natsu x Oc)by Noble
-- !!DISCONTINUED!! -- What happens if Natsu has a hidden mate/girlfriend? how will his guild mates react? Who is this girl? Also what happens if Natsu knows about his p...
Protecting My Family Till The E.N.D.! by Spider_Fanboi
Protecting My Family Till The Sans 127
Wanting to give his little a brother a life beyond his own mistakes, but still hoping he will grant him his wish of death, Zeref does not leave his little brother with n...
The One That Absolute Zero Could Never Slay by UtakataKaratachi
The One That Absolute Zero Could Neo Blaze Orland
In all his time, Silver Fullbuster the Ice Devil Slayer, has never found himself in a situation like this one. He, Silver Fullbuster, the Ice Devil Slayer, who swore to...
Bitter by naluislife247
Bitterby naluislife247
Nalu, all rights go to Hiro Mashima The chaos gets to Natsu and when his shock finally fades he's left broken, bitter, and angry.
ENDless by KitsuneTale
ENDlessby Kitsune-San
Mercy. Gray Fullbuster wonders why the word is on his mind, even as he stares down what may as well be his worst enemy. Perhaps it is love for the fake the demon has cre...
Ethereal by kitty-ray
Etherealby Lost in My Mind
All she ever wanted was to be a princess. One that lives in a castle and wore pretty dresses. Lyra never expected her dreams to come true-they never do- so why should th...
Saved by Scarlet by KingofEdolas
Saved by Scarletby Jello Fernando
When the genetically enhanced Etherious soldiers attack the Kingdom of Fiore, many people are killed in their wake, now it's up to a top of the class military squad from...
My Dear, Fiend...(NaLu Fanfic) by SofiaLawrence
My Dear, Fiend...(NaLu Fanfic)by Sofia Lawrence Machelle
SUMMARY: The Story is about two souls who met each...
ebb and flow. | Fairy Tail | Natsu/Reader by KIIRO-
ebb and flow. | Fairy Tail | Reader
When Natsu opened his eyes, there was blood. There was this horrible stench of copper that wouldn't seem to go away. There was her smell- unique only to her. He could re...
Before Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfilia by sstargoldens
Before Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfiliaby
One-shots focused on Lucy Heartfilia and with nuances of NALU Since joining Fairy Tail, Lucy never spoke much about her past as inheriting Heartfilia, details of her upb...
Etherious Spirits by sp8403
Etherious Spiritsby sp8403
Lucy Heartfilia died on April 17, X789. She had been 20 years old. As she lay on the plane of Life and Death, the Celestial Spirit King decided to take her in. As the ye...
My Life As An Etherious by 0mycinnabuns0
My Life As An Etheriousby Il Dottore
The title says it all! This book is all about Mard Geer Tartaros's life starting from when he was created!
The Demon's Broken Heart by gk3389127
The Demon's Broken Heartby gk3389127
Spoilers Chapter 73 of 100 Year Quest. Upon seeing what Selene has done to Lucy, something stirs inside Natsu, as a rage he did not know for a long time bubbles back to...