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Ungodly Hour | d.e. by lisha-stories
Ungodly Hour | A L I S H A
Success doesn't equate happiness. I've had to learn that the hard way over the years. With every disappointment, every let down, every heartbreak, my solution was to jus...
Homewrecker by LyssFrom1996
Homewreckerby Deanna Cameron
Bronwyn Larson has spent her whole life not depending on her mother, a constantly recovering addict, until the moment her life was literally torn apart when an EF4 torna...
a flight down memory lane / / by awkward-desu
a flight down memory lane / /by 𝓮𝔁𝓲𝓼𝓽 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓲�...
childhood friends rei and lukasz had a falling out senior year that left their relationship frayed. eight years later, they find themselves seated next to each other on...
Slate | ✓ by seaofgreen
Slate | ✓by seaofgreen
Some ghosts never die. For William Slate, there's always been Charlie, his troubled older brother. When Charlie split in the aftermath of a violent confrontation, scars...
Battle within Hearts by Shwetha_V
Battle within Heartsby Shwetha
Love never needs a perfect age to infect someone! But not all are wise to embrace it when it knocks their doors! By the time they realise, it would have already been lat...
متا ع جان by awriterwithoutacause
متا ع جانby Awriterwithoutacause
She was lost and he found her
Bad Boy Daddy by TashaW
Bad Boy Daddyby Natasha
Ex drug dealer Aiden was left holding the baby three years ago, now he has to deal with angry druggies, an angrier boss and a determind baby mama wanting her baby back.
New Beginnings by kinalhariya
New Beginningsby kinalhariya
Trisha's life takes a new turn when she has to move in with her estranged aunt after the death of her whole family due to an unexpected fire. Trisha has always lived in...
[2] Estranged | Pietro Maximoff by queenslist
[2] Estranged | Pietro Maximoffby rae
After Ultron's wild attempt to take over the world, Stella believes that her life will become less hectic now that things are seeming to calm down. To no surprise, she i...
In Time by NikaxSaikia
In Timeby NikaxSaikia
A discarded past. An ever long search. A woman spurned. A man too arrogant. . . What happens when the past you've worked so hard to forget, catches up to you? Do yo...
BROKEN HALVESby Embers_OfSoul✨
BROKEN HALVES||BOOK TWO OF DOWN HEARTED. If love is the disease, she knows he would be her cure. If love is the pain, she knows he would be her ease. If love is a monste...
Best Kept Secret by McKe5nzie
Best Kept Secretby Kenzie
Some girls who are tired of living in the shadows. Their parents are famous but the media knows nothing of their relationship only speculation. Oh, and dad he has a chil...
The Family Crown (Cursed Wanderers Series: Book 2) by DarknessAndLight
The Family Crown (Cursed Karianne
Beautiful cover made by the awesome ssaayyjj After eighteen years without a family, Oksana has finally found her own. But the reason behind her mother's abandonment sti...
The Blazing Hero: Phoenix by work_shy
The Blazing Hero: Phoenixby work_shy
Hinotori Todoroki is the second oldest child of Rei and Enji Todoroki and is the only one (as far as she's aware) to get a solely fire based Quirk. She's isolated from h...
Dear Mom by theluckiest_
Dear Momby Lexii ♥
Six years ago, Daniella Melucci slept with her boyfriend at the age of seventeen. She had gotten pregnant and gave birth during her university studies in Vancouver, Cana...
Customer Satisfaction [COMPLETE]  by 1SaraaraS1
Customer Satisfaction [COMPLETE] by 1SaraaraS1
Kate hadn't expected to see him again... Separated painfully from her brother and his best friend as a child when she was adopted by a rich family, Kate hasn't laid e...
Gunpowder & Hellfire by Jzmnflwr
Gunpowder & Hellfireby Jzmnflwr
When a group of lawmen kill an innocent man they summon the wrath of Santiago Vasquez-Navarro: leader of the notorious Jinete Diablo Gang and son of the murdered man.
The Stardom Act by aftertastefully
The Stardom Actby mikayla
When Mallory's estranged twin sister Amalia dies, she's thrust into the spotlight to take Amalia's place as a world renown actress. Which also means dating famous singer...
éloignement ❧ a warriors short story by flame_clan
éloignement ❧ a warriors short ғʟᴀᴍᴇᴄʟᴀɴ
éloignement: estrangement estrangement: the fact of no longer being on friendly terms paired with 'anathème' on @_sweetfoxx_ written by bubble format by @WarriorzLove co...
Shattered Sparks by Mirafalls
Shattered Sparksby Mira
Everything around Victoria changes after her brother's death.Thrust into a world that she could only describe as her worst nightmare,Victoria struggles against the demon...