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Feelings On Paper by AlissaWolf
Feelings On Paperby Bambi
poems and feelings of a new chapter in the story we call life; welcome to a journey of emotions going into adulthood
AQA GCSE English Literature Essay Examples by WTFdrarry
AQA GCSE English Literature Maisie Riley
AQA ENGLISH LITERATURE (themes and characters) - An Inspector calls - Romeo and Juliet - A Christmas Carol - Power and Conflict poetry (ew) AQA ENGLISH LANGUAGE - D...
My Essays by DianaBlackhurst
My Essaysby Diana Blackhurst
Grade "A" essays that I have written for school and college. ©️Diana Blackhurst These essays are not to be plagiarized. (On going)
The Voices Of My Silence by ishwari394
The Voices Of My Silenceby 𝕀𝕤𝕙𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕚_𝟛𝟡𝟜
Like the title says, this book is giving a voice to my silence. It's not a story It's me expressing the things I don't know how to say out loud. If you are interested in...
English Education by bellatuscana
English Educationby bellatuscana
Part half of my papers in college on English Education; pieces of my work on Wattpad, and part a summary of my own thoughts. Use this to learn about writing college ess...
The Diary of Antonia by ColdQueen19
The Diary of Antoniaby With Love, Cristela
Antonia is the town's eye candy. Not only for her looks, but for her weird antics. Someone found her diary... 80 years later.
Shounen's guide by JamesLester126
Shounen's guideby Shounen Lester
Welcome to this collection of essays delving into my inner mind, opinions, anime/manga reviews.
A Collection Of Essays by thatgeneticsgirl
A Collection Of Essaysby thatgeneticsgirl
Self explanatory. Please don't plagiarize.
Written Works, Essays, Poems, Thoughts and Etc.  by Razaeny
Written Works, Essays, Poems, Samantha
School works, essays, poems and etc. that I wrote, hope this helps other students too as a guide of sorts. I'm currently in grade 11 and I'm on the STEM strand. If you h...
ေလလြင့္ဘဝတစ္ခုရဲ႕ မ်က္ႏွာစာေျခာက္ရပ္ (ျမန္မာဘာသာျပန္) by HemlockRyu
ေလလြင့္ဘဝတစ္ခုရဲ႕ မ်က္ႏွာစာေျခာက္ရ Hemlock Ryu(ဟမ်းလော့ရုလ်)
(အသက္ ၃၅ ႏွစ္မယြန္းခင္အထိ မင္းကိုေစာင့္ေနမယ့္ငါ) ဆိုတဲ့ စကားေျပေရးတဲ့ နန္ခန္းရဲ႕ လက္ရာေတြထဲက တစ္ခုပါပဲ။ ဒါကေတာ့ မစၥတာက်န္းနဲ႔ရည္းစားဘဝက အေၾကာင္းအရာကို ခ်ိဳခ်ိဳျမိန္ျမိန...
Everything's Just A Little Sad With Me by _rmal98
Everything's Just A Little Sad RMAL
Fantasy Guidebook by Fantasy
Fantasy Guidebookby Fantasy | Ambassadors
Discover what the Fantasy profile is all about! Including our Reading Lists, Guides to our activities, the Writing Workshop, and the people who make up the team.
Random Thoughts & Essays by anjaneappu
Random Thoughts & Essaysby Anjali 😉
Some random thoughts of mine.....with some essays! All in one! Lol I write reviews on ITV serial characters too. Mostly it will be reviews on Characters or serial. I ju...
The Green Dragon Institute's Guide to the Draconic by LoneStarDragon
The Green Dragon Institute's LoneStarDragon
This is an introduction, and an encyclopedia of sorts, to the various wyrms and the worlds the inhabit. From the famous dragons, like Saphira, Draco, and Smaug, to the...
Essays by Emma-Katharina
Essaysby Emma
May contain controversial opions, unsual arguments, political believes. WARNING: written in English an German; apologies for any misunderstandings. Anyone who wants a pa...
Longing for the Sea by castielfranta
Longing for the Seaby Ashley
This is a memoir I wrote for English class about the struggles of depression, anxiety, and being a teenager.
night by dreamg1rl
nightby neen
this is about sleep deprivation and crying
Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors on Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series by scottwesterfeld
Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors Scott Westerfeld
Why is Shay the real hero of the Uglies series? Who was the better boyfriend for Tally: David or Zane? How can we prevent prettyheaded behavior in our own world? In Extr...
in limbo - a collection of poems & mismatched thoughts by napaeae
in limbo - a collection of danielle joyce
raw, unadulterated, often complex, curious at best. documenting my experiences with love, temptation, mediocrity, or simple breaks from reality. my personal truth bound...
The Wandering Owl by TripuWrites
The Wandering Owlby अदिति || Aditi
When the mind likes to flit across every crevice of the brain during numbing sessions of reflection. ~~~ My self-appointed patronus is an owl and when I wonder, it like...