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Sixth Wheel by mxgicxltrxgedy
Sixth Wheelby mxgicxltrxgedy
Esposito's the odd man out after Ryan's wedding and Castle & Beckett hook up. Now it's his turn to get the girl. Esposito/OC.
"Cree en mi" (Corto Laliter) by yuyina4ever
"Cree en mi" (Corto Laliter)by Johanna camila
luego de mi relacion relación tormentosa con Mariano, llena de desconfianzas, Peter llego a mi vida para creer en mi y ayudarme a sanar tanto dolor acumulado, gracia...
Castle's partner by silverharp
Castle's partnerby silverharp
You know Castle, but what happens when a fourteen year old girl stumbles upon a crime scene, a girl who has a murdered family and lives alone? He pushes me down to my kn...
Everything Changed. by makeupandmud
Everything makeupandmud
Her parents were killed. They got assigned her case. The 12th precinct teams lives all get flipped around when two people are murdered. The victims 13 year old daughter...
Castle One Shots by Sofie1402
Castle One Shotsby Sofie1402
Series of one shots of the Castle characters. Mainly side characters (there's too many Caskett stories already-but that doesn't mean I won't write about them). Angst, fl...
Surprise Castle 🖊 by multiple_fandoms198
Surprise Castle 🖊by Multiple_fandoms198
Based on the tv show Castle. A different version of how season 5 starts.
Richard Castle is Skynet's target by TFALokiwriter
Richard Castle is Skynet's targetby Ivy
A story in which Richard Castle is the target of a T-1000 sent from Skynet to Terminate him, however, he thankfully has T-11 for some help. ________________ Started: 8...
Deal With The Devil by KateBeckett41319
Deal With The Devilby Samantha | peggy carter
WATERSHED FIC Based on a TVLINE theory. Kate accepts the job and the proposal and gets ready to make a new life in DC with Castle but everything changes when she finds o...
Sophie Ryan (Castle Fanfic) by ridingintokansas
Sophie Ryan (Castle Fanfic)by Shea Rogers
Sophia Ryan was more than just the quiet girl who sat in the back of the classroom. All her life she dreamed of becoming a detective- and it came true. But the one thing...
Esposito and Ryan: The Castle Babysitters by Writer-NovelistGirl
Esposito and Ryan: The Castle Zoey Mann
Beckett tricked the boys into babysitting her three kids, six year old Johanna, three year old Jackson and one year old Nikki. Sure, Ryan has two kids of his own, Sarah...
Feathers in New York by PhoenixMcGarrett
Feathers in New Yorkby PhoenixMcGarrett
When Max promises Nudge a trip back to New York, they find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation, one that seems to be killing Max look alikes . . . A Maxim...
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Esposito and The Terminator by TFALokiwriter
Esposito and The Terminatorby Ivy
Spin off to the 'Richard Castle' trilogy featuring Esposito and T-1002. Started: 8.8.2015 Completed: 8.9.2015 at 5:44 PM.
believe; mariali by xangelscanfly
believe; marialiby xangelscanfly
aclaraciones: +minúsculas intencionales +no tengo en nada en contra de ningún "personaje" que se asocie a la vida real, es pura "ficción" +en la hist...