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Gabriel (Rewritten Version) - LGBT, manXman by LauraWarby
Gabriel (Rewritten Version) - Laura Warby
Gabriel's mother died when he was fifteen. He was forced to drop out of school to care for his younger siblings, Jordan, Phoebe, and the twins, Rose and Liam. Forced int...
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Secret Service. by AbbyjRaye
Secret AbbyjRaye
Imani Hill hasn't had it easy. At just 18, she had to put her dreams aside to raise her little brother, and becomes an escort. Nathaniel Howard has always been ruthless...
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Escort by Miamoremybell
Escortby Michelle
**Can an escort and a prince find their own fairytale ending? ***Indulge in this blazing hot chemistry between Jasmine and her prince in the first book in the series, ...
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The Wedding Date [Book Three] by ClicheQueenMonika
The Wedding Date [Book Three]by Chasing Highs. ❤
Liv Drew caught her boyfriend and sister sleeping together , on what she thought should be the best day of her life. Her wedding day quickly turn from sweet dreams to a...
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An Italian's Virgin Escort (IRS Book 1) by MedievalTomboy
An Italian's Virgin Escort (IRS Lady Prim
"You, my dear, are just a tissue with my brand name on it. Only I can use you and throw as I want." He whispered harshly holding my neck tightly and biting my...
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Erin's Escort (MxM) ✓ by 2drk2c
Erin's Escort (MxM) ✓by Ree
🅜🅐🅝 ⓧ 🅜🅐🅝 Sam Fink is a well liked male escort. He has the looks and skills to satisfy any client in and out of bed. His newest client doesn't care about his looks...
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Day and Night | ✓ by jazzabell_xox
Day and Night | ✓by 𝒥𝒶𝓈𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑒
Golden arrow awards winner young adult 1st place Award of the month 2018 - Romance 3rd place * * * * * * *...
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Never Trust An Escort In Manhattan by dessylouise
Never Trust An Escort In Manhattanby des
A wealthy couple in the heart of New York City, desperate for a change in their lackluster sex life, takes another woman under their wing; only to realize she's a little...
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Instagram Model and the Billionaire by Dinkyballs
Instagram Model and the Billionaireby Dinkyballs
Helicopter rides over sparkling blue seas to sip champagne with wealthy men on yachts... right?
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Jezabel by willowmoonblood
Jezabelby Willowmoonblood
2008 and Marshall Mathers is depressed and overweight. After becoming sober he is at a crossroads in his life, unsure of his place in the rap game as well as his ability...
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Coco by OnlyAngel294
Cocoby OnlyAngel294
Coco has a very different job to most women. She works at night, in the streets and gets clients daily. Her clients pay will give her a weeks rent, some food on the side...
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An Unconventional Love Story by MissBhaVen69
An Unconventional Love Storyby MissBhaVen69
This is a story of college students Kayla and Brett that are running out of money and need to think of a way to make some fast. So... They create they're own "datin...
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The Wedding Date by Jayme112234
The Wedding Dateby Jayme112234
What happens when a footballer is forced to hire a date for his mother's wedding? ft. Cristiano Ronaldo
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A Moment of Bliss by ZVArmy
A Moment of Blissby ZVArmy
A Moment of Bliss is a company dedicated to providing experiences to suit every desire of their clients, even if they are of a sexual nature. For those with the money to...
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The Syndicate's Beauty by shinjikrg
The Syndicate's Beautyby shinjikrg
"Fear isn't real, danger is real, but fear is a choice" "Where did you hear that from?" Not that she wasn't capable of being that poetic, but it didn...
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The Bet (BWWM) by writerbynature
The Bet (BWWM)by Ashley
Oakley's little sister getting engaged before her brings up all kinds of feelings - dissatisfaction being the star of the show. O can't help but long for some excitement...
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Criminal by heartsocolds
Criminalby heartsocolds
In which a paid escort falls for the criminal whose baby she's carrying.
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The Escort That Stole My Heart (complete) by mcwhoreemick
The Escort That Stole My Heart ( 👑plot twist queen👑
"[...]Clients are supposed to be nothing but sex. You're not supposed to get involved with them. Trust them. Let them into your life. Let them see the real you. Tel...
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Power (Jumin Han x Reader) by Katjaface
Power (Jumin Han x Reader)by Katjaface
The most powerful CEO in South Korea is learning a valuable lesson. Money can't buy you friendship or love, but it can certainly buy you attention.
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... by JohnWilison
#20 John Wilison