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Vorrei tornare indietro e proteggerti by dalamarf16
Vorrei tornare indietro e dalamarf16
Ambientata dopo l'intervista di questa sera a RTL. Ermal chiede spiegazioni su una certa frase...
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Euro High: A Eurovision High School AU by EurovisionBitch
Euro High: A Eurovision High Sad Loser
*THE FIVE GUYS WERE A CONCEPT MADE BY @sandvikmoes * In an alternate universe, eurovision artists are regular highschool students just trying to get by. These teens from...
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and it has always been now or never // Mélovin  by underthemelovin
and it has always been now or Mélobae
Not an ordinary fanfic about Kostya and Bea who fell in love with each other instantly. But they don't know about the storm that will try to tear them apart like a hooli...
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Eurovision Rants by EuroFan37
Eurovision Rantsby EuroFan37
everything an eurovision book would have. Opinions ,ratings ,awards. Everything!
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The unpopular ones - Mikolas Josef Fanfiction by deleted-4cc0unt
The unpopular ones - Mikolas deleted-4cc0unt
Leah is 15 years old and gets bullyed in school. As a new boy came to the class, she wants to help him to not get bullyed too.
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Svit v poloni | MÉLOVIN by SkiJumping123
Svit v poloni | MÉLOVINby jaskier
Diana wie, kiedy najlepiej wykorzystywać okazje. Na przykład wtedy, gdy czyjeś ukraińskie serce jest skruszone, a poczucie winy dopada każdej - zawsze równie smutnej...
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Every single day | belix by SkiJumping123
Every single day | belixby jaskier
A życie Felixa bez Benjamina stało się jak patrzenie na nocne niebo bez gwiazd.
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unpopular opinions & rants (tag book + crack) by Crazy_unicornx
unpopular opinions & rants (tag milk tea
Juz sum tags. mostly Eurovision and anime rants
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ESC 2018 - all candidates by netta-melovin
ESC 2018 - all candidatesby Melovinator/ #eurovision fan
The Eurovision song contest 2018 has ended and here you can read everything about the candidates and what they did before being on the ESC stage! The first 26 chapters w...
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Face to Face.  ||  Mélovin by jxlie00
Face to Face. || Mélovinby 🌻Juliana🌻
A young girl straight out of fashion school chases her dreams and finds unexpected love on the way. Mélovin/Kostya Bocharov fanfiction. xxJ
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Чувствую душой by AsToldByFeb
Чувствую душойby Febry
Your dad drags you to Kiev for the summer and you expect nothing to happen, especially meeting your favorite singer, ALEKSEEV. But what happens after you run into him at...
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My Name is Mikolas Josef by Amethystyy
My Name is Mikolas Josefby Amethystyy
Being the official girlfriend of Miki is an honour. Who owns such title? Well, nobody. Miki is single as a Pringle, so someone has to take him. With Miki in your country...
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Summer love // Mikolas josef by svetje
Summer love // Mikolas josefby svetlana
What will happen when Leah goes on a trip to Prague and meets Mikolas? Will they keep in touch? Or will they leave summerdays behind them and move on?
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Eurovision rants by EuroFan307
Eurovision rantsby EuroFan307
Mainly about Eurovision 2018/2019 and future years (if I'm still here tho)
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Ti ho voluto bene veramente | Metamoro by writtenbymanyart
Ti ho voluto bene veramente | Pia Sophie H.
A story about love, that never ended. About two lifes, bonded to each other. But can time heal the wounds? Can time heal your love to a certain person? Or will you fall...
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