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il ballo della vita ; Victoria de Angelis by jojostrings
il ballo della vita ; Victoria JOJO
She starts fidgeting at her collar and eventually pulls out a necklace. My eyes widen as I recognise the pendant. "You didn't..." "Yes, I kept it!" V...
Måneskin Imagines ♡ by sweetxmaneskin
Måneskin Imagines ♡by Lauren
Hey, I'll be writing imagines/oneshots about Måneskin with Y/n (who is female)☺️ Includes smut and swearing. I will always put trigger warnings for sensitive or mature...
Måneskin One Shots (All members) by FirstEnigma
Måneskin One Shots (All members)by FirstEnigma
One shots, half stories, random notes just whatever comes to mine! I write imagines for all of the members :)
måneskin; imagines by littlemaneskin
måneskin; imaginesby andrea
imagines about the one and only - måneskin. >> i won't be updating that frequently - when ideas spark, i write them down and then publish <<< so forgive m...
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Damiano David imagines🥺 by LiskuUuu
Damiano David imagines🥺by LiskuUuu
When i found out Damiano existed, i fell for him. Come and read if you love him too🤍 And request are always welcome, if you have a story that you wanna read then let me...
Joel Hokka / Blind Channel - ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS (English) by dareyoureading
Joel Hokka / Blind Channel - N 🖤
❝ Doesn't it scare you? The things that we both do I am just like you We're meant to be necessary tragedies Enemies with benefits ❞ Her past had led her here...
🤍Damiano David Imagines🤍 by m_aneski_n
🤍Damiano David Imagines🤍by M_ANESKI_N
STILL proud to say I was one of the first to write about Damiano after Måneskin won the ESC🤍 as well as being the founder of his nickname 'Dami' (at least here on wattp...
changes ➳ d.d. by FirstEnigma
changes ➳ FirstEnigma
nothing ever changes, until everything changes. måneskin fanfic damiano returns home for the first time in a year without contact, everything changes when your relation...
coraline - damiano david by fredswhoreee
coraline - damiano davidby ella. . . !
𝔠𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔢┃in which a photographer, who's escaping her traumatic past, bumps into an italian rock singer. (damiano david x female oc...
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I'm Coming Back For More - Joonas Porko by Alive_or_onlyburning
I'm Coming Back For More - Alive_or_onlyburning
Sometimes God prepares the worst surprise's for us. What Aleksja didn't knew was that one day she would be thankful for this surprise. Even if it hurt This story contai...
Life In Her Eyes // Victoria De Angelis (complete short story) by asteria_lunar
Life In Her Eyes // Victoria De asteria luna
. Content Warnings: mental health problems death parental abuse drug use overall dark themes drugs, alcohol, cigarettes
Euro High: A Eurovision High School AU by EurovisionBitch
Euro High: A Eurovision High Sad Loser
*THE FIVE GUYS WERE A CONCEPT MADE BY @sandvikmoes * In an alternate universe, eurovision artists are regular highschool students just trying to get by. These teens from...
Again and forever  by amantezz
Again and forever by nmenendezzz
2019, Ethan and Marlena are deeply in love with each other but something that was unexpected happened, Marlena left Ethan. 2021 they meet again. What will happen now or...
❤️Ethan Torchio Imagines❤️ by m_aneski_n
❤️Ethan Torchio Imagines❤️by M_ANESKI_N
Ok ok, Damiano is very hot, ik, but... have yall seen Ethan??? Feel free to share opinions and suggestions❤️ Cover by @inima-neagra❤️
kalopsia - ethan torchio. by melxlyy
kalopsia - ethan mel🎀🩰
to all of my ethan simps out there. enjoy lyra's story.
Lights Off (Eurovision 2022 AU) [COMPLETE] by xx_HaleighBear_xx
Lights Off (Eurovision 2022 AU) [ HaleighBear🧡
When the lights were off, somebody didn't make it out alive .. Alessandro Mahmoud, AKA Mahmood, didn't expect for someone, especially someone as close to him as Duncan L...
You Had My Heart  [DISCONTINUED] by Georgina_Writess
You Had My Heart [DISCONTINUED]by Georgina
Luna moves back to Finland with her friend Aleksi and they reunite with his band mates in which she falls deeply in love with one...
Cafe Letters | Ethan Torchio by XxsophiedopeyxX
Cafe Letters | Ethan Torchioby XxSophiexX
In which Aurora leaves a letter in a cafe and when she returns for it, she finds a response lying with it. An Ethan Torchio fanfiction Highest rankings: #1 in eurovisio...
Blind Channel imagines by tommiseyebrows
Blind Channel imaginesby lililala
Here are some imagines with the wonderful members of Blind Channel. Hope you like them. you can request something if you want. I will try to write as often as i can.
Meet Percabeth by Kaincyven
Meet Percabethby Kaincyven
One shots of my favorite ship, fandom, and book series. I will be taking comment inspiration, so make sure to leave suggestions!