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Fairy Tail JeRza - One shots by Amish_Barbara
Fairy Tail JeRza - One shotsby Amish Barbara Geraldi
a book full of JERZA One shots
The Magic of Three by Emeraldlily16
The Magic of Threeby Emeraldlily16
Lucy, Juvia, and Erza are three young and beautiful witches who have a wicked set of promblems. They have to live togehter and learn magic while dealing with witch hunte...
Scarlet of Sorcière | jerza by TheFairyHunter
Scarlet of Sorcière | jerzaby ten
❝I loved you when you were unlovable.❞ Highest Ranking: #1 in Jerza erza of crime sorcière | fairy tail | jerza
Lacerate by rianneannette
Lacerateby A♥︎
(Completed) Gray didn't understand his feelings. Did he hate her? Did he love her? He couldn't see her hurt. But did he know he hurt her? One mission went wrong. They wa...
Gruvia/Juvia oneshots  by rainwomen12
Gruvia/Juvia oneshots by ruby
Any one shots but juvia must be there and gruvia too or others crack ships between juvia X character. Ship maybe sail or sink ! There maybe some sad ,broken and depress...
The Next Generation ( Fairy Tail 2nd Generation Kids! ) { COMPLETED } by ctnorville34
The Next Generation ( Fairy Tail `Chrissy`
*Season 6 is the season this takes place* Don't you ever imagine what it would be like to see your future children? Well in this time, the Fairy Tail group gets sent int...
Natsu Dragneel's little sister Tsubaki Dragneel? by NiomiOneeChan
Natsu Dragneel's little sister Niomi
He loves to fight. She doesn't. She loves to read. He doesn't. They are the complete opposite however they are the closest siblings in Fiore. The Dragneel siblings. Lear...
Missing | Nalu Fanfic | by bb_creative01
Missing | Nalu Fanfic |by bb_creative01
Lucy's P.O.V. "It was was just a one night stand, we were drunk, and he doesn't even remember what happened!" I thought of what happened that day; it was never...
The Singer & The Bad Boy (NaLu) by 666reddog
The Singer & The Bad Boy (NaLu)by Red
Lucy Heartfilla was once a famous singer until her mother died. The only reason she would sing was for her mother as it made her happy. Since she passed Lucy stopped sin...
Jealous.  (Gruvia) by eileennb
Jealous. (Gruvia)by eileennb
He truly did adore her, it was just hard for him to profess. He was never good with his way of words, and they all knew it. It was rigid of him to divulge, and he never...
The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ] by mavisisntdead
The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ]by amy
TW: depression, self harm, abuse With Lucy's new view on life and her new plan to stay in this world will everything fall in place? Or will things just get worse? PART...
Cold Hearted (Erza Scarlet x Reader) by fairyxtails
Cold Hearted (Erza Scarlet x ♡
You were always a bad person, never made friends because you were different, you were blunt, rude, and snobby, I guess being a Snow Dragon slayer does that. After making...
The Fate Of Fire & Stars by kawaii-jas
The Fate Of Fire & Starsby Jas B
Natsu Dragneel's mate Lucy Heartfilia was supposed to be dead, but that all changes when she washes up on a shore. He's confused, but grateful. Still, why did she have t...
The Gods of Fairy Tail by Fantasyandromance516
The Gods of Fairy Tailby Fantasyandromance516
Plenty of Gods and Goddesses live on Mount Olympus and they do their job by aiding the mortals on earth. But what do they do in their spare time? What goes on in their p...
Alone | Natsu x Reader by Jihyoroki
Alone | Natsu x Readerby Heather
[[COMPLETED]] You are (y/n) (l/n), a normal girl from the city of Magnolia. You aren't a wizard (so you thought) and your only friend is your exceed Ellie. Your parents...
Once Upon A Time by BlueBelle16
Once Upon A Timeby BlueBelle16
In the mysterious town of Edolas every story book character you've ever known has been taken from the land of Fiore and trapped between two worlds. Victims of a powerful...
Heaven's Revolt Against Hell by Fantasyandromance516
Heaven's Revolt Against Hellby Fantasyandromance516
A rebellious vigilante, a strong outcast, a sheltered heiress, and a god fearing gypsy start a revolution to save their city from an insane judge and a corrupted preist...
Fray tail academy (Natsu x OC) by nosparkel_tada
Fray tail academy (Natsu x OC)by nosparkel_tada
Okay so first time doing this. But it's an oc of mine but feel free to see it as like y/n cuz I wanted to do something like that but thought I should try this out first...
Tomb of Time and Destiny: Book Two by NataliaRavenX
Tomb of Time and Destiny: Book Twoby NataliaRavenX
(Please read the first book in order to fully understand what is going on here.) The story continues and with Phantom Lord out of the picture there should be nothing to...
Team Natsu Reacts!  |  COMPLETED!  ✔️ by honkmeen
Team Natsu Reacts! | ⁿᵒᵗ ⁿᵒᵗ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵐᵉᵉⁿ
100K+ VIEWS (TYSM) & 1.5K+ VOTES (TYSM ILY) - WARNING: It may contain profanity and small acts of violence :) (also this was made when I was younger, so if said somethi...