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Inked strings┆Error x Ink┆✓ by InksHideaway
Inked strings┆Error x Ink┆✓by Ink(pref)/Mumbo
Error and Ink don't talk that much, but they don't fight either. Ink kept Paperjam a secret from everyone, and revealed it to his most trusted friends first. After that...
Glitched Love // Error x Ink // !Old¡ by Honey-Dew31776
Glitched Love // Error x Ink // ! 【𝒞𝒽𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎♡ 】
Ah, the creator and the destroyer. Though both completely opposite beings, they have intertwined fates. Whether it be as fatal enemy's, or as soul mates. What will happe...
Love in a new multiverse errorink by cupcakepersonthingy
Love in a new multiverse errorinkby cupcakepersonthingy
Ink gets whisked off into another multiverse and error is freaking out, trying to find ink. And yea it's a mha crossover.
Sans aus meet their kids by ArtsySharmyuwu
Sans aus meet their kidsby ArtsySharmy
honestly- this is made for fun and jokes but I wanna see how far I could go with this book. one day a member from the king of multiverse side accidentally did something...
Depressive Ink Au comic by Paperjammy19
Depressive Ink Au comicby
Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15 Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21...
Our Secret by MochiiMoshi
Our Secretby ~Mochi Mochi~
Ink, just being a 19 year old, needing to pay for his debt and end the cruelty that he doesn't deserve from society, had to assassinate as a job. One of his last mission...
Truce (error x ink) by ZombieKitty2
Truce (error x ink)by Dead Cat
The god of destruction has finally convinced the creator to a truce, but why? and what will Ink do with his time now he can't create? Forced God of Destruction idea belo...
The Back Corner Of The Classroom by HiTherel0l
The Back Corner Of The Classroomby HiTherel0l
Ink pretends to be mute at his new highschool, and makes a few new friends. But something happens one day, sending Ink into a state of fury and anger, what will happen?
ErrorInk:To Be Enemies Or Not To Be Enemies by HappyWriter62
ErrorInk:To Be Enemies Or Not To HappyWriter62
It's an ErrorInk story. Ink gets taken and Error helps. Will this change their enemy-ship? Read to find out! ( Let's see how this ends. credit to owners of all images sh...
Rental lover || Errink ♡ by Yu-Ra_iRa
Rental lover || Errink ♡by Yu-Ra
After a heated heartbreak with Cross, Ink goes through a rollercoaster of rage and jealousy as he found out Cross and Dream became a couple, which was right after Cross...
Crime (A multiship story) by DThepurplesoul
Crime (A multiship story)by DThepurplesoul
Cross, Reaper, Horror, Killer, Error and Dust are criminals, constantly on the run. They stay on one city then are forced to run to another city once the police find out...
Back in time Errorink by Simps4Ships
Back in time Errorinkby XxMidnight_GlitchxX
Its my first book ok so PLEASE dont mind my grammar , spelling or what is my logic. Paperjam the son of the God of Destruction and a Protector of Aus was sent to the pas...
High school drama [Errorink] (and more side ships) by Nightmares_ash
High school drama [Errorink] ( ThatOneOddTrashRat
I know "wait your not done with your other book so why are you making another one!? " well it's because I had an idea plus I kinda lost motivation- but updates...
Stuck Together(Errink) by The_Bi_Marshmallow
Stuck Together(Errink)by The_Bi_Marshmallow
(This is the first book I've ever written so the start is probably sucky and has spelling mistakes as I am only now getting the hang of things) I am still writing, just...
Errink; Why do you care? (DISCONTINUED) by _depressed_vampire_
Errink; Why do you care? ( Michael
Error loves Ink, but he knows Ink hates him and will never love a screw up destroyer like him(or so he thought). Error ends up cutting himself from his depression. He be...
High School Cream Story (DISCONTINUED) by NicaNixxy
High School Cream Story ( 🍿📸
We then heard the school bus I came in and took a seat at the back where she was alone while nightmare took a seat beside his friends Then another guy came in and took...
Sanscest  ~oneshots~ (sadly, on hold)  by superkecks
Sanscest ~oneshots~ (sadly, on superkecks
I think the title says it all. You can make requests if you want. Just write them in the comments or write me a private message. Have fun!~
undertale Sanscest/xreader Lemons (Requests CLOSED) by Multishipper1449
undertale Sanscest/xreader Paperjam14
Do I really need to explain.......fine. Hello sinners I will be doing lemons,fluff and three somes I will also be doing Sanscest, XReader and anything else you would lik...
the broken deaf soul by ThatOneCringeGirl
the broken deaf soulby ThatOneCringeGirl matter how much error tries, all he can hear is his own thoughts, and a painful ringing one knows hes broken, but what will happen when they find o...
When dusk meets dawn by DemonKitty45
When dusk meets dawnby Ink sans’ double
A small house in the middle of the multiverse. But who are the inhabitants of said house? And why are they here? What are their stories? In this book we follow the lives...