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Gratsu one-shots by GalaxyQueenAquarius
Gratsu one-shotsby Norhan & Willow
Random one shots that come to my mind
  • miraxus
  • fraxus
  • erlu
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The Guild Masters by emuwrites
The Guild Mastersby ~Emu~
In which Erza and Lucy are left behind when just about everyone else leaves for Tenrou. How will they react when they find out the Tenrou groups gone missing? And just h...
  • erza
  • manga
  • lucyxerza
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ART BOOK by lemiyuz
  • manga
  • fun
  • random
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Mixed fairy tail lemons also many other anime ships too hope you enjoy I tried by Blackkissedrose
Mixed fairy tail lemons also Hentaiqueenxx
This is going to be lots of graylu and rolu and stinglu lemons I don't own fairytail hiro Mashima does thank you enjoy and also other manga ships enjoy 😍😍😍
  • midlu
  • birthday
  • stinglu
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Lucy der Drachenschnitter by serenitywebert
Lucy der Drachenschnitterby serenity webert
Lucy Heartfelia ist eine Himmelsmagierin einer Gilde namens Fairytail. Sie liebt ihre Geister und alle Mitglieder von Fairytail. Eines Tages entdeckt Lucy jedoch etwas ü...
  • lucy
  • gratsu
  • drachenreaper
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Her And Me, And Them [Sequel To Him, Her, Her, Me] ON HOLD!!! by PineappleDying
Her And Me, And Them [Sequel To Dying
ON HOLD!!! It will not be forgotten tho, I will finish this book "Mom! Mama! I made a new friend! Her name is Chelia!" "M-Mama...I have this crush...&qu...
  • chendy
  • erlu
  • fairytail
Life Godess by demaistre
Life Godessby The Master
A dark force has arrived in Fiore with only our favorite guild with only Lucy to be able to stop it on the way she will discover new powers but will she be able to stop...
  • nalu
  • fairytail
  • wendy
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RandomnessofLifes FairyTailShippingShow by TheRandomnessofLife
RandomnessofLifes ARandomDorkyWeirdo
Join TheRandomnessofLife and part of the Fairy Tail members as plot twists and other weird things unfold
  • otp
  • erlu
  • fairytail
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Help by SkyplusFire
Helpby RedSky-san
Wendy was on an adventure with Natsu and Lucy. They were staying in a hotel on there was to the clients house. She wanted to ask Lucy something. She walked over to her r...
  • yuri
  • gratsu
  • gay
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The  mighty dragon slayer (ErLu) by Markipkier
The mighty dragon slayer (ErLu)by Markipkier
This is my very first story I have ever written so please enjoy.
  • erzaxlucy
  • fairytail
  • allmagiclucy
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Definitely ~ ErLu  by PsychicPandaChick
Definitely ~ ErLu by That One Panda Girl
Surely, they weren't supposed to cross paths again. Certainly weren't supposed to get along. And most definitely weren't supposed to fall in love. But would that ever re...
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbt
  • gayaf
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Mine by GalaxyQueenAquarius
Mineby Norhan & Willow
Natsu Dragneel is new to Fiore high. The only reason he transferred was because his brother, cousins and best friend go here. First day of school and he's already well k...
  • gruvia
  • natsudragneel
  • gale
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ErLu One-Shots by GamerLivi
ErLu One-Shotsby Olivia
This is just a bunch of ErLu one-shots, and there might be a few background ships as well. (Got the ideas from other one-shots, so don't mind me. XD)
  • backgroundships
  • lucy
  • erlu
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What is Your Answer? by KaixinPhoenix
What is Your Answer?by KaixinPhoenix
Erza Scarlet had a crush on one of her teammates and she had been complementating on how to ask that person out. In need of some help, she turns to Carla and Wendy and...
  • fanfiction
  • gray
  • fluffy
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Becoming Time by KaixinPhoenix
Becoming Timeby KaixinPhoenix
Lucy had been thrown into the Celestial Realm for 5 years. More than 400 years had passed after 5 years in the Realm. Now Lucy needs to find all 88 keys before a great w...
  • mystery
  • celestialspirits
  • fanfiction
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Dragon God's Child by JadeLavaWhiteWater
Dragon God's Childby JadeLavaWhiteWater
Only found in the oldest books, in the oldest library, are creatures of unimaginable power. These creatures are called Dragon Gods, the gods mighty creatures called drag...
  • erlu
  • femaleoc
  • miraxoc
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Lucy Heartfilia's Dragon Knight by NovaDreyar
Lucy Heartfilia's Dragon Knightby Aufeis
Lucy Heartfilia was just a normal woman living a normal life. That is, until she gets very drunk one night and somehow ends up saving the life of a dragon?! The dragon...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • fairytailau
  • wendymarvell
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Short Stories and One-Shots by JadeLavaWhiteWater
Short Stories and One-Shotsby JadeLavaWhiteWater
Just a bunch of short stories involving my fanfics, original stories and other things I just randomly think about! Hope you enjoy!
  • violetmoon
  • shortstorycollection
  • fairytail
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Mating season WITH A-sort of-TWIST by TheRandomnessofLife
Mating season WITH A-sort of-TWISTby ARandomDorkyWeirdo
FAIRY TAIL MATING SEASON WITH A TWIST this will be a short/medium length series because I have like 5 billion other book thingys to update to Main couples/my OTP's Erz...
  • erlu
  • hashtag
  • fairytail
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