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Chicago PD || Fan-fiction by neverstopsdancing
Chicago PD || Fan-fictionby anna justice
This is a collection of mini stories starring the characters from Chicago PD, featuring ones from Med and Fire. Each story will be about 5-10 chapters and will not incl...
Chicago PD - No Place Like Home by FanFicHoney
Chicago PD - No Place Like Homeby FanFicHoney
Intelligence responds to a call involving a foreigner who did the unthinkable, Ruzek finds an attachment to an attacker.
Chicago PD:  Secrets In The Past by ICrzy01
Chicago PD: Secrets In The Pastby ICrzy
After losing Mouse to reenlist into the army, Sergeant Hank Voight realizes he needs a new tech expert for the Intelligence Unit. He had many people apply or be offered...
Million Reasons by Bullet-ProofLove
Million Reasonsby Bullet Proof Love
Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to walk away from love but Maggie O'Neill gave him a really good one to stay.
The Other Lindsey (Chicago Fire, PD, Med) by louismintoxxx
The Other Lindsey (Chicago Fire, Rachael Minto
When Alice-Jean 'AJ' Lindsay was 15 years old her twin sister was in trouble, the only person she could turn to was Hank Voight, a man who took the Lindsey twins in and...
One Chicago - Forever Lovers 💞 by wilburnotfoundd
One Chicago - Forever Lovers 💞by ello ✌🏻
Katrina Severide is Kelly Severide's little sister, Kelly has always been protective, but what happened after Kelly finds out someone broke her heart, and after she fall...
Lock And Load (Chicago P.D.) by 1774Hemmings
Lock And Load (Chicago P.D.)by Becca
First her Mom died. That made her flee from Chicago and go to Los Angeles. L.A. was nice to her for 3 years, but then she knew that her time there had expired. She's bac...
Unbreak My Heart by BubblyYork
Unbreak My Heartby Jade
Unable to forgive her ex-husband for the betrayal and leading her on for four years while he screwed around, Dr Gianna Marino leaves everything she knows in New York for...
Not Planned/ A linstead story by luckygreen67
Not Planned/ A linstead storyby luckygreen67
Jay Halstead loves Erin Lindsey and things go down hill from there Warning- M Rated
The Story Of  Alisha Voight by JfkRfk37
The Story Of Alisha Voightby ⚓️JFKRFK⚓️
Alisha Voight went missing when she was three years old. it Was the day of her mom's funeral Hank felt like he had lost everything his wife and little girl. Hank still...
Finally 'One Day' by LinsteadFan2000
Finally 'One Day'by LinsteadFan#1
Erin discovers a piece of Jays life and doesn't know what to do since jay wont be around for awhile. Shes worried not only for Jay but for her too.
Brothers in arms (the first book in the Chicago siblings series) by Kelly_Kat-246
Brothers in arms (the first book Kelly Kat
Max Winters- the cop Jane Winters- the doctor Kelly Winters- the firefighter Max Winters has been a cop in the intelligence unit for five years but his trouble starts w...
Not trust worthy by JfkRfk37
Not trust worthyby ⚓️JFKRFK⚓️
When a new detective comes into intelligence no one trusts him when he puts the lives of the detectives and firefighters in danger can they all band together and get ou...
Jealous  by KassieMott
Jealous by Kassie Mott
Takes place after 3x08, when jay is given a phone number. Erin gets a little jealous
One family by JfkRfk37
One familyby ⚓️JFKRFK⚓️
Issy has a great life she is a detective in intelligence. Her brother Matt is a firefighter. Issy is living a lie can the CPD And CFD help her before it's too late
Upstoppable Love - Chicago PD, Linstead Story by spn-onechicago
Upstoppable Love - Chicago PD, spn-onechicago
Erin and Jay have the perfect relationship; they're always there for each other. But when life gets hard, how will they handle it?
Depression (Chicago PD) by EllieParker7
Depression (Chicago PD)by Ellie Parker
Jay Halstead was hurt badly by Erin Lindsey and falls into a depression about it. A new person for him to love comes into the picture someone even he doesn't expect. Who...
One Call Away by BubblyYork
One Call Awayby Jade
Coming to Chicago to see her god-father after receiving some heart-breaking news from her mother. Caitlyn Jones is determined to discover the truth about who she really...