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Ripples on the Waters of Love (Eridan x Reader) by DapperBird
Ripples on the Waters of Love ( DapperBird
You loved to visit the lake by your house. Whenever you were feeling lonely or upset or just needed some peace and quiet, the calm waters soothed you, made you feel like...
Secret by loqam_
Secretby ♥(。・ω・。)
Okay, so John hates Dave. Dave is a "cool kid" who has lots of friends. And John "Mr.Homo boy" is a nerdy kid who hates himself. There is no possib...
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios by StinkyPoopyBabies
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend Cannoli
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios (Requests are open so feel free to request) (Sorry if I offend anyone and there will be grammar mistakes)
Homestuck Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by SoundzGood
Homestuck Boyfriend/Girlfriend SoundzGood
Hello ✨ This is my first boyfriend/girlfriend scenario book and I'm pretty darn happy with how it's going Sorry if the characters are OC Also the book has just the bet...
Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
You Want Me To Wear What?! -Homestuck x Reader LEMONS- by MysteriousEcho
You Want Me To Wear What?! Mysterious Echo
Kanaya challenges (Y/n) to wear clothes of her choice for a week, but there's a catch... -LOTS OF LEMONS- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Homestuck Boyfriend scenarios  by best-day-of-my-life
Homestuck Boyfriend scenarios by kiersti/elena/kay
Felt like making one Karkat Eridan Gamzee Tavros Equius Sollux Kankri Horuss Mituna Kurloz Cronus Dave John Dirk Jake This is a x reader thing. Requests appre...
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED} by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED}by Noodleneck 💀
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven (Various! X Reader)~ by Hipster_Nepeta
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In xena™
Your name is (y/n) (l/n) and you, my fine friend, are being pulled to a party. Whom are you being pulled by to who's party? Well, by none other than me, Xena, to only th...
Homestuck x reader by Cookiestorm123
Homestuck x readerby Freak_ackerman
I'm srry if this sucks but i fell in love with homestuck. Lemons and other will be present
Yandere Homestuck by OddlyTransparent
Yandere Homestuckby OddlyTransparent
okay first story I've ever written so sorry if it sucks :) , and I decided to write these because like none exist. I will be writing whatever comes into my head and I'l...
Plea2e dont leavve (erisol sadstuck ) by erisolshipper
Plea2e dont leavve (erisol ESS
Act 1 Eridan is tired of everyone thinking he's nothing and a mistake to life. so he is deciding to give them what they want... His existence.... Or will someone stop h...
Hiveswap x Reader REQUSTS by MissingMime
Hiveswap x Reader REQUSTSby Tixian
Just comment to who you want done, and I'll try my best! OC's are welcome, with description or wiki entry. Can change gender for characters. Homestuck is ok too. Friendl...
Wwill You Be My Queen of Hope (Eridan x Reader) by charlienitram12
Wwill You Be My Queen of Hope ( Charlie Nitram
Eridan has lost hope in everything even in trying to find a friend. Until that one get together came around and he met you. Are you the hope he's looking for, or is it a...
Homestuck x reader by Haileybell85
Homestuck x readerby Rogue of Mind
Hi, it's actually been a while since I've done something trashy like this, Homestuck belongs to Hussie and not me so have fun also Level one of cursing is Nepeta and le...
seahorses and crabs by feferi_piexes01
seahorses and crabsby Queen of pancakes
things only get more confusing for karkat as the second highest troll on the hemospectrum starts acting weird around him after the game finishes.
Homestuck One-Shots by neonlinen
Homestuck One-Shotsby .........
Exactly what it sounds like
Homestuck boyfriend/Girlfriend scenarios by Doobasgirl
Homestuck boyfriend/Girlfriend Doobasgirl_gg
so this includes Karkat Sollux Eridan Equius Mituna Cronus Kurloz Horuss Feferi Nepeta
EriSol Petstuck by AnneSanQuish
EriSol Petstuckby Annzee
So I've had this story in the works for a while and I just reached a point where I thought it was safe to upload it. I have it written down though so it's still going to...