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Un espoir pour ne pas sauter de ce pont by Levhack13
Un espoir pour ne pas sauter de Levhack
Eren va très mal, il n'en peux plus de sa vie. Mais au moment de sauter, quelque chose va le sauver, et lui redonner l'envie de vivre. Nouveau Ereri. L'histoire ne sera...
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Growing up too fast by Crazyshipper154
Growing up too fastby Crazyshipper154
After being abandoned by his mom at the age of sixteen (For a reason that will be revealed in the story), Eren Jaeger is left taking care of himself along with his two s...
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Ackerman Is In Love?! by LEVI_ACKERMAN_IS_BAE
Ackerman Is In Love?!by LEVI ACKERMAN
An ereri fanfic that I dunno how I'll do on But is indeed takin place in the Titan times :3 Anyways Ok thats all I'll fix this after chapter one or something ALSOO beca...
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The Survey Corps  by Graafschap
The Survey Corps by Graafschap
Bhna|Aot crossover. Saukra Bakugo is part of Japan's most notorious gangs, the survey Corps. And the Survey Corps are moving into U.A, as the new dorms system is introdu...
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SNK Brave New World by therearenomenlikeme
SNK Brave New Worldby Macie Smith
In a world where whether you're an Alpha, Beta, or Omega determines your role in society, Eren Jaeger is divergent: he is a male Omega. What happens when his supervisor...
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Forever My One And Only by winkitywonkwonk
Forever My One And Onlyby Emily Lamm
Eren Jaeger dies and is reincarnated into modern times where the love of his life is his French teacher and he doesn't know Eren remembers him. How will they get to be t...
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Suicidal Brat || Aot Fanfic (Ereri) by Graafschap
Suicidal Brat || Aot Fanfic (Ereri)by Graafschap
"How the hell do you fix someone who doesn't want to be fixed?" Levi Ackerman, the 'horse whisperer' is fresh out of secondary school, and has his whole life a...
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Shingeki no Kyojin - ZTRACENÁ V ZAPOMNĚNÍ by TheHeartlessWin
Shingeki no Kyojin - ZTRACENÁ V Sarrashia
Přemýšleli jste někdy o tom, jaké by bylo, kdyby jste se jednoho slunečného dne probudili a nepamatovali byste si své jméno? Netušili byste, kde se nacházíte, kdo jste...
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My Opinions on AOT ships by Dennie-Chan
My Opinions on AOT shipsby Dennie-Chan
The story's name probably speaks for itself. Please respect my opinions !
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Ereri / Riren Oneshots ;) by AnimeAddict562
Ereri / Riren Oneshots ;)by MuscleDaddy69👅
I've got the juicy oneshots! ;) these are really smutty so read at your own risk. also this is my first time writing fanfictions so the oneshots wont be that good. Fee...
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Magic in the Moonlight - [Modern Day Ereri - Oneshot] [completed] by helioseok
Magic in the Moonlight - [Modern 「 🔆 」
"Would you like to go star gazing with me tonight? I.. I was thinking it could be fun. And the sky is supposed to be really clear tonight so it means we can see the...
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Broken (Levi x depressed eren) by leviackerman175
Broken (Levi x depressed eren)by leviackerman175
This story is in Morden day I'm writing it based on how my school works so if it's a bit confusing I'm sorry Eren is 17years old his mother and sister died when he was 1...
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Levi's daughter. by tcLionheart
Levi's tcLionheart
Attack on Titan. Will contain Levi X Eren. Kira Ackerman is the only child of the famous Levi Ackerman. She has lived alone outside the walls since she was 3 years old. ...
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What I'd Do To See That Smile Again (ERERI) by Ash7642
What I'd Do To See That Smile todoroki-is-life
Levi has to watch it... He has to keep watching it... Why does he choose to keep watching it...? Why does he love it so much...? WARNING: MENTIONS OF SELF HARM AND SUICI...
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Loving your Storm (ereri) by Sanguineoliver
Loving your Storm (ereri)by Colsin Evan B.
Campus life is rough, you see people new and old. Professors stalk the halls, students flap their jaws. with a scholarship to the high end college; Cypress University. K...
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Ereri Oneshots by MidnightMoonHowler
Ereri Oneshotsby 🌙 Midnight Moon 🌙
Detailed Oneshots ⚠️Smut⚠️
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broken  peice's (depressed eren×popular Levi) by fallout-emos
broken peice's (depressed eren× fall-out-of-my-ROMANCE
Eren just moved to a new school after being bullied way to much in his last school( to the point he skipped school so much and was blamed for everything) here will he ha...
Faintly by Edgypoprocks
Faintlyby Edgy
Eren is the High Schools popular guy. He has tons of friends, and is a very kind and likable person. The mute kid, Levi, is never noticed by anyone. As far as we know...
Stop making excuses and just kiss me already... An Levi x Eren fanfic by Attackontitanotaku
Stop making excuses and just Attackontitanotaku
Levi is a adult that runs into the pervert eren.They meet at the library and eren chases Levi everywhere he goes. He won't leave him alone! (Read the fanfic to figure ou...
Ereri-one shots by Acrylic-Paintss
Ereri-one shotsby Peng Ting
Alot of smut gayness and fluff Don't like gayness don't read it!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own the characters I only own the plot . When i find a suitable c...