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Coming Back To You by KittyCattly
Coming Back To Youby Armin Arlert
A short Eren x Armin story I decided to start writing. This takes place during the current events in the manga. Hope you like it! :)
Eremin Oneshots  by ereminaddict
Eremin Oneshots by cardboardbox
Just a bunch of terrible stories I write in my free time
Stay With Me {EreMin} [Discontinued] by ShindoLee
Stay With Me {EreMin} [ pidge
A virus breaks out in New York, and once Armin's parents fall ill he has no one to turn to, except for his old friend Eren. Sixteen year old Armin Arlert, and seventeen...
Communication Error (Eremin) by silveyytm
Communication Error (Eremin)by furiisu
Armin has been noticing a couple of teenagers lately that really spark his interest. One of them, an appealing green-eyed boy, has an energetic and downright determined...
uneasy hearts weigh the most (Eremin) by lemonpatchie
uneasy hearts weigh the most ( lemonpatchie
Armin may have the potential to be a prodigy violinist, he's even part of first string in Trost University's chamber orchestra. Yet all he wants is to graduate with a ba...
కᡶꪖƙꫀ ꪊక 『 eremin 』 by s-sapphwrites
కᡶꪖƙꫀ ꪊక 『 eremin 』by 𝙩.
" to stake us won't break us, our deaths are what makes us. " __________________________________________ in a world where supernatural beings are the minority...
The Big Book of Eremin by slowlyslippingx
The Big Book of Ereminby Genuinely Angered
Just... I really love Eremin. This should be a mix of "imagine the otp", fanart, and various other things that make my heart swell.
Eremin Fanfics in a Nutshell by herobrinesbf
Eremin Fanfics in a Nutshellby ok
Eremin Fanfics in a nutshell
Eremin Drabble by EreminIsMyOtp
Eremin Drabbleby Wow That's Gay™
Just a place for me to write drabbles, prompts, and loose ideas.
Night Owl [Eremin] by Teeny-weeny-coconut
Night Owl [Eremin]by Kokonatsu
Eventually, every bird has to fly the nest and for Armin Arlert, doing so isn't that simple. Leaving his grandfather to live life alone is especially difficult for him...
Fairytale//Eremin by ProudEreminTrash
Fairytale//Ereminby ProudEreminTrash
Just one-shot but can be more if you guys want. Enjoy! Angst and fluff ahead.
I Really do Love Him... (Eremin) by Fireheart828
I Really do Love Him... (Eremin)by Fireheart828
I really wanted to write something Eremin-themed for Valentine's Day this year, so here's my little Eremin fanfic! :3 Armin has a date for Valentine's Day, and Eren's no...
One Last Time by IaStrawbridge
Eren and Armi are nearing the end of their long life's together
Eremin smut in a nutshell  by user92090440
Eremin smut in a nutshell by Armin_Artletu
Smut that I aim to make you laugh . Pairing is eren x armin Must I say anymore ?
House of the Seven Roses by Silvianel
House of the Seven Rosesby Livia
In which the Ottoman Prince Eren falls in love with the quick-witted dancer Armin Arlert. Eremin, Ottoman AU because I love Turkish!Eren. Cover by the lovely Janeconqu...
Cherish Eremin by revaleyuki
Cherish Ereminby Matsu 🐙
This book follows the many prompts of: 100 ways to say I love you. Or how my writing goes from bad to not so bad. I do not own Attack on Titan or its characters. I only...
As they grow - Eremin story. by mayas91012
As they grow - Eremin @Kakii
Just Eren and Armin growing up with some angst... and fluff
Suk mi ass!1!1!1! [ ermin fanfic!1!1!!1 ] by Er3min
Suk mi ass!1!1!1! [ ermin fanfic! armin-obsessed
a short [ liek connyz dik!!1!1 ] fanfic hue hue I didn't maek da cover!1!1!1! It wuz @marco.obsessed on instagram!1!1!! Fukn enjoy it lil' fukerz!1!1!
Eremin by Request! by revaleyuki
Eremin by Request!by Matsu 🐙
I'll be writing Eremin oneshots to get back into the swing of writing! Make any request you want, I'll make sure to write it to the best of my ability! I'll also write m...