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Blue Moon Pack by ar3333s
Blue Moon Packby Daniela Calderon
"Her smile scares the shît out of me." -------- A runaway girl falls onto restricted pack lands and to everyone's surprise she calls them all wolves. Who is sh...
The Devil's Trap by lyss_girl
The Devil's Trapby lyss_girl
Young werewolf Malia just turned eighteen. Although she doesn't want a mate, she ends up finding hers. Christian who is a gorgeous Lycan has had his eyes set on Malia si...
l e t  m e  b r e a t h e by sunshinedovan
l e t m e b r e a t h eby lily
one sentence stories
| Failed Poetry | by moonandwordss
| Failed Poetry |by Keshavi 🐺
Words, from my heart to yours. // Musings of a she wolf //
Perfection also has its Flaws by abhipra12
Perfection also has its Flawsby My_Perfect_Life
It contains all the contents you want to have in a book --sarcasm , humor , comebacks , girl action ,boy gang , girl gang , lycan princes ,multi-billionaire, quadruplet...
Daphne  by thatgurlnextdoor6
Daphne by thatgurlnextdoor
Could a ware not finding her mate be a blessing or a curse?. What happens after kissing a total stranger you only met that day?. "I would never hurt you" I tu...
The Only Exception  by Selfi-Queen
The Only Exception by Selfi-Queen
"I'm a beast, I am darkness, but you're my light, you tame the monster in me and for that very reason, I'm selfish. I can't let you go. Anything. Anything, I will g...
She's His by randomwriter299
She's Hisby randomwriter299
Today was like any other day...Or so I thought. I didn't know a day would soon come that would change my life. For better or worse, I don't know.
Taming Tyler by Chonole1037
Taming Tylerby aalee
Tyler - My best friend is a werecat so I'm on the up and up, or at least I thought I was until the night Michelle was murdered by a mysterious man with bright purple eye...
Becoming His by XxNDeaxX
Becoming Hisby XxNDeaxX
Thump. Thump. Thump. There beats his lonesome heart;only existing to keep him alive instead of to feel the power of love. ...
BEASTY by pumba2006
BEASTYby pumba2006
ANNABELLE I once had everything and it all went down the drain when my parents died. Now everyone despises me and makes fun of me because of my past, I thought they like...
The Boys Scent ✔️ by jupiternyx
The Boys Scent ✔️by nyx
[completed] Janessa is a werewolf. Nathaniel is a Lycan. They meet unexpectedly with Nathaniel's brother overflows her senses with dominance. So, when they meet, when...
The Dragon's Hybrid by FavourOhimai
The Dragon's Hybridby Favour Ohimai
Merideth woke up with no memories of her whole life , she grew up with a pack that doesn't consider her as a living thing . What happens when her mate rejects her...
ERASTHAI by fanatic_of_night
ERASTHAIby 𝚐. 𝚏.
Aria looked down at the black book in her hands. She lightly traced the spine of the slightly tattered book. She opened it, finding the page she had marked, skimming th...
Rule by Tylightining
Ruleby Anonymous_belle
Nyx is just getting the hang of running the Lycan kingdom while living in a misogynistic world. Factor in a Fae prince for an erasthai, his crazy uncle, a bigoted Lycan...
Pia Norman is not your average human girl. She is nosy and playfull and a princess of the vandari kingdom . On the other side of the world is Dylan Pendragon who is a co...
The Lycan by ItsSamandMacy
The Lycanby Lala Nkwe
You must be wondering what i am im a lycan, a lycan princess and i hate it. Im never allowed to go out anywhere without twiddle dee and tweedle dumb and everyone is alwa...
The Lycan Prince by queen_irene007
The Lycan Princeby queen_irene007
Lilith Fray Dogars, more commonly known as Lily by her friends, is a badass human who you don't wish to mess with. Throughout her high school life, she was famous for bu...
Resisting Love (#1) by ImmaFrootLoop
Resisting Love (#1)by Jadlynn Hagler
Victoria Williams has been kept in the dark her whole life. She was unwanted by her family but she had no choice. As soon as the opportunity arose, she ran off to start...