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Baby Mine.'~•EraserMight•~' by Dadzawa_Sensei
Baby Mine.'~•EraserMight•~'by Dadzawa
How will Toshinori react when he walks in on Shouta regressing? This story is filled with heartbreak, love and turns!
Erasermight pics by Raven_writer202
Erasermight picsby Vortex
Sooo i have a lot of screen shots for this pair and i decided why not put them all here so i don't loose them again XD so yeah some Erasermight pics here for me and you...
Dragon Queen ( reader soulmate AU) My Hero Academia by AyayaMidoriya
Dragon Queen ( reader soulmate AU) Tanjiro
So this is about a female reader, she has the power of all dragon slayers from Fairytail as a quirk. she can only do fire, iron, and wind. she is learning all the ends o...
Erasermight Oneshots (ONLY SMUT) by Call_Me_Logan
Erasermight Oneshots (ONLY SMUT)by Call_Me_Logan
Ayyyy...I'm not proud of my life choices. This is only for smut (will most likely make a fluff book soon) also this is pretty much porn, not to be taken seriously, somet...
My Star,  ☆Erasermight☆ by 0Aizawa0
My Star, ☆Erasermight☆by 0Aizawa0
Aizawa is a villian, All might is number 1 hero.... just.. there ya go-
Erasermight short storys by Raven_writer202
Erasermight short storysby Vortex
This is where Imma put my short story things cause most of my ideas are Erasermight and are short XD enjoy!
Erasermight Oneshots (MHA/BNHA) by MadHatterLilith
Erasermight Oneshots (MHA/BNHA)by Lilith
A collection of all my oneshots for my beloved Erasermight pairing. Some are fluffy, some are attempts at angst. 1. Can't Fight Fate: Yagi Toshinori, who yearned to som...
My Hero Hunter (Hunter x Hunter/Bnha crossover by Golden_Snowflake200
My Hero Hunter (Hunter x Hunter/ Aesthetic_fans
Gon and Killua got transported into another world,where instead of hunters their were heros. Both boys need to find a way back home but they don't know how until they st...
Mha Shorts (Will Not Be Continued) by KilljoySimp
Mha Shorts (Will Not Be Continued)by Killjoy Simp
Contains -Smut -Angst -Comfort -Fluff Usually will be mlm, since I myself am a gay guy so it's just easier to write Ships Most Likely To Be Seen - Aizawa x All Might - A...
EraserHead[Shota Aizawa]XAll Might[Toshinori Yagi] by FunnyRamen25
EraserHead[Shota Aizawa]XAll ᵞᴼᵁᴿ|ᵞᴼᵁ'ᴿᴱ
Just some things before reading this: 1.Trigger warning: attempt of suicide, there is some depression, hurting self, abusive memories, and other stuff I don't quite reme...
I Love You Beyond Plus Ultra (Bnha Smutshot) by Xxfreshwoundsxx
I Love You Beyond Plus Ultra ( Xxfreshwoundsxx
THIS IS A ONESHOT This contains smut! all characters the appropriate age. •Lgbtq+ •heterosexual ships ships including: -Tododeku -Shinkami -Kiribaku -seromina -Eraser...
A Happy Family by nemuri_readings
A Happy Familyby nanay song
This is about the Yagi Family. They are known as the symbol of love due to the affection they show. But all of those happiness was taken away, when the war start. Shouta...
Mha Little Space Stories (Sfw) by thewatpadwriterlol
Mha Little Space Stories (Sfw)by thewatpadwriterlol
some age regressing stories with mha ccs, that dont include NSFW!
I'm here for you all and we're here for you by Mha_DadizawaLol
I'm here for you all and we're Shota
After all the events and trauma class 1A has been damaged of having nightmares flashbacks anxiety and some depressed moods they all try to commit one after another and a...
Phony Figure by BlazeToTheStars
Phony Figureby Blaze Storm
Originally, Shouta Aizawa did not get along with Yagi Toshinori [aka All Might]. A public figure that had a following of practically the entire world. He'd go around the...
Erasermight stories by ArtisticAnimeThot
Erasermight storiesby MatsunSimp
Honestly i just write random Erasermight stories and put them in here. Mainly smut stories but im working on other types of stories too. :)
Eres más que un héroe by Ferfanda
Eres más que un héroeby Ferfa Yagi
Toshinori está pasando por una crisis existencias tras la pelea contra All for One y Shouta es el encargado de sacarlo adelante, después de todo se prometieron estar jun...
Eraserhead and His Many Husbands by HannibalIsBisexual
Eraserhead and His Many Husbandsby Lucifer
Eraserhead has hella husband's cause he is baby. One shots with pairings: -Eraserhead aka Shouta Aizawa X All Might aka Yagi Toshinori -Eraserhead aka Shouta Aizawa X Pr...