Equilibrium Stories

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The Silver Reckoning by Pennator
The Silver Reckoningby Caleb McLean
Book 3 of 'The Silver Trilogy' "This isn't a fight between good and evil. It's a fight between who's right, and who's wrong." The silver dragon has finally bee...
Chronicles From the End of an Age by Pennator
Chronicles From the End of an Ageby Caleb McLean
A world in turmoil Rising forbidden powers A species broken This is the end of the second age. A world in which dragons rule and humans are slaves. A world in which powe...
Symmetry - An Equilibrium Fanfic by jamesbondspinkytoe
Symmetry - An Equilibrium Fanficby spritecranberry
At last peace reigns in the heart of man. At last war is but a word whose meaning fades from our understanding. At last we are whole. The world is so much better without...
Equilibrium by PoisonLetters
Equilibriumby PoisonLetters
Fire with ice as his touch is to her eyes. Light with the dark as her smile is to his soul. To the eyes of every single person, no one is pure. And yes, he and she were...
For the love of music by WizCarizania_22
For the love of musicby WizCarizania_22
AL Bar (Atomic Liquor Bar)is one of the most important place for Kendra Blythe Gonzalez or Ken for short, dahil dito unang nakilala ang kanilang banda na tinawag nilang...
Reaper's scythe by RowanStratford
Reaper's scytheby Rowan Stratford
Death is not created. Death is not born. Death is kidnapped.
Killing the Equilibrium by shalzy_gurl
Killing the Equilibriumby Isabelle
"Give it back to me!" I screeched, grabbing for the weapon that he had taken from me. A look of concern filled his face as he watched my thrashing form. It w...
Wallpaper Theatre by EMWebb
Wallpaper Theatreby EMWebb
a strange and unusual play at the Wallpaper Theatre...
Equilibrium by JasmineH323
Equilibriumby Jasmine H
Most stories start with your average "Once upon a time..." They end with a happy ending. Most stories seem to favor the good and punish the bad. But Phoenix sh...
Bipolar Light by WhataMcDylan
Bipolar Lightby Dyl
The many differences of color, and the mood that comes along with them.
Equilibrium (A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction) by mangareadergirl13
Equilibrium (A Blue Exorcist Fanfi...by Hikari
"The world is, was, will always be filled with good and evil, because good and evil is the yin and yang of the human condition." Demons. Yeah, everyone's heard...
Equilibrium by BelluzR
Equilibriumby PIKABELLA
E·qui·lib·ri·um /ˌēkwəˈlibrēəm,ˌekwəˈlibrēəm/ Noun 1.a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. "the maintenance of social equilibrium" synon...
An Equilibrium of Light and Darkness by Inewton1
An Equilibrium of Light and Darkne...by Inewton1
Gallendalin was borne a half elf and was brutally abused as a young child. He grew up in a cruel orphanage but he could not know the role he played, in finding the Equil...