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Elements of insanity X fem !Reader by TheEmotionlessBunnie
Elements of insanity X fem !Readerby TheEmotionlessBunnie
This story will include lemons so be warned.
My Unordinary School Life by Eccentr1c
My Unordinary School Lifeby Eccentr1c
Follow an introvert, that's oddly not as introverted as he says he is, as he enters the strangely hidden city known as Canterlot. Still being young, he is to attend a sc...
MLP. FIM: Cheesepie journey! by Staruniverse127
MLP. FIM: Cheesepie journey!by ShadyNight
Every since Pinkie Pie helped Cheese Sandwich find his purpose in life, they always kept in touch with each other but as they time went by their friendship became someth...
Wanna Play a Game? | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Wanna Play a Game? | Appledashby Alice
Rainbow Dash has finally come to terms with her sexuality and feelings towards her best friend Applejack, but she's too scared to confess. After the two girls share an u...
Sonic Movie and Equestria girls  by Dragonflyer67111111
Sonic Movie and Equestria girls by DarkShadow#400
Thanks to a mysterious Storm,Sonic Tails and knuckles ended up in a new world where they must try and survive and face new challenges along with new friends they'll make...
The Last Human in Equestria by XxSkullCandyxX0
The Last Human in Equestriaby XxSkullCandyxX
Morgan Neville, a human scientist who lives in isolation for three years, is stuck in Equestria as the land think if him as a monster, but all he wants to do is to find...
Nightmares | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Nightmares | Appledashby Alice
Rainbow Dash suffers from horrific nightmares, but whenever she awakes with a cry, Applejack is always right by her side. She holds her close, wipes away her tears, and...
The Speedster of CHS: A new Adventure  by bryan33217
The Speedster of CHS: A new Advent...by Bryan33217
You and your girlfriends were relaxing on a 2 day weekend after all the battles you all had from The Fall Formal, The Battle Of The Bands, The Friendship Games, even tim...
EQUESTRIA GIRLS Human Rainbow Dash x Fem Reader [ONE SHOTS] by Sapphic_Utopia
EQUESTRIA GIRLS Human Rainbow Dash...by Sapphic_Utopia
Requests are open, my imagination's dead. ★English Is not my primary language. ★Slow updates. ★In this book, Rarijack Is a thing
Lincoln Loud in Equestria by TransformerAnimeFanG
Lincoln Loud in Equestriaby Transformer , Anime Fan Gacha...
The story follows a young boy named Lincoln Loud who's abused by his family for their believement of Bad Luck however he gets saved by a group of ponies who turned out t...
•HIATUS!!!• Apple Of My Eye (Appledash) by Skittles_Dashie
•HIATUS!!!• Apple Of My Eye (Apple...by ѕσαяιи∂αѕн
two besties. both lesbians. their both secretly liking each other. but won't admit it. some changes from MLP eg to my story: • Apple Jack is a tomboy • Rainbow Dash is a...
Fallout Equestria by Sgirl9921
Fallout Equestriaby Sgirl9921
I do not own this story, I was asked to put it up for those to read. All credit goes to Kkat from equestria daily. Set in an alternate future, one pony must learn to su...
so sweet <3 ; mlp oneshots [HIATUS] by fluttrshykinnie
so sweet <3 ; mlp oneshots [HIATUS]by kitty ^-^
- "so sweet! <3" ┌─────────── ·  ·  ·  · ♡ :: in which the girls find you to be ever so sweet <3 └────────────────────┘ ฅ/ᐠ. ̫ .ᐟ\ฅ
Equestria Girl Snapchat by MissySweetheart
Equestria Girl Snapchatby eຕıly
Jokes, friendships, laughs, love, jealousy and so much more!
Rainbow Dash Sickfic One Shots by RainbowZap19
Rainbow Dash Sickfic One Shotsby RainbowZap19
A series of rainbow dash sickfics!
DBS Broly: The Guardian Of Gremory Clan  by LegendarySaiyan9576
DBS Broly: The Guardian Of Gremory...by Gigachad Broly Fanfics
Season 1: As he was betrayed and being love to hate by everyone in Kuoh Academy. Broly started to being a rebellious and self-aware person as he made his guilt trip, him...
MLP Equestria Girls (Movie 1) {Book 1/?} {Flash Sentry x OC} by Crystal34345
MLP Equestria Girls (Movie 1) {Boo...by Crystal Gem
**COMPLETED** When Twilight's crown gets stolen, she has to go to an unknown world to get it back, otherwise, Equestria is in trouble. Spike and Galaxy Star decide to go...
Banished Forever by meerbrony
Banished Foreverby MeerBryar
After The Dazzlings Have Been Defeated Their Pendants Doesn't Work Anymore. And Twilight Just Got Back To Equestria. But Then They Discover A New Secret About The Magica...
Element of Love by harry_potterfan1220
Element of Loveby Lauren
Ruby Rose was an alicorn. The Princess of Love. Her element of love fit with the power of her finding people's true love. She grew up with Twilight, and stuck with her t...
You're Still the One I'm After (all these years) by sweetcpples
You're Still the One I'm After (al...by sweetcpples
Halfway through typing out her response to the text message she'd just received, the purple haired woman fully runs into someone, sending both of them stumbling back, re...