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A Recipe For Love by Krystel-Grace
A Recipe For Loveby Krystel Grace
In order to help pay for his college tuition and his mother's medicine, Mal works two jobs. However, due to a rude costumer and a pair of coffee-stained pants, Mal lost...
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LGBTQ Memes by Pan_Wolfie
LGBTQ Memesby Gay_Trash_:v
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy!
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Waiting For You by valentina7writer
Waiting For Youby Valentina
In a universe where after puberty hits a telepathic bond is created between two soulmates, Hunter has been waiting for his soulmate bond to form for three years. He has...
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CHAENNIE (One-shots) by ZekeWinchester
CHAENNIE (One-shots)by Zekhaila
Compilation of BLACKPINK's Rosé & Jennie short stories
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The Equal Claim by JessSolanki
The Equal Claimby Jessica Solanki
***#2 in Alpha female 01/11/2019*** 24 year old Athena is on her journey to success; but she has a secret. She is not human. What happens when Athena decides to return t...
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Alpha Kaine by humorously
Alpha Kaineby humorously
Every year on the prince's twentieth birthday, his crown is stripped as he becomes equal with his people, taking on the title of Alpha instead. Anita Goldstein is a fugi...
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ROBIN IMAGINES - stranger things x by patronusreads
ROBIN IMAGINES - stranger things xby Robin.is.cute
since there aren't many imagines here on wattpad for us girls with an obsession with the ice cream scooper herself, here are some hopefully good attempts of me writing s...
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The Workaholic Wife (COMPLETED) by gopikah
The Workaholic Wife (COMPLETED)by gopikah
A workaholic doctor never thought about marriage a day in her life until she woke up to find a man in her bedroom. Her mother wanted grandchildren and she wanted to abid...
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About That Sunday  by Lisamstu
About That Sunday by Lisamstu
Jessica Lowe is a young, beautiful, and courageous actress perusing her dreams in New York City. Her career is just starting to take off when she meets Chelsea Marin. Ch...
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Light and Shadow✔️ by Chihirophie
Light and Shadow✔️by Chihirophie
Velaris. City of Starlight, Art and most importantly Freedom. Or so it seems for Meira. As daughter of an Illyrian Lord she has never been able to go see the City hersel...
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WILD HAIR by mangopealer
Lolita Cohen has it all; the popularity, the friends, the respect... until her dad moves her across the country. In her new school Lolita doesn't expect to fall to the b...
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Sunrise Bridges by bIoomiing
Sunrise Bridgesby 星
Τι μένει αλήθεια από ένα ταξίδι; από όσα έζησε κάνεις; Οι εικόνες, οι συγκινήσεις, οι εμπειρίες, όσα γευτηκε κάνεις, όσα άγγιξε, όσα έδωσαν σχήμα σε όνειρα, εικόνες που...
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Dreamcatcher {ZOMBIES Disney} by viisery
Dreamcatcher {ZOMBIES Disney}by 🧝🏻‍♀️
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer" {Bonzo x OC} #3 [5/11/18] #2[5/12/18] [5/13/18] #2{9/28/18}
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It Started With Nail Varnish - HP by Pcrw1233
It Started With Nail Varnish - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry after the war tries new things and ends up finding his true self, what if that true self ends up completely the opposite gender how will people react will some cl...
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Not Just a Luna by EarlyDusk
Not Just a Lunaby EarlyDusk
Violet Thomas never filled the role that anyone wanted her to. Leading up to her 17th birthday, her father is excited for her to meet her mate, and for him to take his p...
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SAMENESS by renesmeewolfe
SAMENESSby K. Weikel
/// SAMENESS, WHAT WE STRIVED FOR SO LONG TO ACHIEVE. BUT WHAT IF YOU'RE DESTINED TO BE DIFFERENT? \\\ Nine months of Hibernation, three months of being awake--that's ho...
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Psycho (Haechan Fanfic) by SkyeJimin
Psycho (Haechan Fanfic)by SkyeJimin
In which Haechan always stalks a girl name Y/N on his camera taking pictures of her and records her every move. Read to find out more. A BOOK FOR EVERYONE
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The Fence by mrmcafee
The Fenceby Maddie 马康連
Reached #11 in Scifi! 18-year-old Kirbena Marcus' city is surrounded by an iron barb fence that keeps out the aliens that had taken over the world years earlier. Ever si...
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Me of Tomorrow by ryderiswalking
Me of Tomorrowby Ryder Xanders
Elliot Price lives in a studio apartment downtown, an hour walk away from the bustling city. He's barely able to pay the rent and provide food on his small, multipurpose...
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Dance till I die by beth_rushby21
Dance till I dieby beth_rushby21
Elizabeth is the most loved dancer in England. Max is the son of the Prime Minister. Our world turned its back on equality. Anyone with an ethnic minority background was...
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