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Burn Like Cold Iron by Scyllas_Revenge
Burn Like Cold Ironby Scyllas_Revenge
LOTR Fanfic (Boromir/OC): Bee, a shy, eccentric violinist, is stolen from her home in Texas by the wizard Saruman, who hopes she might hold the key to winning a war she...
The Heart of a Warrior by warriorknight
The Heart of a Warriorby warriorknight
Faeniel longed for adventure. Sixty years ago she was denied the quest of a lifetime. This time, she won't take 'no' for an answer. She joins a group of nine traveling t...
Gate Thus the fellowship of middle earth enters the gate by TheGreatSummoner
Gate Thus the fellowship of middle...by TheGreatSummoner
This is just a fixed version because I didn't see any more views. I'm sorry so here's the story. In the land of Middle Eaarth the kingdoms of Gondor was just got attack...
The Flames Will Burn One Day/ Lacheana Origin Story by TheRealBucky
The Flames Will Burn One Day/ Lach...by James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
This book is taking place at the end of the second age and at the beginning of the third age, when an elf named Lacheana came to life. The story will tell a tale about l...
Leadership theory and its application: Bridging the gap by reshalivindya
Leadership theory and its applicat...by reshalivindya
There is a lot of difference between thinking about something and putting it into action, and the same applies in case of leadership theories. The gap between theories a...
Luceras Letos and the Library of Shadows by RyanCRobert
Luceras Letos and the Library of S...by Ryan Caravella
Have you ever wondered how different Skyrim would look if rather than the Dragonborn, a bunch of NPCs tried to save the world instead? Ever watched a house flipping show...
Of Tooks and Brandybucks by Idril_Telcontar
Of Tooks and Brandybucksby Idril_Telcontar
Faramir Took dreams of adventures and quests, and longs to be part of the great tales and songs like his father is. When Pippin tells him a new story about the mysteriou...
Treebark: Forest of Life (A LitRPG novel) by MarekVit
Treebark: Forest of Life (A LitRPG...by Mark Shade
Treebark is the first book in the Forest of Life trilogy. It's a story about Jassin, a newly born Forest Guardian - a tree-like humanoid being tasked with guarding its f...
Briarheart by trustyourstory
Briarheartby Alix Harada
Danielle "Dani" Mallon, a deaf medical student, never thought she'd see her brother again. He's been missing since she was 13 and was assumed dead, but then a...
The Power Within (Sequel to The Return) *DISCONTINUED* by legxcyhaiz
The Power Within (Sequel to The Re...by CEO of Emily Junk
(Sequel to The Return) She is now with her father, brother and close friend, going on a hunt for Merry and Pippin but comes across unexpected friends and enemies. Lucife...
The Dark Seed by drjackyl6969
The Dark Seedby daniel morgan
" Men ! Arm yourselves ! screams a man in the distance. As between 5-7 armed men begin surround one man . A man wielding dual swords in such a nonchalant manner, s...
tranquil entertainment by tranquilent
tranquil entertainmentby T R A N Q U I L E N T
⁎⁺˳✧༚ᴛʀᴀɴQᴜɪʟ ᴇɴᴛ ━★applications are closed. ━★in need of trainees, models, actors and actresses. instagram: @tranquil.io copyright © 2018 tranquil entertainment™
New writer here... Hope you'll support me gomawoooo! ^____^
Lord of the rings the free people of middle earth and the worlds by TheGreatSummoner
Lord of the rings the free people...by TheGreatSummoner
Kyle the Gondor solider and his army went into another world with armies from middle earth teleported into a new world. Kyle then made the free people alliance that cou...
ENT Surface - Bday 4096 (Animated Story by Pierre Schiller) by activemotionpictures
ENT Surface - Bday 4096 (Animated...by Pierre Schiller
Information transmittance is finally living an utopia with human kind. Propulsion and energy combustion are a thing of the past to travel through space. With an unlimite...
Last March Of The Ents  by RobertMaciasIII
Last March Of The Ents by Robert Macias
In Isengard. We Must Confront Our Fate
Gundabad by JayDogMaster
Gundabadby JayDogMaster
The Spinoff to the ' The Hobbit ' brings the adventure that tells the story of the ancient kingdom of Angmar. 85 years before ' The Hobbit '