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Trap Thoughts  by sincerelyshae
Trap Thoughts by sincerelyshae
a 17 year old entrepreneur makes some bad mistakes that becomes her better outcomes
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Fletcher by itisjanvi
Fletcherby JP
***** The whole story revolves around a group of 4 young adults between the age of 17 and 19. Four complete strangers, who somehow found each other. Four whole different...
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Inspired to Inspire  by mdesiigns
Inspired to Inspire by mdesiigns
A compilation of notes that I have written a few years ago, expressing the thoughts on my mind and what I've been through. I hope it inspires others to keep pushing forw...
  • christiansunite
  • regrets
  • motivation
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6 Low Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs - Rohit Manglik by Rohit-Manglik
6 Low Business Ideas For Young Ent...by Rohit Manglik
In the 21st century, when great tools of technology have penetrated almost every nook and corner of the earth, nearly every youth living in tier II or III town or a city...
  • creativity
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Neil Haboush - Worlds Most Beautiful City by neilhaboush
Neil Haboush - Worlds Most Beautif...by Neil Haboush
Neil Haboush state that Montreal is a 300 year past nation and well known for his beauty, it is a biggest city of Quebec, Canada. His name drive from Mount Royal in 1705...
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  • entrepreneur
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The Success Story of Sandeep Maheshwari by talksx
The Success Story of Sandeep Mahes...by Talksx
Here we present a success story of Sandeep Maheshwari. Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happines...
  • motivation
  • success
  • entrepreneur
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Jeanine Mccool Sarasota : Tips to Improve your Business Language Skills by jeaninemccool1
Jeanine Mccool Sarasota : Tips to...by Jeanine McCool Sarasota
According to Jeanine McCool Sarasota based entrepreneur, in the modern era of globalization and communication, business language skills is key to compete in the corporat...
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  • languageskills
  • markmccoolsarasota
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risks of being an entrepreneur by spiipeusa
risks of being an entrepreneurby Oscar Schillinger
While making all the decisions can be a benefit, it can also be a burden. Being an entrepreneur comes with a work schedule that can be unpredictable. The reunion of thes...
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  • consulting
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It's Life by Shakti5555
It's Lifeby Sindhu KSV
Netra- She is an inspiration to the girls of this generation. Highly ambitious and optimist. A successful woman entrepreneur. Akshay- The Central Home Minister. Rude yet...
  • past
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  • girlspower
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Journey Of Shreyansh Jain  Sjain Ventures Company  . by poojaks1
Journey Of Shreyansh Jain Sjain V...by poojak
A dynamic young businessman who has exhibited considerable astuteness in exploring the power of youth. Meet Shreyansh Jain, CMD, Sjain Group, who is determined to harnes...
  • sjain
  • entrepreneur
  • shreyansh
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typing... by takemelikeavitamin
typing...by 💎✨
-i don't like to give spoilers. so just jump into it. -*wink wink* -thanks.
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Now is the Time to Open Your Offshore Forex Brokerage by Sanfrix
Now is the Time to Open Your Offsh...by Sanfrix
The era of internet and globalization has made it easier than ever to create aspiring online businesses with a global audience. Among these booming businesses that have...
  • startup
  • entrepreneur
  • trade
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Anthony Morrison is a veteran marketer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a guru by amfan22
Anthony Morrison is a veteran mark...by Janet Griggs
Anthony Morrison's goal is to provide excellent software and cutting edge marketing training to students through Morrison Publishing LLC.
  • anthony
  • entrepreneur
  • morrison
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Petrichor by still_learner4
Petrichorby Sugandha Verma
A twenty seven year old Melissa Stewart has everything, from success to money - but her love life is stone cold. Upon getting ditched on her date, a coincidence happens...
  • shortstory
  • wattpadauthors
  • 2019
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4 Daily Habits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs - Raul Triveno Espejo by raultrivenoespejo
4 Daily Habits of the Most Success...by Raul Triveño Espejo
Entrepreneurship is hard. It needs unswerving discipline, and confidence in yourself and your business. Lots of people lack the opportunity to enjoy it. But for the few...
  • ceo
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  • raultriveño
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Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo - Experience of Collateral Beauty by paulodallanoramacedo
Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo - Experien...by Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo
I am doing this as an exercise of self-awareness and for the benefit of others, even if they never have a similar experience. After all, it is only necessary to be alive...
  • paulodallanoramacedo
  • entrepreneur
  • brazil
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Sean Michael Malatesta on Maptia by seanmichaelmalatesta
Sean Michael Malatesta on Maptiaby Sean Michael Malatesta
Sean Michael Malatesta is a successful Hollywood, Silicon Valley, content supplier and exchange processor business improvement official, fusing overall contacts.
  • entrepreneur
  • losangeles
  • businessman
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Love Letters  by TheDorkyWriters
Love Letters by The Dorky Writer
A school made for Entrepreneurs. A school that is made for High Schoolers. But, no matter how perfect this school is, it would never fill two particular students. He wa...
  • business
  • romance
  • loveletters
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Make your sharing economy platform by RentALLAirbnbClone
Make your sharing economy platformby Rentall AirbnbClone
Time may evolve but the scope and demand for sharing economy platforms will never fade. The sharing economy platform has become extremely popular and they have changed t...
  • business
  • webdesign
  • entrepreneur
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